Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Bottomless Magazine

Every gun grabbers nightmare.
Bonus, it's an eeeevil black rifle!

Interesting to watch.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Again

After have been working six days a week for so long I can't remember, I finally took two days in a row off.
I did absolutely nothing except sit in my recliner, play with my computer and relax. I seriously needed to recharge my batteries as the weather is finally starting to turn better and I have a long list of things I want to get done in the near future.

Here in about a half hour it is back to the salt mines.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Is That An Alien In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Glad To See Me?

I thought I had seen all the Men In Black movies but I certainly think I would have remembered this.

Fucking The Fed Right Back

One would have to be pretty much obscenely rich not to have felt the effects of the economy since it crashed in late 2007.
One would also have to be deaf dumb and blind not to see that the crooked banksters and their financial institutions have been putting people all over the world into the poorhouse.

To add insult to injury, even though they have been exposed repeatedly in their thievery, not a single one of the motherfuckers has done one hour of jail time. They simply electronically transfer a portion of their illegal gains into another account with some government agencies name on it and go right back to their thievery like nothing happened.

The unemployment rate here and abroad has been tenaciously stubborn in coming below 8% in this country and is at 25% in Spain as I type this.

Yet contrary to every economic indicator dictating that the economy should be drowning in the toilet, personal consumption in this country is at or above pre recession levels.

How can that possibly be, you ask?

The Underground Economy

Measuring an unreported economy is obviously tricky. But look closely and you can see the traces of a booming informal economy everywhere. As Feige said to me, “The best footprint left in the sand by this economy that doesn’t want to be observed is the use of cash.” His studies show that, while economists talk about the advent of a cashless society, Americans still hold an enormous amount of cold, hard cash—as much as seven hundred and fifty billion dollars. The percentage of Americans who don’t use banks is surprisingly high, and on the rise. Off-the-books activity also helps explain a mystery about the current economy: even though the percentage of Americans officially working has dropped dramatically, and even though household income is still well below what it was in 2007, personal consumption is higher than it was before the recession, and retail sales have been growing briskly (despite a dip in March). Bernard Baumohl, an economist at the Economic Outlook Group, estimates that, based on historical patterns, current retail sales are actually what you’d expect if the unemployment rate were around five or six per cent, rather than the 7.6 per cent we’re stuck with. The difference, he argues, probably reflects workers migrating into the shadow economy. “It’s typical that during recessions people work on the side while collecting unemployment,” Baumohl told me. “But the severity of the recession and the profound weakness of this recovery may mean that a lot more people have entered the underground economy, and have had to stay there longer.”

I am certainly no stranger to the workings of this unofficial economy and I personally know someone who supported not only himself but his family for years without ever having a "job".

I'm talking nice house with a mortgage and nice cars in the driveway.

His wife worked for the county and made good money but he always had something going on and made decent money himself.

Without ever paying one red cent in taxes.

It helps if you have a skill set that is in popular demand.

Craigslist is one of the great enablers of this recordless cash flow as is Ebay.

Word of mouth cannot be emphasised enough if you have skills and services that people want.
I know this for a fact.

For many years, I was a certified automotive technician with a steady job at a medium sized dealership that sold and serviced upper end vehicles for one of the Big Three.

After work and on weekends I would take on vehicle repairs for friends and family occasionally.

Well"occasionally" turned into damn near a full time job by itsself.
I would charge less than half of what most shops were charging, have the customer pay up front for the parts and then use my discount to get them cheaper than list price and pocket the difference for my time and effort for that part.

By word of mouth, I got so busy, after working my full time job at the dealership, that one time after work I stopped in at the tavern kitty corner from my house to have a beer and there was seven people lined up wanting me to either look at their car or make an appointment.

It took me forty five minutes to look at a bunch of cars and talk to folks before I had a chance to even take a sip of beer.

I seriously considered starting my own business and probably should have because I could have retired by now.

It basically got to the point I was spending more money at one certain parts place near where I worked "officially", that I spent more there in one month on parts than the actual dealer did!

Eventually it just got out of hand. I was so overworked that it was killing me and I had no free time.

So I quit doing side jobs, even for relatives. I was flat burned out.

This is just one example of how the underground economy can flourish.

People collecting unemployment often work under the table to supplement their income.

The same thing for retireees on Social Security.

This has gone on since money and taxes were invented.

Candlemakers, brewers, plumbers, seamstresses,chicken farmers, you name it.
If you have a skill that can be traded you can make money and take the governments hand right the hell out of your ass pocket doing it.

Right this minute there is a TWO TRILLION dollar a year underground economy in this country.

I suggest you take a serious look at just how you can participate in it and send a big Fuck You to the thieving sonsabitches robbing the planet blind while doing it.

