Tuesday, June 28, 2016

2 Suicide Bombers Detonate At Istanbul Airport, 10 Dead, 40 Wounded So Far, I'll Give You Three Guesses.

Damned if I know what it's going to take before someone gets serious about exterminating these motherfuckers.
There should be enough Tomahawk missiles raining down  to darken the skies wherever anybody even thinks these goatfuckers may be lurking in any numbers.

At least 2 blasts rock Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport, multiple injuries reported

At least two explosions have been reported at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport. At least 10 people have been killed and 40 more injured in the blasts, according to Turkish officials.
The blasts occurred in the airport’s International Arrivals Terminal.

A Turkish official confirmed to Reuters that two explosions have hit the airport. According to some Turkish media, the blasts were terrorist attacks targeting two separate locations in the airport.

More than 40 people have been injured in explosions at Ataturk Airport in Istanbul, broadcaster Haberturk reports.

Many people caught in the blasts and near the airport posted photos and videos from the scene, showing the destruction caused by the explosions as well as people hiding in various places in search of safety.

Gunfire was heard from the car park near the airport, CNN Turk reports, citing the witnesses. Four armed men were reportedly seen running away from the terminal building after the explosions, according to Turkey’s NTV channel.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Faulty Forced Windows 10 Upgrade Just Cost Microsoft Ten Grand

It's a start, maybe the sonsabitches will get a clue that not everyone wants to be backdoored without a kiss first.

Microsoft pays out $10,000 for automatic Windows 10 installation

A Californian woman has won $10,000 in compensation from Microsoft after Windows 10 automatically tried and failed to install on her Windows 7 computer.

The automatic install of Windows 10 failed, leaving her with a unstable and often unresponsive computer used to run her travel agency from an office in Sausalito, California.

Teri Goldstein reportedly said: “I had never heard of Windows 10. Nobody ever asked me if I wanted to update.”

After attempting to fix the problem with Microsoft’s support, Goldstein sued the company for a new computer and loss of earnings, winning $10,000. Microsoft dropped its appeal to avoid further legal expenses, leaving Microsoft footing the bill.

Goldstein’s case is just one of a long line of complaints against Microsoft, which has followed an increasingly aggressive roll out of Windows 10. The operating system, which is still being offered as a free upgrade from Windows 7 or later until 29 July, was first offered as an optional upgrade in which users had to express an interest.

Microsoft then made Windows 10 a “recommended update” for Windows 7 or later, which meant that it started automatically downloading through Windows Update in February this year.


Whether the lawsuit and $10,000 judgment will spawn further suits over failed or forced Windows 10 installs remains to be seen. Goldstein has shown it’s possible, which could open the floodgates.

I would think that this is not just an isolated case of someones computer getting fucked up by this update.
As a matter of fact I know it isn't, my Sister In Law had her Motherboard get fried by it.

I think I'll send her this article just for fun.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

My Red Neck Bona Fides, Let Me Show You Them

As if there was any doubt.

I have hauled more shit in the back of that rig than you can shake a stick at.
That was the third load today.

The In Laws did some upgrading at their place recently and had new carpets installed. So Mom In Law got the new carpet and went and bought a new recliner. Then my Mom In Law decided she didn't like the recliner, she wanted a new couch instead. So the Wife took her out and she bought a new one. I don't know what happened to the old one, the one in the picture is from the Sister In Law's place.

So the Wifely Unit asked me if I would go pick it up and take it to them.
Sure, not a problem.

Well, then I needed to haul the recliner back and return it too, to a different place but closer.
OK, did that too.

The Sister In Law had asked me last week if I could haul the ugly couch up above to the dump.
Why not.
She just lives a few minutes away from the parents so I made it a 1,2,3 shot.

She also had a wooden coffee table my Niece said she wanted but after me and the boy finally got that monstrosity loaded up I said that was enough for one trip. The dump station was closed today over in Oregon so I just had to haul it back here so I can get rid of it tomorrow and I didn't want to be That Guy hauling way too much shit down the road at once. Of course she lives on the second floor of her apartment building and I had the boy go out the door and down the stairs first. That left me blind to the stairs and I misjudged them and missed the last two on my way down. I rode the couch down to the sidewalk but landed on my fucking knees.
You can pretty much guess my reaction to that so I will spare you the particulars.

This all happened this afternoon, I spent yesterday afternoon driving to Washougal and fixing my kid's truck that died on him going down the freeway the other night just out of the blue.

That wound up being an ignition module, right behind the distributor on an 88 Chevy truck with a V-6.
It cost me about sixty bucks to fix it and it was just a WAG that it turned out to be that module.
A WAG is mechanic speak for Wild Assed Guess.
It didn't have any spark and I figured I would start there.
Lucky guess on my part.

So anyways, I have been busier than a three peckered Billy Goat all weekend and decided that instead of driving back to the In Laws to visit that I would just come home and kick back for a bit. Traffic was bumper to bumper from Gresham to Vancouver and it got worse for the poor sonsabitches behind me because some idiot in the fast lane two lanes directly over from me rear ended the guy in front of him about a minute after I finally got off of I-84 and onto I-205 Northbound.

I'm hot and tired and would like a little R&R before I have to go back to work tomorrow.
Oh, I did forget to mention that it is just hot as fuck outside in the sun today and my poor old bald head was just pouring sweat after all that activity.

That was enough for me. I'm going to put my damn feet up and just relax the rest of the evening and I'm going to ignore my phone too, unless someone is dying.
Bleeding ain't gonna be good enough.

Charlie Rangle (D-NY) Found Guilty On 11 Of 13 Ethics Charges

It took 'em two years but they finally had to finish up with it.

Of course he is crying poor mouth and saying his due process rights were violated, after his legal team told him he was on his own and walked away because he wasn't cooperating.

