Sunday, November 29, 2015

German Police Tackle Mass Brawl(s) at Berlin Refugee Shelter(s)

I made that headline plural because the original headline for this article only mentions one but the article says there were two, on the same day, at different refugee centers, with both involving hundreds of refugees.

This is the kind of shit Obama is trying to force the individual states to take on.

German Police Tackle Mass Brawl at Berlin Refugee Shelter



BERLIN — Hundreds of refugees fought each other on Sunday in a mass brawl at a Berlin shelter and more than 100 police were called in to restore order, in an episode underlining the challenges Germany faces in handling hundreds of thousands of migrants.

Although violent incidents in such centers are frequent, the chaos in the shelter at Berlin's disused Tempelhof airport, which erupted as lunch was being served, was worse than normal.

"There were apparently many hundreds of people involved," a spokesman for the police told Reuters TV. Police made an unspecified number of arrests.

Michael Elias, who is in charge of the shelter, said that 830 people were housed at the facility and that between 20 and 30 started the disruption.

"It's the simple fact that there are a lot of young men traveling alone here. We withdrew ... because the situation simply exploded. It was a complete blow-out."

Earlier on Sunday morning, police were called to another shelter in Berlin, where similar violence forced 500 inhabitants to flee the building.

Such scenes feed scepticism among the German public about accepting refugees. Chancellor Angela Merkel's popularity has slumped, a sign of the public's cooling attitude toward the influx of people fleeing conflict in countries like Syria.

Earlier this year, Germany's police union and women's rights groups accused the authorities of playing down reports of sexual assault and even rape at refugee shelters because they feared a backlash against asylum seekers.

Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere has called on Germans to avoid succumbing to blanket suspicion of migrants, of whom up to a million are expected to arrive this year.
 My emphasis.
That last line is propaganda at it's finest.

Don't believe your own lying eyes, we know what is best.

Fuck, you, pal.

If Obama makes good on his threats to import these Syrian motherfuckers over the objections of the Governors who have said they don't want them and this kind of shit starts happening, those refugee camps are going to be turned into prisons.
Complete with armed guards, dogs and barbed wire fences.

Any of the sonsabitches found to be responsible for starting mass brawls or protests should be immediately loaded onto a leaking freighter and sent right the fuck back from whence they came.
If you want to be charitable, give them some Neosporin for the dog bites.

Phil, The Early Years

Bustednuckles at play.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

I Haven't Seen Any Flying Pigs Lately

Which means I don't believe this bullshit for one second.

Massive NSA Phone Data Collection to Cease



The federal government's collection of bulk data from the telephone calls of virtually every American will stop at midnight Saturday, ending a raging controversy that began with disclosures about the secret program by Edward Snowden.
Beginning Sunday, if the government wants to check on a specific phone number in a potential terrorism case, a request must be made to the relevant telephone company for a check of its own data. The government will no longer retain the information.
President Obama said in January that the bulk data collection would end, and Congress in June formally banned it but allowed for a six-month transition period that ends Saturday.


Under the revision, the government will present a specific phone number or cell phone identifier to the phone companies to seek the relevant call data. Except in emergencies, the records can be obtained only with an individual order from a special federal intelligence court.
For now, the National Security Agency, which ran the massive government data collection program, will retain access to the data it collected before the program was ended.
The NSA says it will check that database only to test the new program and to conform to court orders in civil cases challenging the program's constitutionality.



Testing, testing, one, two, three hundred million.....

So they are going to keep into perpetuity the data they have already illegally swept up and these "requests" will fall under the Rubber Stamp of the already oh so helpful FISA court. Expect the acceptance rate to be 100% and automatic.

The spooks at the NSA have probably already figured away around any attempts to reign in this illegal bullshit anyways as they have had six months to do so.

But hey, I feel safer knowing that every time I text my wife about some stupid day to day thing that the NSA considers it to be of utmost importance to National Security that they know who I contacted and for how long.

Maybe I should just put them on Speed Dial for the next time I need to ask if there is anything she needs from the store on my way home from work.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Rule 5

What the hell, eh? 5X5

Tryptophan Is A Hell Of A Drug Man

So in typical dumbass fashion, I took off for work yesterday and ran off and left my sandwiches in the fridge.
The wifely unit told me they were in there earlier but when I popped open my lunchbox lid it was full to the top so I figured I was good to go.

Of course, get to work, start digging in the lunchbox and no sandwiches.
Fuck me.