It's Toe Tappin' Time

Take a few minutes and relax, this isn't any Heavy Metal crap, this is nice and Bluesy.
I dare ya not to like this and I bet about half way through you will suddenly notice you are tapping your toes.

I just love me some Warren Haynes and Gov't Mule.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Be Vewy Vewy Quiet

I 'bout coughed up a lung laughing when I saw this over at my favorite Rock Hound's place.

Thanks Lockwood.

Go check out Outside The Interzone. Some very interesting geology stuff, especially if you are from the Oregon area, combined with a wicked sense of humor. You never know what you will run across there.

Absolutely Priceless.

Holy shit, I just had hot cofee come out my nose. I really, really wanted to swipe this image but in a show of remarkeable self restraint, I will just give you the link so you can go to the original site. Trust me, when I say you won't regret it.

It's Because I'm Beautiful, Isn't It?

Pretty Accurate Story Line

I found this on Live Leak by some guy named Steve Cutts. Pretty cool.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

U.S. Claims It Has Evidence Syrian Forces Used Poison Gas, Finally

I don't know what the fuck took them so long.
(CNN) -- The United States has evidence that the chemical weapon sarin has been used in Syria on a small scale, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said Thursday. But numerous questions remain about the origins of the chemical and what impact its apparent use could have on the ongoing Syrian civil war and international involvement in it. When asked if the intelligence community's conclusion pushed the situation across President Barack Obama's "red line" that could potentially trigger more U.S. involvement in the war, Hagel said it's too soon to say. "We need all the facts. We need all the information," he said. "What I've just given you is what our intelligence community has said they know. As I also said, they are still assessing and they are still looking at what happened, who was responsible and the other specifics that we'll need."
The problem I have with this is that it is old news. Clear back in December Al Jazeera reported several people near Homs were killed in an attack using " something similar to Sarin gas".

Way to be on the ball there fella's. This is just one more example of why I go out of country to get real news.

Hey Mayor Bloomberg, The Reinterpretation Of The Constitution You Wanted Is Right Here

You wanted the Constitution reinterpreted? How about Spanish, does that work for ya fuckhead?