Sorry Charlie, that shit don't fly with me either.
You can't tell me that a sitting Senator couldn't find adequate representation,that's unpossible.

They nailed him good too, he could very well lose his Senate seat over it, just like James Traficant did.

Charlie Rangel Found Guilty on 11 of 13 Ethics Charges

A House ethics committee subpanel today found Democratic Rep. Charlie Rangel guilty of 11 of the 13 charges of ethics violations against him.

The panel, composed of four Democrats and four Republicans, emerged after private deliberation to announce their findings.

"This has been a difficult assignment," committee chair Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.) said. "We have tried to act with fairness, led only by the facts and the law, and I believe we have accomplished that mission."

The subpanel will now submit its findings to the full ethics committee, which will schedule a public hearing to determine the appropriate sanctions to take against the longtime New York representative. Whatever action they decide on during the sanctions hearing will then go to the full House of Representatives. The committee could go so far as to recommend expelling Rangel, but that would be unlikely. Other possible sanctions include a House vote deploring Rangel's conduct, a fine or a denial of privileges.

The subpanel's decision comes after a two-year long investigation into charges against Rangel that relate to his personal finances and his fundraising efforts for a new center at New York City College. The trial marked a rare event: In the two decades since the House's ethics procedures were adopted, only former Rep. James Traficant (D-Ohio) faced a similar trial. He was expelled from Congress after being convicted of 10 felony counts.
The hearing to consider the charges against Rangel began yesterday, but Rangel walked out of the proceedings in protest because he has been unable to acquire legal representation. Rangel's legal team dropped the case this fall, reportedly after disagreements with Rangel over their defense strategy, and the lawmaker insists he neither has the money to find new counsel nor the time to set up a legal defense fund. By walking out of the hearing, Rangel chose to leave the evidence in the case against him unchallenged.

"I truly believe I am not being treated fairly," Rangel said yesterday.

Boo Hoo Dindoo Nuthin.
Don't let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya and I hope they prosecute the shit out of some of those counts.

In even MORE good news, buried at the bottom of that article is this little bit of information,

Along with Rangel's case, the ethics committee is slated to hold hearings in the coming weeks on charges against Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters of California, who is accused of improperly using her influence to help a local bank get federal bailout funds

Pass the popcorn, I would truly love to see that woman get her ass spanked too.


I have been jamming to this tune by Hypocrisy for a week now.

That must have been one hell of a show.
I'm normally not a big fan of the gutteral vocals bullshit but I just can't seem to get that tune out of my head.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Britain Out Of EU, PM David Cameron To Step Down Also

Damn, those pesky Globalists really took a couple of shots to the nose yesterday.
Not only does that work for me, I want more please.
This is one area where heartily endorse kicking a bunch of assholes while they are down.

Scotland seems to be less than pleased about the outcome and are already making plans for another referendum, Ireland also didn't seem to want it either but both are part and parcel of Great Britain and the majority of votes cast went towards walking away from the EU.

As expected, the markets all took a massive dump upon hearing the news but that is just a normal knee jerk reaction.

David Cameron bailing out as Prime Minister is also going to be adding insult to injury to the Global Elite and their plans for World Dominance as he was a well trained little puppy who's vote they could count on whenever it came to fucking over the citizens in favor of consolidation with the EU.

The next one in that position may well not be so amenable to such chicanery.
We shall see.

I was just trying to explain some of this to my 17 year old niece and the best analogy I could come up with was that this is going to be a historic event almost on the level of the Berlin Wall coming down.

Brexit: David Cameron to quit after UK votes to leave EU

Prime Minister David Cameron is to step down by October after the UK voted to leave the European Union.
Speaking outside 10 Downing Street, he said "fresh leadership" was needed.
The PM had urged the country to vote Remain but was defeated by 52% to 48% despite London, Scotland and Northern Ireland backing staying in.
UKIP leader Nigel Farage hailed it as the UK's "independence day", while Boris Johnson said the result would not mean "pulling up the drawbridge".
Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said she was "absolutely determined" to keep Scotland in the EU so a second Scottish independence referendum was now "highly likely".
German chancellor Angela Merkel expressed "great regret" at the outcome, and EU chiefs said they expected the UK to begin negotiations to leave "as soon as possible, however painful that process may be".
But Boris Johnson, the ex-London mayor and public face of Vote Leave who is now a front-runner to be next prime minister, said there was "no need for haste" about severing the UK's ties.
He said voters had "searched in their hearts" and the UK now had a "glorious opportunity" to pass its own laws, set its own taxes and control its own borders.
Another leading Leave campaigner, Labour's Gisela Stuart, said the UK would be a "good neighbour" when it left the EU.
The pound fell to its lowest level against the dollar since 1985 as the markets reacted to the results.
The slide halted when the Bank of England said it stood ready with £250bn of extra funding to ensure market stability. But the pound remains 8% down against the dollar, and 6% lower against the euro.
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who called for the UK to remain in the EU but was accused of a lukewarm campaign, said poorer communities were "fed up" with cuts and felt "marginalised by successive governments".
There have been calls for him to consider his position after some of the strongest votes to leave the EU came from traditional Labour heartlands

This is  , to use a tired cliche from the 90's, a major paradigm shift in world affairs and the scramble to fill the power vacuum created by it has already started.

Pass the popcorn, it is going to be highly entertaining to see how the PTB scramble to consolidate their remaining influence..

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Supreme Court Indecision Slams Door Shut On Obama's Immigration Plans

Anything that throws a Fuck into his plans works for me.

Supreme Court deadlock deals defeat to Obama immigration plan

An ideologically-deadlocked Supreme Court dealt a severe blow Thursday to President Obama’s immigration reform plan, casting the November election as a referendum on how to deal with the more than 11 million people living in the country illegally.