It wasn't like I was going to starve, there was a Cup-O-Noodles, some chips, cookies and other crap in there and I could have run down and got something but I figured fuck it, I'll just eat when I get home.

So I get home and there are a couple of Teenager's laying about, basically picking their teeth and farting lazily.

In typical fashion, they had systematically gone through and Hoovered up anything with nutritional value, including my sandwiches.
It's 11:30 at night, the Wifely unit had already left to her parents earlier in the day to start getting the Thanksgiving feast going and I am too lazy to get back in the car and go get something to eat.

I started in on a perfunctory search mission and found the remains of a plate full of huge cinnamon rolls that the calorie snatchers had only managed to decimate, it must have been their stopping point.
I slammed one down to shut my belly up and called it good.
The Wifely unit then texts me and tells me she left something behind that she needs ASAP first thing in the morning.


Now I don't usually go to bed until 4 or 5 in the morning but she is talking I need to BE THERE at 10, which is 35 miles away.

So I set my alarm and got up at 9, with no coffee, and start corralling kids getting ready to head out. Three full sized guys cram into the El Camino and off we go with the crap she needs.

I get over there and my belly is growling now. There are some munchy things and I scarf a few but am told that "dinner" is going to be ready by Noon.

She did a fine job, the whole works and I dove right in man. A full plate of food.
I don't normally eat big but I was hungry and tore right through it.

I guarantee you, it wasn't even fifteen minutes after I set that plate down that I was out like a light.


Snoring like a dragster engine on the couch.

I woke up two hours later just groggy as hell, I felt like I had been drugged.

I'm tellin' ya, we need to send massive turkey dinners to our enemies and just wait an hour. Then we can just walk in and take over.
That is some powerful shit!

I hope everyone had a nice nap today too. See ya's tomorrow, I see someone made the mistake of leaving a whole Pumpkin/whipped cream pie in the freezer and I am all alone right now........

Thanksgiving 2015

I have very much to be thankful for and I'm sure most everyone reading this does too if they stop and think about it.

Feast well my friends, we are actually living during the collapse of Western civilization as it has been known for the last century or two.

It isn't something you can point to and say, there it is.
It is the collective degrading of the quality of life that is slowly happening before your very eyes, much like watching a tree die, it doesn't happen all at once.

It is happening though.

Enough of the dismal outlook for one day, enjoy your loved ones and a hearty meal.

Things are going to be different come this time next year if everything I see coming down the pipe happens.

Very, different.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Republicans Are Shitting Themselves Over Trump, Now Trying To Challenge His Eligibility To Run In New Hampshire As A Republican.

It does my black little heart good to see these fuckers panicking over Trump, seriously.

They are pulling out all the stops and pulling every shitty little trick they can think of to try and knock him out of the race and he is like the Energizer Bunny instead.
He just keeps going and going and going.

These Establishment Republicans are going to go blind with hysterics if he keeps it up.


Rotten motherfuckers.

And I do mean rotten.

Just for shits and grins I hope that sonofabitch takes the Whitehouse and fucks up fifty years of their scheming and back door dealings.
What's he gonna do, make things worse?

I'm sure, no positive, things are gonna get that way no matter who wins the farcical contest.
In the mean time I am going to enjoy the hell out of watching these Republicans shit little rings around themselves over him.

Who Will Remember Your Name?

"Will you carry the burden the world has grown? Will you destroy everything, in your sight?"

Forgiven by Disturbed, off their first and still my favorite album.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

I Don't Know What It Is But It's BAD ASS!!

Must be some kinda foreign rig for sure, the EPA would shit little golden apples if something like that was legal in this country.

The little fucker sounds mean though don't it?

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Some Parts Of The World Deal In Reality, See Obama For What He Is.

Funny how these guys are saying exactly what I am thinking.
Very much worth the two minutes to watch.

H/T to Benny.

Something I Am Damn Proud Of Too

My brother texted me wanting to know who I was wanting to win in this NASCAR race.
My standard reply to that is anybody except Jeff Gordon.
We went back and forth a couple times when I told him I had quit watching NASCAR because it has gotten too Politically Correct, there are a bunch of fucking pussies running the show now.

His reply to me says it all.

"You always have been a rebel my brother, love you man".

Sure, We Can Help Turkey Secure Their Border With Syria But Can't Secure Our Own

This pretty much proves that the current administration is purposely allowing our country to be overrun with illegal immigrants.