Nosotros, el Pueblo de los Estados Unidos, a fin de formar una Unión más perfecta, establecer Justicia, afirmar la tranquilidad interior, proveer a la defensa común, promover el bienestar general, y asegurar las bendiciones de la libertad para nosotros y nuestra posteridad, ordenamos y establecemos esta Constitución para los Estados Unidos de América.Artículo. I.Sección. 1.Todos los poderes legislativos otorgados en la presente Constitución corresponderán a un Congreso de los Estados Unidos, todo lo cual se compondrá de un Senado y una Cámara de Representantes.Sección. 2.La Cámara de Representantes estará formada por miembros elegidos cada dos años por los habitantes de los diversos Estados, y los electores de cada Estado deberán poseer las condiciones requeridas para los electores de la rama más numerosa de la Legislatura del Estado.Ninguna persona será un representante Ha no haya cumplido con la edad de veinticinco años, y hace siete años ciudadano de los Estados Unidos, y no tendrá usted, cuando fue elegido, sea un habitante del Estado en todo lo que fue designado .Representantes y los impuestos directos se prorratearán entre los distintos Estados, puede ser todo lo que formen parte de esta Unión, de acuerdo con su población respectiva, todo lo cual será determinado por la suma al número total de personas libres, inclusive las obligadas a prestar servicios durante cierto término de años, exclusión e indios que no paguen contribuciones, las tres quintas partes de todas las demás personas. El recuento deberá hacerse efectivamente dentro de tres años después de la primera sesión del Congreso de los Estados Unidos, y cada subsiguiente dentro del término de diez años, en la forma que vivirá por la ley. El número de representantes no excederá de uno por cada treinta mil, el objetivo de cada Estado tendrá por lo menos un representante, tal enumeración hasta y se harán, el Estado de Nueva Hampshire tendrá derecho a elegir tres, ocho Massachusetts, Rhode Island y Plantaciones de Providence, Connecticut, Nueva York cinco seis, Nueva Jersey cuatro, ocho Pennsylvania, Delaware uno, Maryland seis, diez Virginia, Carolina del Norte cinco, Carolina del Sur cinco y Georgia tres.Cuando ocurran vacantes en la representación de cualquier Estado, la autoridad ejecutiva del mismo convocará a elecciones para llenar las vacantes.La Cámara de Representantes elegirá a su Presidente y demás funcionarios, así será el único poder de la acusación.Sección. 3.El Senado de los Estados Unidos se compondrá de dos Senadores por cada Estado, elegidos por la Asamblea Legislativa del mismo por seis años, y cada senador y tendrá derecho a un voto.Efectivo inmediatamente como se hayan reunido en Consecuencia de la primera Elección, vendrán a ser tan divididos como puede ser igualmente en tres clases. Los Asientos de los Senadores de la primera Clase quedarán vacantes al haber concluido el segundo año de la segunda clase, al concluir el cuarto año, y del tercer grupo, al concluir el sexto año, de manera que un tercio de mayo Elegido ser cada dos años, y si ocurren vacantes, por renuncia u otra causa, la caída en el receso de la legislatura de algún Estado, el Ejecutivo del mismo podrá hacer designaciones provisionales hasta la próxima reunión de la Asamblea Legislativa, será de todos, que a cubrir dichas vacantes.Ninguna persona podrá ser Senador, ¿no habéis haya cumplido la edad de treinta años, y pasado nueve años ciudadano de los Estados Unidos, y no tendrá usted, cuando fue elegido, sea un habitante del Estado para todos los que serán elegidos.El Vice Presidente de los Estados Unidos será Presidente del Senado, el objetivo no tendrá voto sino en el caso de empate.El Senado elegirá a sus demás funcionarios, así aussi un Presidente pro tempore, en ausencia del Vicepresidente o cuando éste se halle desempeñando el cargo de Presidente de los Estados Unidos.El Senado poseerá derecho exclusivo de juzgar sobre todas las acusaciones. Cuando se reúna con este objeto, sus miembros deberán prestar un juramento o protesta. Cuando se juzgue al Presidente de los Estados Unidos, el Presidente del Tribunal Supremo presidirá: Y a ninguna persona se le condenará si no concurre el voto de dos tercios de los miembros presentes.Juicio en los casos de acusación no se extenderá más arriba de la destitución del Cargo y la inhabilitación para ocupar y disfrutar cualquier empleo honorífico, de confianza o remunerado, de los Estados Unidos, pero sin embargo el condenado será responsable y quedará sujeta a acusación, juicio, sentencia y la sanción, según la ley.Sección. 4.Los tiempos, lugares y modo de celebrar las elecciones para senadores y representantes se prescribirán en cada Estado por la legislatura respectiva finalidad de mayo el Congreso en cualquier momento por la ley hacer o alterar las reglas, excepto en cuanto a los lugares de Senadores se habrá de elegir.El Congreso se reunirá por lo menos una vez al año, y esta reunión será el primer lunes de diciembre, a no ser que por ley adicionales al día diferente.Sección. 5.Cada Cámara calificará las elecciones, escrutinios y la capacidad de las TIC propios miembros, y una mayoría de cada una constituirá el quórum necesario para deliberar; objetivo número menor puede suspender las sesiones de un día para otro, y estará autorizado para compeler la asistencia Los miembros de la ausencia, en la forma y bajo las penas tienen cada Cámara.Cada Cámara puede TIC determina las Reglas de Procedimiento, sancionar las TIC Miembros de Conducta desordenada, y con el asentimiento de las dos terceras partes, expulsar a un miembro.Cada Cámara llevará un diario de las TIC Proceedings, y de vez en cuando publicar el mismo, a excepción de como las acciones que a su juicio exijan reserva, y los votos afirmativos y negativos de sus miembros con respecto a cualquier asunto, por el deseo de una quinta parte de los presentes, se asentarán en el diario.Ninguna de las Cámaras, que cae sobre la Sesión de la Asamblea, podrá, sin el consentimiento de la otra, suspender sus sesiones por más de tres días ni acordar que se celebrarán en lugar de que en todos los que las dos Cámaras se sientan habrá.Sección. 