The 4-4 vote leaves in place a Texas federal judge’s order that has prevented Obama from granting deportation relief and work permits to more than 4 million immigrants who are parents of U.S. citizens or legal residents.

The tie means it will be left to the next president, the next Congress and possibly a nine-member high court to address what is widely seen as a broken immigration system.

The dispute was one of the major clashes this year before the Supreme Court, and the stalemate demonstrated once again how the current eight-member court – left equally divided since the February death of Justice Antonin Scalia – has been unable to issue definitive rulings in the most contested cases.

The justices issued a one-line decision in United States vs. Texas saying the judgment of the lower court “is affirmed by an equally divided court.”

The split was almost certainly along the familiar ideological lines, though the justices' votes were not revealed.

During oral arguments in April, the conservative justices, all Republican appointees, had voiced support for the lawsuit by Texas and 25 other Republican-led states, which said Obama’s order was illegal.

The four liberal justices, all Democratic appointees, appeared to favor the administration and its claims that the president has broad power under immigration law to set enforcement policies.

In announcing his Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents in 2014, Obama said that deportations should focus on criminals, gang members and people who repeatedly cross the border, but not on immigrant parents of U.S. citizens.

Obama proposed to allow people who fit this category to come forward, undergo a background check and receive a work permit if they qualified. It was similar to a previous program that benefited immigrants who were brought to the U.S. illegally as children, dubbed “Dreamers.” That program, known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, is unaffected by Thursday's ruling.

Texas state lawyers said Obama's second immigration-reform plan went too far. They sued in a federal court in Brownsville. A judge issued a national order preventing Obama’s plan from going into effect, and the 5th Circuit Court in New Orleans upheld that order.

Obama mourned his defeat Thursday, calling the court’s non-decision “disappointing” and “frustrating.”

I'm sure a few rounds of Golf will take his mind off it.

Republicans Ignore Attention Whore Democrat Publicity Stunt Sit In, Adjourn Until After July 4th.

Of course the Democrats are calling it a win even though they got Bupkiss for their troubles.

Democrats' calls for gun control vote ignored as House adjourns until after July 4

Democrat leaders attempted to force a vote on gun control legislation by carrying out an hours-long sit-in on the House floor, but Republican leaders ignored the calls and the chants and carried on with legislative business late Wednesday into early Thursday.

The House adjourned around 3:15 a.m. ET Thursday, and even as Republicans left the buildings, Democrats stayed on the House floor repeating their chant “No bill no break!” and waving papers with the names of gun victims written in black. Rep. Maxine Waters of California said she was ready to stay “until Hell freezes over.”

As the sit-in extended into the early dawn, Democrats began to wind down the protest. However, a core group still lingered on the House floor wrapped in blankets and resting on pillows. A crowd cheered them on from outside the Capitol and many more following the theatrics on social media.

Democrats declared success in dramatizing the arguments for action to stem gun violence, despite the failure to conjure a vote.

"Just because they cut and run in the dark of night, just because they have left doesn't mean we are taking no for an answer," said House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

"We won't stop until the job is done," the Californian declared to fellow Democrats camped out in the well of the House in the early hours of the morning, saying the party had changed "the dynamic of what happens" concerning guns.

My emphasis.

That says in plain English that they went full Drama Queen when they didn't get their way and are trying to save face in their failure by calling a loss a win by saying they "changed the dynamic"

Whatever the fuck that is supposed to mean.

What a bunch of pud pullers.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Impotent Democratic Representatives Throw Hissy Fit And Stage Sit In On House Floor To Demand Gun Control

The Sargeant Of Arms should have them dragged out into the street by their ankles.

House Democrats stage protest to demand gun control bill

Several dozen U.S. House Democrats pushing for action on gun control protested on the floor of the House of Representatives on Wednesday, chanting "no bill, no break!" and demanding that the chamber put off an upcoming recess until legislation is debated.

The protest was the latest bold move by Democrats to persuade the Republican majority in Congress to consider gun control legislation in response to last week's mass shooting in Orlando, Florida, which was the deadliest in modern U.S. history.

The Democrats stood or sat at the front of the chamber, where such disruptive tactics are relatively rare. When the presiding House officer, Republican Representative Ted Poe, entered the chamber, he declared the House not in order. After banging the gavel several times in an attempt to clear the protesters, he announced the chamber would be in recess and left.

The Democrats remained on the House floor, calling for action before a vacation recess scheduled to start at the end of the week and run through July 5.

Shortly before that, Assistant Democratic Leader James Clyburn, likened the push for gun control action to the civil rights movement of the 1960s when sit-ins and other civil disobedience prodded Washington to act on new protections for African-Americans.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton tweeted her support for the sit-in, saying, "This is what real leadership looks like.

Gotta love the media cheerleading in this piece.

"Bold Move" my achin' ass. What would they write if these pukes actually started stamping their little feets and holding their breath?

And Clinton, give me a fucking break. This isn't leadership, it's a group tantrum, go fuck yourself bitch and quit encouraging them.

You just had 4, count 'em, 4, attempts at your idea of Gun Control get shot down in flames a couple days ago.

Face it you idiots, we are tired of your shit.

Your Feel Good legislation does abso-fucking-lutely nothing to prevent crime.
It has been proven over and over and over again to the point that you are quite questionably retarded to keep bringing it up.

I have no idea who you think you are impressing with this little stunt because it sure as shit in't going to be any full grown adults that I know.
They would send you into the corner for a time out or send you to bed to take a nap.

Kuntsman. Good Name For A Pussy

I'm sure you have all heard about the lamest fucking pussy bastard in recent memory who wrote an article for the New York Daily News about his horrifying experience shooting an AR-15 by now.