U.S. Working With Turkey to Cut Off ISIS Smuggling Route

Entire border of northern Syria to be shut, Secretary of State Kerry says; operation could be a game-changer, diplomats say.

REUTERS - U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Tuesday the United States is starting an operation with Turkey to finish securing the northern Syrian border, an area that Islamic State militants have used as a lucrative smuggling route.

"The entire border of northern Syria - 75 percent of it has now been shut off. And we are entering an operation with the Turks to shut off the other remaining 98 km (61 miles)," he said in an interview with CNN. 

That could be Texas, Arizona or California next week if they were even the least bit serious about our National Security.

That they aren't is patently obvious.

That they are helping Turkey do this shows that American Hegemony is more important than the security of the very borders that define this country as a place.
The hypocrisy of this is stunning when you think about it.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Dear President Obama, Regarding That ISIS thing

This is how it's done.

Russian cruise missiles hit ISIS from Mediterranean & Caspian; 600 killed in one strike 




The Russian military has launched cruise missiles against Islamic State positions in Syria from both the Mediterranean and Caspian seas, one of which killed over 600 terrorists in the Deir Ex-Zor Province, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu has said.
“On November 20, the warships of the Caspian Fleet launched 18 cruise missiles at seven targets in the provinces of Raqqa, Idlib and Aleppo. All targets were hit successfully,” he reported to President Vladimir Putin.
Overall, there are 10 warships taking part in the operation, six of which are in the Mediterranean.

Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) have been suffering huge losses as a result of the Russian offensive, Shoigu said, adding that data on the ground shows that the flow of terrorists arriving in Syria has decreased, while more and more militants are fleeing the warzone to head north and south-west.
Over the past four days, Russian air forces have conducted 522 sorties, deploying more than 100 cruise missiles and 1,400 tons of bombs of various types, the minister stated.
He added that a strike on a target in Deir ez-Zor utilizing multiple cruise missiles had killed more than 600 militants.

“We have a lot of evidence that Russian airstrikes are effective,” Syrian Brigadier General Ali Maihub told Interfax.
“Russian mass airstrikes did irreparable damage to international terrorist organizations in Syria, disrupted their administration and financing systems and destroyed their bases and depots,” he added.
Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov still maintains that Russia will not engage in a ground operation against the IS in Syria.
“There has been no discussion about a ground operation and there is still no discussion,” Peskov told reporters.

There are videos at the link.

It's like I said the other day, the Russians don't fuck around when they are pissed off.

Now, Barack, pull your head out of your ass and start taking notes, then get on the horn to the Pentagon and tell them to cut loose on these bastards.

They can't terrorize anyone when they are dead.


15 Dollars An Hour, Right?

Pretty self explanatory.
While I agree that the minimum wage is way too low, at the same time, someone like myself who has over thirty years of experience in a skilled field can barely top out at twenty in a non union shop in the current market.

You burger flippers come follow me around for a couple days and then we'll talk.

More than 500 firearms seized from Clovis California home of man with mental health issues

I'm thinking there is a lesson to be learned here, actually more than one.

CLOVIS, Calif. --

The biggest weapons seizure ever made in a single home by the California Department of Justice, and it happened in Clovis -- more than 500 firearms and 100,000 rounds of ammunition.

"I believe it makes the neighborhood safer as well as the state of California," said DOJ Special Agent-In-Charge Michael Haroldsen.

State agents arrested 59-year-old Albert Sheakalee at his home last week.
Sheakalee didn't deny having the impressive haul of weapons -- including ten assault weapons, 88 shotguns and 234 rifles. But his son tells Action News it was a bogus government gun grab -- even though state agents say Sheakalee isn't allowed to own any guns.

Wall-to-wall guns filled a conference room at the California Department of Justice Fresno office -- all of them seized Thursday at the same Clovis home. From run-of-the-mill handguns to a military style 50-caliber rifle, agents say Albert Sheakalee had it all. "And then you see the numerous assault weapons that we have here," Haroldsen said as he showed a reporter the array of weapons.

Agents say Sheakalee was once a federal arms dealer, but he lost his license last year. And this year, he lost his right to own any firearms after he was institutionalized three times in June. "Obviously when a person is admitted into a hospital for a mental health hold it's because he's believed to be a danger to himself or to the public," Haroldsen said.

The DOJ tracks people who still have registered weapons despite bans for mental health problems, restraining orders, or certain criminal convictions.
In this case, they say Sheakalee still had about 150 registered in his name five months after he was ordered to give them up.

