Sunday, March 26, 2017

My Good Deed For The Day Is Done

I had to replace the garbage disposal underneath the kitchen sink.

It had been leaking water from the bottom for about a month so I knew it's days were numbered.

Got online, looked it up at Lowes, ran over there and picked up a higher horsepower, bolt in direct replacement for $150 out the door.
Conveniently, the wife wasn't here to tell me I was doing it wrong, so it only took about a half an hour.

No, that isn't me. I don't have an ass, just a crack at the top of my legs.

Kim Jong Un Discovers The Captain And Tenille

You Will Live To Regret That

The kitchen counters are next.

Fixed That Motherfucker

OK, you tell me.
I spent a couple of hours fucking with the blog format the other night after it shit the bed.

Coincidentally, it shit all over the blankets just shortly after I posted something critical of the almighty Google.

Google owns Blogger in case you weren't aware of it.
Blogger is the free Blog service Google lets people all over the world use for nothing.

I couldn't get the three column format to line up to save my fucking life after the entire left column suddenly disappeared, everything wanted to squeeze off to the left when I tried to put it back.
The template on my dashboard said it was still there but it wouldn't appear on the blog.

I get on this fucking laptop here a bit ago and in less than five fucking minutes I fixed it.


I didn't do a damned thing different from what I was trying to do the other night either.

Coincidence my achin' ass.

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