Published on Jun 16, 2016
Gersh Kuntzman of the New York Daily News wrote:

"What is it like to fire an AR-15? It’s horrifying, menacing and very, very loud. It felt to me like a bazooka — and sounded like a cannon. ... I’ve shot pistols before, but never something like an AR-15. Squeeze lightly on the trigger and the resulting explosion of firepower is humbling and deafening (even with ear protection). The recoil bruised my shoulder, which can happen if you don't know what you're doing. The brass shell casings disoriented me as they flew past my face. The smell of sulfur and destruction made me sick. The explosions — loud like a bomb — gave me a temporary form of PTSD. For at least an hour after firing the gun just a few times, I was anxious and irritable." - An adult man

Well Mr. Kunstman, because you are a sackless waste of testosterone, this is for you.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

When Men Were Men And Women Were Nervous

Check it, no life jackets and I'll bet the guy is looking down to make sure he doesn't spill his beer.

Try that shit these days and you would have every motherfucker on the lake squealing to the cops on their cell phone and you would be arrested the second you hit the dock.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Oh Yeah, Daddy Scored Big Time Yesterday

It was a very, very good day for me.

The Wifely Unit went above and beyond and then I treated myself to a couple of items I have been wanting for a long time.

First she got up and make French Toast, sausage and bacon for breakfast. That was much appreciated because I woke up hungry.

While she was doing that I was browsing through my Email and saw a Fathers Day special from my little friends a Horror Freight.
They had a coupon for a little welding cart I have been wanting for over a year now but I wasn't paying fifty bucks for.

$29.99 I can do though.

There must have been thirty little bolts to put this thing together but I got it slammed together and put my little Wire Feed on it, the helmet, gloves, extra spool of wire and can of Anti Splatter all fit nicely too.I bought a used wire feed from some guy at work last year and it has a regulator on it so I can use gas to shield the arc instead of having to use flux core wire. That shit spatters all over the place.

I had it on a modified hand cart and every time I went to move it the damn thing would slide off and the cover come off. No way to hang the cables either. A real PITA. Now I can get rid of that cobbled together little thing and this will roll right out of the way. I still need to get a bottle of Argon but that's a hundred bucks and down the road a bit.

So after breakfast she hands me a fairly thick envelope.
It had the newest Disturbed CD in It that I have been listening the shit out of on Youtube for the last month.

Oh yeah, I'm liking that.

The card inside had a Daddy To Do list and some tickets.
This is where it got good.

Not only am I going to see one iconic Rock and Roll show by someone I have never seen before and always wanted to,

I am going to two.

Holy shit on a shingle, when I saw those Black Sabbath tickets the hair stood up on my arms.
I have never seen them because they never really came anywhere near here and now they are practically going to be in my back yard!!

I told her a couple of months ago that I wanted to see both of these shows before either one of them or I fall over and croak.

Apparently she does listen to me some times.

After all that excitement died down, her and the crew went to see her Dad and I had my boy come over for some quality time. Like everyone else these days we hardly ever get to see each other because life keeps us busy.
He was here Saturday at the party and I asked whay he was doing for Fathers day and he said nothing. His GF and little boy are in Chicago visiting relatives so I told him to come over and we would Barbeque some steaks or something.
He said that would be great.

The only problem with that is I had no Grill. I tossed the old one when we moved.

I jumped in The Rat and took off to Lowes and scored yet again.
The wife said she didn't want another propane grill and I was pretty much resigned to the fact that I was going to wind up with one of these,

I mean, they work and all that but I have never been a big fan.

Imagine my surprise when I get there and see they have one of these for the same price as the Weber kettle grille.

Yeah, that's more like it!
I snagged one of those in the box and a cover for it too.

It was fun getting that 75 pound box into the Sprite but there is no passenger seat and it fit perfectly. I just hoisted it over the door and plopped it onto the floor.
Back to the house, wrestle the fucker back out, grabbed a hand cart to roll it into the garage and more bolts and screws to put together.
They must have thrown some generic fucking hardware package in it because I wound up being short several bolts and had a bunch left over that did not go on this unit.

Being the Pack Rat that I am though, I dug into my little bins and came up with some Stainless Steel stuff and me and the boy finally got it put together.

The really nice thing about this grill is that not only does it have cast iron grills inside, you can buy a side burner set up that bolts right on and use it as a smoker!

The cover I bought was made specifically for this unit and will cover them both and so that little option is going to be a done deal here shortly.

It works great and the kid and I had steaks, baked potatoes, corn on the cob and some grilled Aneheim peppers for dinner last night while we watched the Cavaliers win the basketball championship.

I had a very, very good Fathers day and I hope all you Dad's out there did too.

Bowling In Brooklyn

And She Was Never Seen Again

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Taking A Closer Look At The Slur Of Being Called Islamophobic

Just out of curiosity I decided to look up a couple of definitions.
First, lets start with the root word of the term Islamophobia, the word phobia.

Merriam-Webster defines a phobia as "an extremely strong dislike or fear of someone or something".

OK, moving on, lets see the definition of the word Islam from the same source :" the religion which teaches that there is only one God and that Muhammad is God's prophet : the religion of Muslims".

So to take this term Islamophobia literally, it means the strong dislike or fear of the religion of Muslims.
There are other ways to take this of course but for this discussion I'm going with this one.

After getting these definitions I Google searched Islamophobia and went directly to that bastion of Liberalism, U.C. Berkeley to get their take on it.

Defining "Islamophobia"

The term "Islamophobia" was first introduced as a concept in a 1991 Runnymede Trust Report and defined as "unfounded hostility towards Muslims, and therefore fear or dislike of all or most Muslims." The term was coined in the context of Muslims in the UK in particular and Europe in general, and formulated based on the more common "xenophobia" framework.