For one thing, it's unfortunate that none of this mans relatives or even a good friend didn't step up to the plate and get all those guns out of the mans house and stored somewhere under lock and key. The JBT's would have found nada and then they could have been disposed of at a later date at everyone's convenience and the money gotten, spent on trying to get the man the help he obviously needs. Now he has nothing for his efforts except a new shrink and a court date.

For another thing, this highlights the fact that California is damn serious about grabbing guns.

So as I see this playing out now, because he didn't get rid of the guns as he was ordered to do because he has been institutionalized three times, the government just got a huge windfall and a case of priapism.

More than likely, they will destroy these guns because that's how those communist motherfuckers operate, at least the ones that don't find their way into the hands of LEO's.
I would imagine the guy's kid may be able to sue to get some back but the cost of that would just be adding insult to injury, with no guarantee of success.

That was a small fortune's worth of guns and ammo, now it's evidence.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

That's Just Fucking Retarded

If there is some kind of point or statement being made here other than someone has a little dick, way too much discretionary spending money and no fucking brains, I am missing it.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Our Biggest Threat

Anonymous Declares War On ISIS

There are a lot of people in this world that I could give a fuck if I piss off. Many I actually enjoy doing so.
One bunch that I most definitely do not want to piss off is Anonymous. Those people don't fuck around and can absolutely ruin your day.
It looks like those raghead assholes in ISIS are about to find that out.
I read yesterday that ISIS was using Playstations to communicate. Anonymous is going to have a field day with that kind of shit.

Anonymous Declares Cyber War on ISIS. Why It Matters



When it comes to cyber war, Anonymous is good at what it does.

After claiming responsibility for the Paris terrorist attacks last week, ISIS has a new foe.

Hacker collective Anonymous posted a video Saturday on YouTube in which it declared a cyber war on ISIS. In the nearly two-and-a-half-minute video, a person wearing the group’s signature Guy Fawkes mask read a statement in French promising that the hacktivist organization would attack ISIS in cyberspace with the ultimate goal of weakening the terrorist organization.

“Expect massive cyber attacks,” the person said. “War is declared. Get prepared. Anonymous from all over the world will hunt you down. You should know that we will find you and we will not let you go.”


After the attack on Charlie Hebdo in January, Anonymous posted a video that said it would attack terrorists in connection with the killings. Soon after, it brought down sites allegedly connected with terrorism (including a dating site for ISIS members) and claims to have taken down tens of thousands of Twitter accounts of people suspected of having ISIS connections.

This, though, is different, Anonymous says. It warned ISIS after the latest attacks to “get ready,” adding that it doesn’t “forgive and we don’t forget.” While Anonymous did not reveal any details about planned attacks, the threat could be serious. Given its history.

“We should expect Anonymous to target ISIS members online and make ISIS member information publicly available,” FitzGerald says. “Anonymous will go after online personas and ISIS websites.”

That personal information could be a gold mine.

It may well be that this is what really hurts those bastards long term.

Monday, November 16, 2015

We Have Our Mastermind (Fall Guy)

That didn't take long.

Pretty convenient how much they know about this guy already yet he seems to be rather elusive if they don't already know where he is.

He better watch his ass now, he just got promoted and we all know what happens to the number two guys.

Allow me to introduce our latest Osama Bin Ladin type Boogyman.

MASTERMIND IDENTIFIED: Belgian believed behind Paris attack as France conducts airstrikes, anti-terror raids

ABDELHAMID ABAAOUD, a Belgian national believed to currently be in Syria, has been named as the suspected mastermind of Friday's Paris terror attacks by investigators — who also believe him to be responsible for an attempted terror attack on a high-speed train that was foiled by three Americans this past August.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Jaw Dropping Hubris; Mizzou Protesters, Black Lives Matter, Complain Paris Attacks Stole Their Headlines


The headline says it all.

Mizzou protesters, Black Lives Matter complain Paris attacks stole their headlines

Activists that have taken over U.S. college campuses this week protesting racial injustice took to Twitter last night to complain that news coverage of the deadly terrorist attacks in Paris had stolen their spotlight.