6.Los Senadores y Representantes recibirán una compensación por sus servicios, que será fijada por la ley y pagada por el Tesoro de los Estados Unidos. Se aplicará en todos los casos, con excepción de traición, delito grave y perturbación del orden, podrán ser Arrestados caer sobre su asistencia a las sesiones de sus respectivas Cámaras, así como al ir a ellas o regresar de las mismas, y para cualquier discusión o debate en una de las Cámaras , no podrán ser cuestionadas en ningún otro lugar.A ningún senador ni representante se le nombrará, cayendo en el tiempo para todos los que fue elegido, para ocupar cualquier empleo civil que dependa de los Estados Unidos, todo lo cual deberá haber-sido creado o cuyos emolumentos hayan terminado el juego acrecentados Esta caída en el tiempo, y ninguna persona ocupe un cargo de los Estados Unidos, será un miembro de la Casa Cualquiera que cae sobre su continuidad en el cargo.Sección. 7.Todos los proyectos de ley para obtener rentas se originará en la Cámara de Representantes, el objetivo ofertas pueden Senado o la competencia con las enmiendas como en otros proyectos de ley.Cada Bill Todo el que haya sido aprobado por la Cámara de Representantes y el Senado, deberá, antes de que se convierta en ley, se presentará al Presidente de los Estados Unidos: si lo aprobare, lo firmará, si no que para la devolverá, con su Las objeciones a la Cámara en la que todo se originó tendrá, tendrán que entrar en las objeciones en su diario y procederá a reconsiderarlo. Si efectivas tales Reconsideración dos terceras partes de esa Shall Casa acuerdo en aprobar el proyecto, que se siente será, acompañado de las objeciones, a la otra Cámara, por todos los que, asimismo, la que será examinada de nuevo y, si es aprobada por dos tercios de la Cámara, se convertirá en ley. Dicha orden en todos los casos la votación de ambas Cámaras será nominal y los votos, y los nombres de las personas que voten en pro o en contra del proyecto se asentarán en el Diario de la Cámara que corresponda. Si algún proyecto no fuera devuelto por el Presidente dentro de los diez días (exceptuando los domingos) A partir tendrán terminado el juego presentó a él, éste se convertirá en ley, de la misma manera que si lo hubiera firmado, a menos que el Congreso sus Prevenir Clausura TIC y vuelta, en caso de que todas las que no podrá ser una ley.Toda orden, resolución o votación para todo el que la concurrencia del Senado y de la Cámara de Representantes puede ser necesario (salvo en materia de Clausura), se presentará al Presidente de los Estados Unidos, y antes de que el mismo entrará en vigor, deberán ser aprobado por él, o de ser rechazado por él, será, nuevamente por dos tercios del Senado y de la Cámara de Representantes, según las reglas y limitaciones prescritas en el caso de un proyecto de ley.Sección. 8.El Congreso tendrá facultades para establecer y recaudar contribuciones, derechos, impuestos y consumos, para pagar las deudas y proveer a la defensa común y bienestar general de los Estados Unidos, meta todos los derechos, impuestos y consumos serán uniformes en todos los Estados Unidos;Para contraer empréstitos sobre el crédito de los Estados Unidos;Para reglamentar el comercio con las naciones extranjeras, entre los diferentes Estados y con las tribus indias;Para establecer un régimen uniforme de naturalización y leyes uniformes en materia de quiebra en todos los Estados Unidos;Para acuñar monedas y determinar su valor, y el de la moneda extranjera, y fijar la Norma de Pesos y Medidas;Para disponer las Sanciones por la falsificación de los títulos y la moneda corriente de los Estados Unidos;Para establecer oficinas de correos y caminos de posta;Promover el progreso de la ciencia y útil Artes, asegurando por un tiempo limitado a los autores e inventores el derecho exclusivo sobre sus respectivos escritos y descubrimientos;Para crear tribunales inferiores a la Corte Suprema;Para definir y castigar la piratería y otros delitos graves cometidos en alta mar, y Delitos contra el derecho de gentes;Para declarar la guerra, otorgar patentes de corso y represalias y para dictar reglas con relación a las presas de tierra y el agua;Para reclutar y apoyar a los ejércitos, pero ninguna autorización presupuestaria de fondos para utilizar ese será por un plazo superior a dos años;Proporcionar y mantener el mantenimiento de la Marina;Para dictar reglas para el gobierno y ordenanza de las fuerzas navales y terrestres;Proporcionar debe convocarse a la milicia para ejecutar las leyes de la Unión, sofocar insurrecciones y repeler invasiones;Para proceder a organizar, armar y disciplinar a la Milicia y para gobernar Tal como parte de ellos pueden ser empleados en el servicio de los Estados Unidos, reservando a los Estados correspondientes el nombramiento de la Mesa, y la Autoridad de la formación del Milicia de acuerdo a la disciplina prescrita por el Congreso;Para legislar en forma exclusiva en todo lo referente al Distrito (que no exceda de diez millas cuadradas) que, por Cesión de algunos Estados, y la aceptación del Congreso, convertido en la sede del Gobierno de los Estados Unidos, y ejercer como autoridad sobre todos los lugares adquiridos por el consentimiento de la Legislatura del Estado en el mismo serán todos que, por construcción de fuertes, almacenes, arsenales, astilleros y otros edificios necesarios, - YPara expedir todas las leyes Todas las que sean necesarias y convenientes para llevar a efecto los poderes anteriores y todos los demás poderes que esta Constitución confiere en el Gobierno de los Estados Unidos o cualquiera de sus departamentos o funcionarios.Sección. 