The report pointed to prevailing attitudes that incorporate the following beliefs:

Islam is monolithic and cannot adapt to new realities
Islam does not share common values with other major faiths
Islam as a religion is inferior to the West.
It is archaic, barbaric, and irrational.
Islam is a religion of violence and supports terrorism.
Islam is a violent political ideology.
For the purposes of anchoring the current research and documentation project, we provide the following working definition:

Islamophobia is a contrived fear or prejudice fomented by the existing Eurocentric and Orientalist global power structure. It is directed at a perceived or real Muslim threat through the maintenance and extension of existing disparities in economic, political, social and cultural relations, while rationalizing the necessity to deploy violence as a tool to achieve "civilizational rehab" of the target communities (Muslim or otherwise). Islamophobia reintroduces and reaffirms a global racial structure through which resource distribution disparities are maintained and extended.

Now to dissect this a bit.

"Islamophobia is a contrived fear or prejudice fomented by the existing Eurocentric and Orientalist global power structure."

In other words, don't believe your lying eyes, there is a conspiracy to smear these people by some amorphous group of people in the world who apparently have a lot of power, somewhere over yonder.
We are back to this irrational fear and aversion thing.

I don't know about you, but I believe I have a very rational reason to be averse to things like this,

I could go on here for days but I'm quite sure you get what I am trying to say.
Back to the list,

"Islam is monolithic and cannot adapt to new realities".

Devout Islamic Muslims study the Quran and the lesser known to Western Culture, The Sunna.

The Sunna

“The Sunna” in Arabic literally means, “a clear or well trodden path”. It refers to whatever Muhammad said, did, condoned, or condemned. It is the record of Muhammad’s sayings, customs, teachings, or the example that he left for all Muslims to follow. Muslims view Muhammad as being the perfect example for all human beings.

They take the teachings in this literature to heart and follow their directives without question.
The charge of being monolithic and unable or unwilling to adapt to new realities is pretty much undeniable.
Take one hard look at how the adherents to ISIS take these works literally and I think you will agree.

"Islam does not share common values with other major faiths."

Most of the religions I know about don't call for mandatory conversion or death, although there was that whole Inquisition thing. enough said there.

"Islam as a religion is inferior to the West."

Who am I to rate anyone's religion and how does one go about that anyway?

"It is archaic, barbaric, and irrational."

I would have to say that other than the Pastafarian's referenced above, most all religions would have to be considered "archaic".
Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, all are pretty much long in the tooth and have been around a while without any real changes to their principles set down at inception.


Most definitely, see the photos above in case you need any reminders.

As for irrational, ask any Atheist and they will tell you all religions are irrational.

"Islam is a religion of violence and supports terrorism."

Take a quick gander at a very short list and make up your own mind.

"Islam is a violent political ideology."

Google the words Islam violent ideology.

The number two search result, right behind a Wikipedea link is this,

Research: Islam really is the world’s most violent religion

Together with a number of research assistants, the Danish linguist Tina Magaard spent three years examining the texts of the ten largest religions. The purpose was to investigate whether any of the religions incite violence.

The conclusion was clear: “The texts of Islam are clearly distinct from the other religions texts as they, to a higher degree, call for violence and aggression against followers of other faiths. There are also direct incitements to terror. … Moreover, in the Qur’an there are hundreds of invitations to fight against people of other faiths.”

The verses are in black and white and without mitigating context. One of the verses that deal with non-Muslims is: “So when you meet those who disbelieve, strike their necks until you have inflicted slaughter upon them.” (Qur’an 47: 4).

In conclusion, after fisking the Islamic apologist dogma and their attempt to slur people who have a very justifiable aversion to the religion of Islam and it's more zealous followers I can answer this question;

Am I Islamophobic?


Cross posted over at Antidote To Tyranny.

If You Want Me, I'll Be In The Garage

Good Lord.

The wife decided she (meaning we) needed to throw some kind of shindig to celebrate the fact the kid actually graduated from high school.
Oh the fuckery.

She has been running around in full Momma Chicken/panicked housewife mode all damn day. Cleaning and decorating and bossing people around left and right trying to get shit done.

I ain't no dummy, I been to Grandma's house before.
I figured this would be an excellent time to go pressure wash the moss off the siding on the front of the house, the gutters and the front sidewalk.

Out of sight, out of mind.

That boy would be wise to grasp this concept.

So after I got done with that shit, I stuck my nose in the house and see she has worked herself into a true frenzy while I was busy.

Fuuuuuuuuck this noise!

Off into the garage I slunk.

I made busy with some stupid stuff but got caught. She opened the door from the house to hang up a broom and dustpan.

You've heard of the Deer In The Headlights Look before?
Yeah, that was me looking for somewhere else to be in a hurry.

She must have had something else pressing to do and just gave me a hard look before turning back and going into the house again.

Time for Plan B, escape to the store.
I snuck back out and ran down t the store to pick up some Coke and a six pack of Hefewizen for my kid. This should give me about twenty minutes of relaxation.

But no.
Damn cell phones anyway.
I no more than paid for the stuff when the phone goes off and there she is asking me where in the hell I am at.

So I tell her and she is all panicked again because she needs to go pick up the food and I need to be at home to watch the oldest boy.

Of course she never mentioned this trivial piece of information to me beforehand.

I'll be back in 5 minutes dear, hold your water.
So I just got back and off she went.

This gives me just a few precious moments of peace to write this before she gets back and a bunch of people start showing up.

Oh joy, I just can't wait for this little Fandango to start.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

How Do These Politicians Manage To Walk With Their Knees Jerking Around Like This?