Black Lives Matter and Mizzou protesters on Twitter said their struggles with racial oppression were being “erased” by the overwhelming news coverage of the murder of scores of people at the hands of Islamic State extremists.
“Racist white people kill me, you want everyone to have sympathy for YOUR tragedy, but you have none for ours,” one user tweeted, adding “#Mizzou.”
“Disgusted @ white conservative Americans using Paris as a ‘see black people, your woes here w/ us could be more extreme,’ but not surprised,” another user tweeted.
Many protesters, including Black Lives Matter national leaders, said the racial injustice at college campuses and the attacks in Paris were both acts of terrorism.

(Image: Screen grab from Twitter @deray)
(Image: Screen grab from Twitter @deray) more >
“Interesting how the news reports are covering the Paris terrorist attacks but said nothing abut the terrorist attack at #Mizzou,” one user tweeted reads.

“Paris attacks were terrorism. black students getting death threats on their college campuses (A SUPPOSED SAFE SPACE!!) is also TERRORISM,” another tweet reads.
“There is no rank order to injustice,” DeRay McKesson, a prominent civil rights activist tweeted. “We fight for #Mizzou, #PrayForParis, and seek justice for #SandraBland — at the same time.”
In a statement Saturday night, the University of Missouri said the tweets were being dispersed by “individuals from outside the Mizzou community in an attempt to create conflict.”
“Our hearts go out to the citizens of Paris and all those affected by the tragic events of last night,” the University said. “While our community has faced difficulties  over the past week, we express our sincere sympathy to those who have been affected by the events in Paris and remain committed to making Mizzou stronger and more inclusive.”

Let me tell you dangerously ignorant assholes a little something, you have ZERO credibility with me and several million other Americans in the first place but this is jump the shark territory.


Until I see you fuckers up there, protesting a black on black murder rate that would be considered genocide in other parts of the world, you can just shut the fuck up.

Your pathetic bleating about wanting forced segregation so that you can have your own little space to whine to each other about how mean Whitey is pales in comparison with what happened in Paris.

It is not even worthy of the time already spent listening to your fucking sniveling.

So get  your asses to Chicago right now, a city where gun control laws are some of the strictest in the nation.
When I see you there crying Black Lives Matter while ducking bullets fired by the same people you claim to care about so much, then maybe you will earn a sliver of credibility.

Until the day that I see that happen, you can stop even trying to claim to be legitimate because right now all you come across as is loud mouthed attention whores with  bad priorities and as racist as you constantly accuse other people of being.

C'est Sur Maintenant Encul├ęs!

Loosely translated, It's On Now Motherfuckers!

You can forget all those jokes about the French being cheese eating surrender monkeys, I will bet anyone who wants to step up that you are about to see them go abso-fucking-lutely medieval on some rag headed sonsabitches asses here in the near future.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Every One Of Them Are ASSHOLE's

Mr. Robert Gore of Straight Line Logic has penned an instant classic deserving to be read far and wide.

You first became aware of them when you were in grade school—self-appointed leaders, directors of taste and trend, unchallengeable because their mockery and physical abuse could make life quite uncomfortable—the in-group. As you got older, you discovered there was always an in-group. An in-group runs the country and indeed, the world. Just like grade school, they flaunt their exalted status and make life miserable for outsiders. SLL hereby christens this group: A Special Society of Hubristic Oligarchs and Leaders of Extraordinary Sagacity. For convenience, we’ll refer to both the society and its members by the acronym ASSHOLES.

This is just the hammer being pulled back, go see the rest of it when the trigger gets pulled.

Instant, classic.

Bravo sir.

My everlasting thanks to Concerned American at WRSA for always being THE go to site for the best content there is.
if that isn't a daily visit for you then you need to get with the program.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Have I Mentioned I'm A Raiders Fan Lately?

Yeah yeah, I've heard 'em all and my wife and kid torment me constantly. Fucking Seahawks fans.

Hey, I was BORN in Oakland.
The same year that the Raiders joined the AFC, Nineteen fucking sixty, OK?

Just Win Baby.

It is no coincidence that the Raiders have a reputation for being the Bad Boys of the NFL.
They be some mean motherfuckers and personal fouls are like merit badges.

So when I saw this bullshit news story I just had to laugh.

A Raiders linebacker is "under investigation", for taunting a fucking police dog.

You read that right.
Apparently it's a felony offense in Pennsylvania, to tease a fucking police dog.

Go figure.

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Police are investigating the alleged taunting of a police K-9 by a member of the Oakland Raiders at Heinz Field Sunday afternoon.

According to police, the incident happened as the Raiders were taking the field for their matchup with the Steelers.