9.La inmigración o importación de las personas que cualquiera de los Estados ahora existentes estime oportuno admitir, no deben ser prohibidas por el Congreso Antes del mil ochocientos novecientos ocho para un impuesto o tasa Tal puede ser impuesta a las importaciones, que no exceda de diez dólares por cada persona.El privilegio del habeas corpus no podrá ser suspendido, cuando menos en los casos de rebelión o invasión la seguridad pública lo exija.No decretos de proscripción o Ley ex post facto se adoptarán.No capitación u otro vivo, impuesto será feo, como no sea proporcionalmente al censo o enumeración AQUÍ antes se ordeno practicar.Ningún impuesto o derecho se establecerá sobre los artículos que se exporten de cualquier Estado.No se dará preferencia por cualquier Reglamento de Comercio o ingresos a los puertos de un Estado sobre los de otro, ni se los buques con destino a, o desde, un Estado, estarán obligados a introducir, borrar o cubrirle derechos another.Ninguna cantidad podrá extraerse del tesoro, efectos como consecuencia de asignaciones autorizadas por la ley, y un estado y cuenta ordenados de los ingresos y gastos del dinero público se publicará de tiempo en tiempo absoluto.Ningún título de nobleza será otorgada por los Estados Unidos; y ninguna persona que ocupe un empleo remunerado u honorífico que dependa de ellos, podrá, sin el consentimiento del Congreso, de aceptar ningún regalo, emolumento, empleo o título, sea cual fuere su naturaleza , de cualquier monarca, príncipe o Estado extranjero.Sección. 10.Ningún Estado celebrará tratado, alianza o confederación, otorgar patentes de corso y represalias; acuñar monedas, emitir letras de crédito, hacer cualquier cosa que no sea oro y plata monedas como medio de pago de las deudas; aprobar decretos por los que, ex post facto la ley, o Ley que menoscabe la obligación de contratos, ni concederá título alguno de nobleza.Ningún Estado podrá, sin el consentimiento del Congreso, fijar impuestos o tasas de importación o exportación, con excepción de lo que puede ser que sea absolutamente necesario para cumplir sus leyes de inspección, y el producto neto de todos los derechos e impuestos que establezcan los Estados sobre las importaciones o Las exportaciones, será para el uso de la Tesorería de los Estados Unidos, y todas esas leyes estará sujeta a la revisión y vigilancia del Congreso.Ningún Estado podrá, sin el consentimiento del Congreso, fijar Derecho de Tonelaje, mantener tropas o navíos de guerra en tiempo de paz, celebrar convenio o pacto alguno con Comentarios otro Estado o con una potencia extranjera, o hacer la guerra, a menos que En realidad invadida, o en peligro inminente Como no admita demora.Artículo. II.Sección. 1.El poder ejecutivo residirá en el Presidente de los Estados Unidos de América. Desempeñará su cargo de caer en el término de cuatro años, y, junto con el Vicepresidente designado para el mismo período, será elegido como sigue:Cada Estado deberá extra, de tal forma que su legislatura disponga directa de mayo, un número de electores igual al número total de Senadores y Representantes al Estado todo el que tenga derecho en el Congreso: pero ningún senador, ni representante, ni persona que ocupe un Oficina de confianza o remunerado, de los Estados Unidos, podrá ser designado como elector.Los electores se reunirán en sus respectivos Estados y votarán mediante cedulas para dos personas, de al menos uno a quien no deberá ser habitante del mismo Estado que ellos. Harán una lista de todos los votos a favor de, y del número de votos para cada uno, Todos los artículos que se firmarán y certificarán y remitirán sellada a la Sede del Gobierno de los Estados Unidos, dirigida al Presidente de la Senado. El Presidente del Senado, en presencia del Senado y de la Cámara de Representantes, abrirá todos los certificados y los votos serán entonces contados. La persona que obtenga el mayor número de votos será Presidente, siempre que dicho número represente la mayoría de todos los Número de electores nombrados, y si hubiera más de uno que tenga esa Mayoría y recibe el mismo Número de Votos, entonces la Cámara de Representantes INMEDIATAMENTE elegirá a por voto a uno de ellos para el presidente, y si ninguna persona tiene mayoría, entonces de los cinco más altos en la lista de la referida Cámara de igual manera chuse el Presidente. Propósito en la designación de los Presidente, la votación se hará por Estados y que la representación de cada Estado gozará de un voto; El quórum para tal efecto estará compuesto por un miembro o miembros de dos tercios de los Estados, y la mayoría de todos los Estados deberán necesarias para ser una opción. En todos los casos, la elección efectiva del Presidente, la persona que tenga el mayor número de votos de los Electores será el Vicepresidente. Propósito si hay deberes PERMANECER que tienen dos o más votos igual, el Senado de la em elegirá a por voto del Vicepresidente.Que el Congreso determina la época de designación de los electores, y el Día serán todos los que dan su voto, día será todo lo que el mismo largo de los Estados Unidos.Nadie que no sea un ciudadano por nacimiento o ciudadano de los Estados Unidos, en el momento de la adopción de esta Constitución, será elegible para el cargo de Presidente, ni ninguna persona sea elegible para la Junta que no tendrá a Ha alcanzado la era de treinta y cinco años, y ha sido durante catorce Años residentes en los Estados Unidos.En Caso de