Like fucking clockwork, the "We Must Doooooo Something" reaction again.

Assholes have zero memory for this crap.

Senate gun control vote on Monday, says a leading Republican

The U.S. Senate will most likely vote on four gun control measures on Monday, the No. 2 Republican in the Senate said, after the weekend shooting massacre at a gay nightclub in Florida.

Two of the proposals are sponsored by Democrats and two by Republicans, Senator John Cornyn of Texas said on Thursday. "I think it's pretty definite," he said of the Monday time frame.

Meanwhile, as I am typing this with the wife watching her soaps in the background, I see Obama and Biden taking time out of their busy schedules to fly down to Orlando and meet with the relatives of the victims of last weekends massacre.

Again, just like clockwork.

Of course they are not going to waste such a choice opportunity to get some face time in on the backs of a good tragedy.

They make me want to puke with their oh so selective public appearances when it comes to these things.

So once again Gun Control is going to be the word of the week, until something else comes up for them to rush into with their knees jerking like epileptic monkeys running to a banana festival.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Quote Of A Lifetime

I saw this over at Ye Old Woodpile Report, Remus is a weekly must read.

It is a little snippet form an article at AllOutdoor opining why hoarding gold and other tangibles isn't such a great idea if you don't have actual food available during the ongoing financial collapse, as the people of Venezuela can attest to.

I have seen this said before but for some reason it really hit me between the eyes this time and I want to emphasize this because we are in the beginning stages of collapse right this very minute, most people just don't know it yet.

People are shooting each other in the streets over food–not ammo, cigarettes, liquor, gold coins, silver coins, or any of the other crap that preppers love to stockpile “for barter when TSHTF.” That’s right, it turns out that good old-fashioned food is the only thing that you can actually eat in a collapse, and as worthless as the Venezuelan bolivar is right now, “sound money” is pretty much totally absent from all the discussions I’ve read of what the average Venezuelan is desperately worried about scoring when he wakes up every morning.

I highlighted that part because that is what smacked me in the face and got my attention.

Like most Americans I have pretty much fucked this off.
I have had long term food stored away in the past but either gave it away or threw it out while moving and downsizing after getting married.

It's not that I don't have any at all but it is woefully inadequate for my taste and something that has been bothering me for a very long time.
I can not, for the life of me, get my wife on board with this, she is the poster child for Normalcy Bias.

So it is going to be up to me to get serious about this. The amount of information to help with this can be overwhelming to the beginner but I have a bit of experience and the advantage of having grown up around my Grandparents, who lived through the Great Depression.

My wife freaks out whenever I bring this up and then inevitably swears her and the kids won't eat any of the stuff.
I'm here to tell her and anyone else who reads this one thing;

When you get hungry enough, you will eat anything.

Just ask anyone who has lived through a famine and they will tell you stories that will make your eyes water.

There may be some digestive issues at first but your body will get used to it very quickly.

There is no questioning the fact that we have never really recovered from the "recession" that hit in 2008 no matter how many lies our government tries to foist on us with their bogus statistics, reports and MSM cheerleading.

Venezuela is the canary in the coal mine here and although their current economic woes are to be directly blamed on their political leadership in the past, it is inevitable that the world economy is going to follow suit.
Whether by evil intent or extreme incompetence matters not, the results are going to be the same.

For those who will come around wringing their hands and pooh poohing that I am just another conspiracy theorist and that I am not helping the situation by expressing these views I can only say one thing.

You have been warned.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Obama Tries To Get Tough, Tells Critics That The Label "Radical Islam" Is Just A "Talking Point".

Like he never uses talking points. The denial here is breath taking.

Obama unleashes on GOP critics over 'radical Islam' term

After years of brushing off criticism for avoiding the term “radical Islam,” President Obama fired a point-blank broadside Tuesday at his critics, calling the debate a “political distraction” that will do nothing to combat terrorism.

Speaking from the White House during what was expected to be an update for the public on the fight against the Islamic State, Obama lit into his critics and specifically presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump. Their criticism has mounted in the wake of the Orlando terror attack, which Obama declined to publicly link to radical Islam.

“Calling a threat by a different name does not make it go away. … There’s no magic to the phrase of radical Islam,” Obama countered Tuesday. “It’s a political talking point.”

The president faced swift pushback from Republicans on Capitol Hill.

“With all due respect Mr. President, you’re wrong," Sen. Ben Sasse, R-Neb., said in a statement. "Telling the truth about violent Islam is a prerequisite to a strategy – a strategy you admitted you don’t have. It is the Commander-in-Chief’s duty to actually identify our enemies and to help the American people understand the challenge of violent Islam.”

Obama, though, went on to warn of a slippery slope in this debate, citing Trump’s call for a temporary ban on Muslim immigration – a proposal many in Trump’s party do not support, including House Speaker Paul Ryan.

“We don’t have religious tests here,” Obama said, without attacking Trump by name. But answering one of Trump’s most frequent accusations, the president said his reluctance to use the phrase “radical Islam” has “nothing to do with political correctness and everything to do with actually defeating extremism.”

He said groups like ISIS “want to claim that they are the true leaders of over a billion Muslims … who reject their crazy notions,” and a move to single out Muslims in America “betrays the very values America stands for.”

Fuck you Obama, it's well past time to call a spade a spade here, especially in light of the massacre of 50 people by a Muslim whackjob last weekend and now THIS today.

You and every one of the jerkoff's trying to shove this Multiculturism bullshit down everyone's throats has been told REPEATEDLY that the Muslims are committed to waging Jihad in this country and when one of the sonsabitches goes off and kills a bunch of people just like they said they were going to do, you try and tell everyone how Islam is a religion of peace and you refuse to acknowledge the very plain evidence to the contrary staring you right in the face. Not only that, you try and avoid the subject completely and try to blame the damn guns again for what are clearly the actions of a religious fanatic.