“We were immediately notified about the incident, and we immediately initiated a criminal investigation into the matter. Sheriff’s Office supervisors interviewed witnesses and reviewed video surveillance recordings at Heinz Field. We notified the District Attorney’s Office on Sunday. The Sheriff’s Office is currently reviewing all of the information and reports to make a final determination relating to charges,” Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Kevin Kraus said.

Sources tell our Rich Walsh that the player has been identified as linebacker Ray-Ray Armstrong.

Sources say Armstrong lifted up his shirt, beat his chest, and started barking and yelling at the K-9 before the start of the game. The dog had to be restrained.

Walsh: “Do you know why this player taunted the dog?”

Kraus: “I don’t. I don’t know if anybody does. He came out of the locker room, he started jumping up and down, intimidating the dog, calling for the dog. The dog immediately responded and tried to make its way over to the player, the K-9 deputy prevented the dog from doing so.”

Taunting a police K-9 is a felony in Pennsylvania.

No charges have been filed at this time.

The Oakland Raiders and Armstrong have been made aware of the situation.

Pretty fucking pathetic.

I would imagine the poor mutt is going to need therapy now, sheese.

They should give Ray Ray a Raise Raise.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Why The Next Presidential Election Is Meaningless And So Is Your Vote

It is because the visible government is not the one who is in charge and running this country.

Surprised by that statement?
You shouldn't be if you have been paying the slightest attention for the past few years.

The elections and the political Kabuki Theater splashed across the news constantly is merely another diversion to keep the masses entertained while the Deep State goes about it's business.

According to John W. Whitehead, there is not one but THREE governments running all at the same time.

One is the visible facade government that used to be the one envisioned by the Constitution, one that was set up to guarantee the continuity of that government in case of disaster and the one that is really running the show.

I strongly urge you to go read this piece over at The Rutherford Institute and start putting the pieces together

If you have fairly decent cognizant abilities what he is saying will start making perfect sense when you start looking at what has been going on in this country, especially since 9/11.

For all intents and purposes, the nation is one national “emergency” away from having a full-fledged, unelected, authoritarian state emerge from the shadows. All it will take is the right event—another terrorist attack, perhaps, or a natural disaster—for such a regime to emerge from the shadows.

As unnerving as that prospect may be, however, it is the second shadow government, what former congressional staffer Mike Lofgren refers to as “the Deep State, which operates according to its own compass heading regardless of who is formally in power,” that poses the greater threat right now.

Consider this: how is it that partisan gridlock has seemingly jammed up the gears (and funding sources) in Washington, yet the government has been unhindered in its ability to wage endless wars abroad, in the process turning America into a battlefield and its citizens into enemy combatants?

The credit for such relentless, entrenched, profit-driven governance, according to Lofgren, goes to “another government concealed behind the one that is visible at either end of Pennsylvania Avenue, a hybrid entity of public and private institutions ruling the country according to consistent patterns in season and out, connected to, but only intermittently controlled by, the visible state whose leaders we choose.”

This “state within a state” hides “mostly in plain sight, and its operators mainly act in the light of day,” says Lofgren, and yet the “Deep State does not consist of the entire government.”

Go, now, and read it all.
Start putting things together and act accordingly.

This is why National Politics are a joke and you shouldn't be laughing.
You also might want to remember this when April 15th rolls around, we are paying for every bit of this.

Not In This Life

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Where In The Hell Is My "UNLIKE" Button!

President Pansy Ass joined Facebook.

One of the more productive things I could think of to do with what's going on these days it ain't.

President Obama
Public Figure · 672,533 Likes
· 19 hrs ·
Hello, Facebook! I finally got my very own page. I hope you’ll think of this as a place where we can have real conversations about the most important issues facing our country – a place where you can hear directly from me, and share your own thoughts and stories. (You can expect some just-for-fun stuff, too.)
I’m kicking it off by inviting you to take a walk with me in my backyard – something I try to do at the end of the day before I head in for dinner. I say this often, but...
See More

"Hello, Facebook! I finally got my very own page."
That's the top of the first post written by one of Facebook's newest users — a man who identifies himself as a "dad, husband," and, oh yeah, "44th President of the United States."
President Obama finally has his very own Facebook page:
That's not to say Obama hasn't had a heavy Facebook presence for years. His 2008 campaign was the first to aggressively use social media to woo and organize supporters, and there's been a White House page for a while.

Narcissistic bastard.
He probably reads the comments telling him how great he is to help him sleep at night.

Fuck him.

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