Saturday, November 6, 2021

Friday, October 29, 2021

The Time Has Come

I have been telling you for years that it was coming.
It's here, now.
The Shit Has Hit The Fan.
And it's coming at you hard and fast.

If you haven't even started preparing for what's coming you may still have just a little bit of time before the whole thing blows up completely.

Food, Fuel, Parts, Clothing, all of it is going through the roof as I type.
Our grocery bill has jumped over fifty dollars a week already since August Just on the crap my wife buys every week.
I saw a 3 pack of New York Steaks yesterday for $40 at Wally World.
Let that sink in.
It's DOUBLE what I paid for them in May.
It's way past time to let your inner  Major Prepper Nutjob self run wild and free.

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Fuck Them Yellow Bellied Sonofabitches!

 This motherfucker is MY KIND OF PEOPLE!

Their "Safety Guy" came and told the crew that they either took The Jab or they were fired.

This is how that worked out.

Thursday, October 7, 2021

The New Site,

Good lord what a nightmare it's been getting that set up.

Days and days of bullshit, $300, SO FAR, and it went down yesterday.

I had to get on the phone, while I was at work, and get it straightened out.

It should be working at this point so please bookmark



If you happen to have a blog with this Blogger site on it, The Vulgar Curmudgeon,

PLEASE update it to

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time.

This crap is enough to push a guy over the edge, I'm tellin'' ya.

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Fuck Joe Biden

 Him and every motherfucker associated with him.

ESPECIALLY the ones hiding in the background pulling the strings.

There's some Commie motherfuckers right there. Too damned afraid to show their faces.

For good reason.

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Straight Up

 If there is one thing that I have always liked about Trump it's the fact that he is a straight talker.

Saturday, August 7, 2021

Undeniable Proof That The Government's Kung Flu Fear Porn Campaign Has Failed Miserably


Sturgis attracts hundreds of thousands as Americans awaken from COVID despite Delta variant

Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to attend the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota as more Americans attend large gatherings this year following last year's coronavirus lockdowns.  

The rally kicked off Friday and will last over 10 days with 700,000 people expected to attend. The event was widely criticized as a "superspreading event" last year amid the pandemic, when about 460,000 people attended. 

Some state officials have urged caution on the gathering, in light of the delta variant of the virus, but have said the rally can be done "safely" with "proper precautions."

My bold, that's one.

From the comments to the above article,

usarmy79romeo2 hours agoReplying to Ripley's2cents

200,000 on nantucket this weekend no masks no 6 foot distance. Pack them in on Ferries, fly them in by the plane load restaurants backed to the gills bars over flowing BUT HEY ITS OK

That's two

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Has “No Regrets” About Allowing Lollapalooza to Proceed Amidst COVID Rise

Despite pushback from some Chicago residents and epidemiologists, Lollapalooza carried on as planned last weekend. In the wake of videos surfacing on social media that appear to show young people being “waved through” festival security without being asked for proof of vaccination, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot maintains that the potential superspreader event was as safe as possible.

During an interview with Chicago radio station WVON-AM on Wednesday, Lightfoot said that she was “well aware” of accusations that the massive music festival was being too lax about COVID-19 concerns, especially as the Delta variant continues to spike

That's three.

Knocked down by a pandemic, baseball gets back up in America

BOSTON/WASHINGTON, July 1 (Reuters) - With the coronavirus at bay and the dreaded New York Yankees in town, the 37,000 screaming, mostly maskless Major League Baseball fans of the hometown Boston Red Sox finally had something to hate more than the pandemic.

After limits on attendance ended at 109-year-old Fenway Park in late May, the Red Sox drew middling crowds in the low 20,000s until the longtime rival Yankees made Friday, June 25, the stadium's first sellout since the fall of 2019.

I'm going to quit counting at this point but here are some more.

According to one source,

Florida's 1st quarter tourism numbers were within 5% of the 2019 levels and the 2nd quarter numbers are expected to SET A NEW RECORD.

Visit Florida’s first quarter results for 2021 showed domestic visitor levels were just five percent below 2019 levels. The second quarter is expected to set a new record.

Here's a couple of beauties that highlight the absolute hypocrisy of the Slow Joe administration's Covid propaganda campaign perfectly.

DHS won’t test thousands of migrants before releasing into US and is relying on border communities

U.S. border officials have no plans for personnel on the southern border to administer coronavirus tests on migrants, which could risk the spread of the virus as thousands of families and children are released from federal custody into border communities and travel across the United States.

Biden Administration Busing ‘Thousands’ of Illegals Aliens to Red States to Get Permanent Status

Biden’s border crisis is spreading nationwide, according to a new report from the Center for Immigration Studies. The new administration is pursuing an immigration policy dubbed “catch-and-bus” with the aim of establishing undocumented immigrants in states in the interior of the United States.

The Biden “smuggling routes” have gone largely unreported by media outlets that are fixated on the disastrous border crisis, where children are being kept in unsanitary conditions within detention facilities that violate COVID protocols.

According to an original investigation by CIS, a veritable “conveyor belt” of buses from Texas, Arizona and California are transporting “thousands” of undocumented immigrants into America’s heartland.

Of course every single individual on these buses has been tested and vaccinated, right?


Just like the ones they were putting on AIRPLANES and FLYING them all over the country, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT.

From February 19 to April 22, as Breitbart News reported last month, the Biden administration had flown about 7,200 border crossers into the U.S. interior on domestic commercial flights. Border crossers are allowed to bypass photo identification requirements, boarding flights without a photo ID, and do not have to prove they are negative for the Chinese coronavirus.

I saved the best part for last.


A concerned citizen contacted the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta, GA yesterday and spoke to multiple employees. When asked if the CDC was mandating its employees to inject themselves with the experimental gene therapy called a ‘vaccine’ for the CCP virus, they pushed back, got defensive, and finally said no, they are not mandating CDC employees receive the ‘vaccine’ for Covid-19, which has not even been tested on animals and is still experimental, under an emergency use authorization only.

... The citizen also spoke to supervisors who simply ‘expedited’ the call to nowhere and would not answer further questions.

You can listen to their phone call at the link above.

So this Fear Porn Campaign and all of these government agencies and private companies demanding that everyone HAS TO BE VACCINATED upon pain of losing gainful employment?



If in fact, these OH MY GOD WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE variants of this Man Made Plandemic are even REMOTELY as bad as they keep claiming, it's already all over except the burying anyway.

It appears to me that the entire country seems to be sending you ass clowns a message.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is bfytw-1.jpg

Ya might want to start paying attention to that.

Friday, July 23, 2021

Even In The Rain

 The 4 of us boys used to pile in the back of the Old Man's 68 Ford 4X4 in any and all weather and sit there until we got where we were going Sometimes half way across an entire state.

No canopy.

When it was wet, cold and miserable, we would fight over who got to sit over the mufflers and who got to snuggle up with the wet Black Lab to get any hint of heat.

Now it's even illegal to have the damn dog in the back if it isn't tied .

And you wonder why we laugh and make fun of the younger generations.

Monday, June 14, 2021

Well It's Mostly Together Finally.

Click on the picture to make it bigger.

I still have a ton of work to do to it but it is mostly together and I stuck a piece of bar in it and did a function test.

It makes chips again, finally.

That's about all it does as nothing has really been adjusted properly and there are still some things I haven't gone through yet but I have to say I'm kind of proud of myself.

It looks almost exactly like what I had pictured in my mind before I ever started in on it.



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