Destitución del Presidente de la Oficina, o la hora del Antiguo muerte, renuncia o incapacidad para ejercer los derechos y deberes del referido cargo, este pasará al Vicepresidente y el Congreso podrá prever la jurisprudencia de destitución, muerte, dimisión o incapacidad, tanto del Presidente y el Vicepresidente, que contaban cuán oficial entonces actuará como Presidente, y como funcionario deberá actuar de acuerdo con la distribución, hasta que la Incapacidad cese o un Presidente será elegido.El Presidente, en fechas determinadas, recibirán por sus servicios una compensación, todo lo cual no podrá ser aumentada ni disminuida que cae sobre el período para todos los que hubiesen optado terminado el juego, y no podrá recibir durante ese tiempo ningún otro emolumento de los Estados Unidos, o cualquiera de ellos.Antes de entrar en el tiempo de ejecución de la Oficina Viejo, prestará el juramento siguiente o protesta: - "Juro solemnemente (o afirmo) que fielmente el Cargo de Presidente de los Estados Unidos, y en la medida de Will mi capacidad, preservar, proteger y defender la Constitución de los Estados Unidos ".Sección. 2.El Presidente será comandante en jefe del Ejército y la Armada de los Estados Unidos y de la milicia de los diversos Estados, Cuando llama caducado al servicio activo de los Estados Unidos, se podrá solicitar la opinión por escrito del funcionario principal En cada uno de los departamentos administrativos con cualquier tema relacionado con los deberes de sus respectivos cargos, y tendrá la facultad de conceder indultos e indultos por delitos contra los Estados Unidos, excepto en los casos de acusación.Él tendrá poder, por y con el consejo y consentimiento del Senado, para celebrar tratados, con tal que dos tercios de los senadores presentes la competencia, y él se propondrá y, por y con el consejo y consentimiento del Senado, serán embajadores de más, otros ministros públicos y cónsules, jueces de la Corte Suprema, y ​​todos los demás funcionarios de los Estados Unidos a cuya designación no AQUÍ PREVISTOS EN OTRO LUGAR, y todo lo que se establecerá por ley; pero el Congreso podrá por ley, el nombramiento de los inferiores Oficiales, que considere convenientes, al Presidente solo, a los Tribunales de Justicia, o en los jefes de departamento.El Presidente tendrá el derecho de cubrir todas las vacantes que puedan ocurrir caer en el receso del Senado, extendiendo nombramientos será de todos, que expiran al final de su próximo período de sesiones.Sección. 3.Él Periódicamente deberá proporcionar al Congreso informes sobre el Estado de la Unión, recomendando a su consideración las medidas que estime necesarias y oportunas; Que él, en ocasiones de carácter extraordinario podrá convocar a ambas Cámaras oa cualquiera de ellas, y en caso de em desencuentros betweens ', con respecto a los tiempos del Clausura, que em levantamiento de mayo el momento en que lo juzgue conveniente, recibirá a los embajadores y otros ministros públicos; Él cuidará de que las leyes se ejecuten puntualmente y extenderá Comisión todos los Funcionarios de los Estados Unidos.Sección. 4.El Presidente, el Vicepresidente y todos los funcionarios civiles de los Estados Unidos, serán separados de sus puestos al ser acusados ​​y declarados culpables de traición, cohecho u otros altos crímenes y delitos menores.Artículo III.Sección. 1.El poder judicial de los Estados Unidos residirá en un Tribunal Supremo y en los tribunales inferiores que el Congreso de mayo de vez en cuando decretamos y establecemos. Los jueces, tanto de los Tribunales Superiores e inferiores, continuarán en sus funciones mientras observen buena conducta y recibirán en periodos fijos, reciben por su compensación de servicios, todo lo cual no será disminuida cayendo sobre su encargo.Sección. 2.El Poder Judicial entenderá en todas las controversias, tanto de derecho como de equidad, que surja bajo esta Constitución, las leyes de los Estados Unidos y de los tratados celebrados o Todo lo que se hará, bajo su autoridad - a todos los asuntos que afectan a embajadores, otros organismos públicos Ministros y Cónsules, - a todos los Casos de almirantazgo y jurisdicción marítima; - a las Controversias a todo lo que los Estados Unidos sean parte - a las Controversias intermediarios dos o más Estados, - entre un Estado y los Ciudadanos de Revisiones otro Estado, - entre ciudadanos de diferentes Estados; - entre ciudadanos del mismo Estado que reclamen tierras en virtud de concesiones de diferentes Estados y mediadores de un Estado o los ciudadanos del mismo y Estados extranjeros, ciudadanos o súbditos.En todos los casos relativos a embajadores, otros ministros públicos y cónsules, y los participantes en todas las que un Estado sea parte, el Tribunal Supremo poseerá jurisdicción en única instancia. En todos los demás casos que antes se mencionaron el Tribunal Supremo conocerá en apelación, tanto del derecho como de los hechos, con las excepciones y con arreglo a la reglamentación que formule el Congreso.El juicio de los delitos, excepto en los casos de acusación, serán juzgadas por Jurado, y dicho juicio se celebrará en el Estado en que el delito cometidos tendrán terminado el juego, meta CUANDO NO cometidos en ningún Estado, el juicio a será tal Place o lugares que el Congreso pueda tener indique la ley.Sección. 3.La traición contra los Estados Unidos consistirá únicamente en hacer la guerra contra el 'em, o en unirse a sus enemigos, em impartiéndoles ayuda y protección. A ninguna persona se le condenará por traición si no es sobre el testimonio de dos testigos del mismo acto perpetrado abiertamente o de una confesión en sesión pública.El Congreso estará facultado para fijar la pena por traición; pero ninguna de Traición no implicará la Corrupción de la Sangre, o decomiso, salvo que cae sobre la vida de la persona sentenciada.Artículo. IV.Sección. 