I don't remember where I saw it earlier but someone had a damn good point when they asked when are you going to start calling them "Bitter Clingers"?

I have news for you and your kind and you aren't going to like it.

Peaceful or not, the Muslims in this country are going to start getting targeted by society at large and being treated like the rattlesnakes they are.
It's a very natural self defense reaction to a known deadly threat and neither you nor anyone else should be surprised by it when it starts.

You are the one responsible for this, now shut up and take your medicine.

The show is just about to start.

Monday, June 13, 2016


We were out of town for a bit and now have to go suffer through some 4 hour Graduation ceremony bullshit for the kid tonight.

I would seriously like to know who the stupid sonofabitch was that scheduled this shit for 8 O'clock on a Monday night, they need an ass beating.
So due to the lack of time and interest at the moment, have some Boobs.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Friday, June 10, 2016

Cognitive Dissonance Defined; Obama Endorses Clinton At The Same Time Whitehouse Spokesman Confirms She Is Under Criminal Investigation

So, someone please explain to me how this woman is the Democratic Nominee for President of the United States of America?

Are there really that many completely fucking stupid people in this country?

The answer to that is obviously a resounding yes so now someone explain something else to me.
What happens if this woman actually wins the Whitehouse and is subsequently convicted of the crimes being investigated?

Have any of these ridiculously ignorant supporters of her considered that possibility?

White House confirms 'criminal' probe over Clinton emails, 'shreds' campaign claim



Perhaps it was an unguarded moment, but the White House has confirmed that the Justice Department is conducting a “criminal investigation” regarding Hillary Clinton’s personal email use – despite repeated and persistent claims from the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee that investigators are pursuing a mere “security inquiry.”

Press Secretary Josh Earnest used the term at Thursday’s briefing, after being asked by Fox News about whether President Obama’s newly unveiled endorsement of Clinton might apply pressure to investigators assigned to the Clinton case.

Earnest rejected the premise, saying the job of career prosecutors is to follow the evidence to its logical conclusion.

“That's why the president, when discussing this issue in each stage, has reiterated his commitment to this principle that any criminal investigation should be conducted independent of any sort of political interference,” Earnest said.

The Republican National Committee seized on the use of the term “criminal investigation.”

“The White House’s admission that the FBI is investigating Hillary Clinton’s email server as a ‘criminal’ matter shreds her dishonest claim that it is a routine ‘security inquiry,’” RNC spokesman Michael Short said in a statement

Thursday, June 9, 2016

California Court Rules General Public Not Guaranteed Automatic Right To Carry Concealed

Which is par for the course for Kommiefornia.
However, they just set up a strong argument for open carry by their own admission.

You can absolutely guarantee that someone is going to jump on that now with both feet.


The fucking commies down there could use a good bitch slapping.

Californians don’t have automatic right to carry concealed weapons in public, appeals court says

A federal appeals court decided Thursday that people do not have a constitutional right to carry concealed weapons in public.
Overturning a three-judge panel’s decision, a larger group of judges from the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals said California counties may require people who want permits for concealed guns to show a specific reason why they need the weapons.
“The 2nd Amendment does not preserve or protect a right of a member of the general public to carry concealed firearms in public,” the court ruled, 7-4.
The 11-judge panel took up the case after state Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris appealed a ruling by a panel of the 9th Circuit in February 2014 that struck down a policy of the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department. The department had required applicants to show “good cause” why they needed a concealed weapons permit.
The 2-1 decision held that the policy was overly restrictive.
The dissenting judges argued that the 2nd Amendment allows people to carry a gun in public to defend themselves. Because California bans openly carrying guns, the counties must permit people to carry concealed weapons, the dissenting judges said
The majority responded that the 2nd Amendment “may or may not protect to some degree a right of a member of the general public to carry a firearm openly.”
But if there is such a right, it is a right only to carry a gun openly, and that issue was not before the court,the majority said.

My bold.

There you go, now pounce on that and shove it right back down their throats. The motherfuckers just set themselves up.

They still don't seem to comprehend that whole, shall not be infringed, idea.

As for showing "good cause", hey people, it's California.

That should be reason enough.

It's What It's Getting To Be Like Anymore

Fuckers anyway.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

I Would Suggest That Mr. Pagliano Stay Away From Small Aircraft and Deserted Places.

This is the guy who set up and maintained the now infamous private bathroom handy server to handle Hilary Clinton's Emails.
He has an immunity deal with the Feebs but is also under further scrutiny from civil lawsuits in which that immunity does not apply.
In response to these other lawsuits, his attorneys have announced he is going to refuse to answer any and all questions, invoking his 5th Amendment right against self incrimination.

That alone speaks volumes to me and what I personally take away from that is that Hillary Clinton
has somethings she definitely does not want to become public knowledge concerning this issue.

I'm also quite certain that Mr. Pagliano is aware that there is a long list of former Clinton associates who have come to unfortunate early and sometimes mysterious ends.

Former Clinton staffer seeks to conceal immunity deal

Washington (CNN)The lawyer for a former State Department IT specialist told a federal judge his client's immunity deal with the Department of Justice does not cover testimony in civil lawsuits and he will refuse to answer questions at an upcoming deposition.
The lawyer further requested that the details of that immunity deal be provided as a sealed, "ex parte" document, concealing them from the public.