1.Entera fe y crédito se harán en cada Estado a los actos públicos, registros y procedimientos judiciales de todos los demás. Y el Congreso podrá prescribir, mediante leyes generales, la forma en la que todo tipo de actos, registros y procedimientos se probará, y el efecto de los mismos.Sección. 2.Los ciudadanos de cada Estado tendrán derecho a todos los privilegios e inmunidades de los ciudadanos de estos Estados.Una persona acusada en cualquier Estado por traición, delito grave u otro crimen, tendrá que huir de la justicia, y se encuentra en Reviews otro Estado, serán de bajo demanda de la autoridad ejecutiva del Estado de todo lo que se haya fugado, entregado, que eliminar teniendo a la jurisdicción del Estado de la delincuencia.Las personas obligadas a servir o laborar en un Estado, con arreglo a las leyes de éste, huyendo en Comentarios, vendrá, a consecuencia de cualesquiera leyes o reglamentos, será dada de alta Dicha Trabajo Gold Service, meta que serán entregadas al reclamarlo la parte interesada a quien tal Servicio de Trabajo de oro puede ser debido.Sección. 3.Nuevos Estados pueden ser admitidos por el Congreso a la Unión, pero ningún nuevo Estado se erigirán oro formado dentro de la jurisdicción de otro Estado, ni un Estado constituirse mediante la reunión de dos o más Estados o partes de Estados, sin el El consentimiento de las legislaturas de los estados correspondientes se trate, así como del Congreso.El Congreso tendrá el poder de tener y hacer todas las Reglas y Reglamentos necesarios respecto a las tierras y otros bienes que pertenezcan a los Estados Unidos, y nada en esta Constitución contiene se interpretarán en perjuicio de las reclamaciones de los Estados Unidos, o de cualquier particular Estado.Sección. 4.Los Estados Unidos garantizarán a todo Estado comprendido en esta Unión una forma republicana de gobierno, y cada uno de ellos, a la protección contra la invasión, y en aplicación de la Legislatura o el Ejecutivo (cuando la Legislatura no puede ser convocada) en contra de la violencia doméstica.Artículo. V.El Congreso, cuando se dos terceras partes de ambas Cámaras lo juzguen necesario, propondrá enmiendas a esta Constitución, o bien, a solicitud de las legislaturas de dos tercios de los distintos Estados, convocará una convención para proponer modificaciones, todo lo cual, en cualquier caso, , serán válidos para todos los efectos, como parte de esta Constitución, cuando sea ratificado por las legislaturas de las tres cuartas partes de los diversos Estados, o por convenios en las tres cuartas partes de los mismos, ya que el uno o el otro modo de ratificación podrá proponer el Congreso, a condición de todo lo que la Enmienda No. Que sea hecha antes del año de mil ochocientos ocho no será en cualquier forma las cláusulas primera y cuarta de la sección novena del artículo primero, y que ningún Estado, sin las TIC consentimiento, Privado de las TIC sea igual voto en el Senado.Artículo. VI.Todas las deudas contraídas y los compromisos adquiridos antes de la adopción de esta Constitución serán tan válidos en contra de los Estados Unidos bajo esta Constitución, como bajo la Confederación.Esta Constitución, y las Leyes de los Estados Unidos Todo lo que se expidan con arreglo a ella, y todos los tratados celebrados o Todo lo que se hará, bajo la autoridad de los Estados Unidos, serán la ley suprema del país, y los jueces de cada Estado vinculado sufran por ello, cualquier cosa en la Constitución o en las Leyes de cualquier Estado a la Contrariamente a pesar.Los Senadores y representantes ya mencionados, los miembros de las distintas legislaturas locales y todos los funcionarios ejecutivos y judiciales, tanto de Estados Unidos como de los diversos Estados, se obligarán mediante juramento o protesta a apoyar esta Constitución, pero no religioso Prueba será jamás requerida como condición para ocupar ningún mandato público Oficina en virtud de los estados de oro Unidas.Artículo. VII.La ratificación de las Convenciones de nueve Estados será suficiente para el establecimiento de esta Constitución intermediarios a los Estados para que ratifiquen el mismo.La Palabra, "el" está intercalada intermediarios las líneas séptima y octava de la primera página, la palabra "treinta" está escrito en parte en una Tachadura en la línea decimoquinta de la primera página, las palabras "se pretende" intermediarios está intercalada la trigésimo segundo y el el trigésimo tercer Renglones de la primera página y la palabra "la" está intercalada los intermediarios 44a Lines tercero y cuadragésimo de la segunda página.Attest Secretario Jackson WilliamDado en la convención, por consentimiento unánime de los Estados presentes, el día diecisiete de septiembre del año de Nuestro Señor de mil setecientos ochenta y siete y de la Independencia de los Estados Unidos de América, la Duodécima En fe de lo cual tenemos suscriben el presente Convenio suscrito nuestros nombres ,T °. Washington Presidt y diputado por VirginiaDelawareGeo: LeeGunning Bedford junioJohn DickinsonRichard BassettJaco: EscobaMarylandJames McHenryDan de St Thos. JeniferDanl. CarrollVirginiaJohn BlairJames Madison Jr.Carolina del NorteWm BlountRichd. Dobbs SpaightHu WilliamsonCarolina del SurJ. RutledgeCharles Pinckney CotesworthCharles PinckneyPierce Butler,GeorgiaWilliam FewBaldwin AbrNew HampshireJohn LangdonNicholas GilmanMassachusettsNathaniel GorhamRufus KingConnecticutWm Saml. JohnsonRoger ShermanNueva YorkAlexander HamiltonNueva JerseyWil: LivingstonDavid BrearleyWm PatersonJona: DaytonPensilvaniaB FranklinThomas MifflinRobt. MorrisGeo. ClymerThos. FitzSimonsJared IngersollJames WilsonEl gobernador Morris