D.C. Circuit Court Judge Emmet Sullivan had requested language of Bryan Pagliano's immunity deal after learning that he intended to take the Fifth at a deposition that was originally scheduled to take place Monday but has since been postponed.
Pagliano, who helped set up and maintain Hillary Clinton's private email server, was subpoenaed by the conservative legal watchdog group Judicial Watch as part of a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the State Department.
He was offered an immunity deal late last year in order to offer testimony as part of an ongoing FBI investigation into the email server.
But Pagliano's lawyer, Mark MacDougall, said in a court filing Tuesday that DOJ "has not authorized a grant of immunity for Mr. Pagliano in connection with any other matter, including this civil case."
"The potential for self-incrimination here is sufficient to justify Mr. Pagliano's intention to assert his Fifth Amendment rights," MacDougall added, noting, "Mr. Pagliano's prospective deposition will inevitably cover matters that might 'furnish a link in the chain of evidence needed to prosecute.'"
"Indeed," MacDougall continued, "the mere fact that the government was willing to offer Pagliano 'use' immunity here in exchange for his testimony indicates that his fear of prosecution is more than fanciful or speculative."
Judicial Watch, the plaintiff in the FOIA case, has until Friday to argue for the immunity deal to be made public.

Monday, June 6, 2016

D Day Anniversary

There is now zero chance that this country could ever do something so daring ever again.

Times have changed and so have we.

Not for the better I'd say.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Saturday, June 4, 2016

It's Not Even Noon Yet

And another one bites the dust.


Cricket Wireless Out Clear Across The Country Since Yesterday

I noticed it at work and thought my phone screwed up.
There is a cell tower in the parking lot.

The wife just got home a while ago from watching a movie with her sister and was complaining about having no service still so I checked mine and it is still out. Looks like we aren't alone.

No word on when it's going to be up and running again or why it's out either.

Friday, June 3, 2016

High School Kid Shows Up At School With A Confederate Flag And Announces It's White Privilege Day

I laughed out loud when I saw this.
The fucking kid is brilliant.
Makes me wonder if he has an Uncle named Otter by any chance?

Student announces white privilege day at Nicolet HS, school officials say

GLENDALE, Wis. —Nicolet High School administrators alerted parents Wednesday to what they called a “derogatory and offensive demonstration” involving a Confederate flag inside a classroom.
Parents said a student showed up to school with the flag and announced during an English class that it was white privilege day.

Police were called to the school, and the student was suspended.

Nicolet High School Principal Gregory Kabara sent an email to parents, letting them know what happened.

“This action disrupted the class and upset many students. While district policy allows for students to initiate conversation about a controversial issue, it must be presented in the ordinary course of classroom instruction and cannot be disruptive to the educational setting. The student's actions were a clear violation of this policy,” Kabara’s statement read in part.

Graduating senior Hannah McBride said the student’s action is an incorrect depiction of students at Nicolet High School.

“I think it’s a really terrible thing to happen for our school,” McBride said. “I don’t think it’s an accurate representation of the student body at Nicolet.”

She said the student should have exercised better judgment.

“The student should have known better,” McBride said.

Kabara said the incident has been taken seriously by school administrators and is under investigation. School personnel are being made available for students to talk with about the incident, he said.

That's how you say Fuck You to some SJW's now. Rub their faces in the very bullshit they spread.

Of course the entire school freaked out, they suspended his ass and now a bunch of the pussy motherfuckers have been traumatized.

Oh the horror.



Fucking weaklings.

That kid is going to go far in life.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Ooooops, Sorry Bro

How much you wanna bet?

Red to the + side and Black to the -  side fellas.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Creeping Censorship Of Free Speech On The Internet Just Went Full Throttle

If you are reading this then you are going to be labeled as a Hater eventually.

Tech Giants Vow to Tackle Online Hate Speech Within 24 Hours

Facebook, Twitter, Google, Microsoft, unveil code of conduct
Terror attacks show urgent need to address hate posts, says EU

They never stop spreading their messages.

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U.S. Internet giants Facebook Inc., Twitter Inc., Google and Microsoft Corp. pledged to tackle online hate speech in less than 24 hours as part of a joint commitment with the European Union to combat the use of social media by terrorists.
Beyond national laws that criminalize hate speech, there is a need to ensure such activity by Internet users is “expeditiously reviewed by online intermediaries and social media platforms, upon receipt of a valid notification, in an appropriate time-frame,” the companies and the European Commission said in a joint statement on Tuesday.
The code of conduct arrives as Europe comes to terms with the bloody attacks in Paris and Brussels by Islamic State, which has used the Web and social media to spread its message of hate against its enemies. The companies said it remains a “challenge” to strike the right balance between freedom of expression and hate speech in the self-generated content on online platforms.
“We remain committed to letting the Tweets flow,” said Twitter’s head of public policy for Europe, Karen White, in the statement. “However, there is a clear distinction between freedom of expression and conduct that incites violence and hate.”
Platforms Sued
A French Jewish youth group, UEJF, sued Twitter, Facebook and Google in Paris this month over how they monitor hate speech on the web. In the course of about six weeks in April and May, members of French anti-discrimination groups flagged unambiguous hate speech that they said promoted racism, homophobia or anti-Semitism. More than 90 percent of the posts pointed out to Twitter and YouTube remained online within 15 days on average following requests for removal, according to the study by UEJF, SOS Racisme and SOS Homophobie.
“With a global community of 1.6 billion people we work hard to balance giving people the power to express themselves whilst ensuring we provide a respectful environment,” said Monika Bickert, head of global policy management at Facebook, in the statement. “There’s no place for hate speech on Facebook.”

So who get to decide whether or not what you have to say is Hateful?

Why any SJW out there can file a complaint against you now and you will have no fucking idea who, or how to fight it.

So, if that's how they wanna play, let me just get this out of the way now,

I Hate Everybody.

That should cover it.
I'll be over here spreading my messages of intolerance while you overly sensitive parasitic cocksuckers get busy filling out the forms.

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