Maybe you can get your maid to translate it back to english again you asshole.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Constitution V1.0 Obsolete According To His Majesty Bloomberg

This fucking asshole is really starting to bother me. Who the fuck died and left this bastard King?
In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Monday the country’s interpretation of the Constitution will “have to change” to allow for greater security to stave off future attacks. “The people who are worried about privacy have a legitimate worry,” Mr. Bloomberg said during a press conference in Midtown. “But we live in a complex word where you’re going to have to have a level of security greater than you did back in the olden days, if you will. And our laws and our interpretation of the Constitution, I think, have to change.”
Wait for it, waiiiiit for it......
“Look, we live in a very dangerous world. We know there are people who want to take away our freedoms. New Yorkers probably know that as much if not more than anybody else after the terrible tragedy of 9/11,” he said. “We have to understand that in the world going forward, we’re going to have more cameras and that kind of stuff. That’s good in some sense, but it’s different from what we are used to,” he said. The mayor pointed to the gun debate and noted the courts have allowed for increasingly stringent regulations in response to ever-more powerful weapons. “Clearly the Supreme Court has recognized that you have to have different interpretations of the Second Amendment and what it applies to and reasonable gun laws … Here we’re going to to have to live with reasonable levels of security,” he said, pointing to the use of magnetometers to catch weapons in city schools. “It really says something bad about us that we have to do it. But our obligation first and foremost is to keep our kids safe in the schools; first and foremost, to keep you safe if you go to a sporting event; first and foremost is to keep you safe if you walk down the streets or go into our parks,” he said. “We cannot let the terrorists put us in a situation where we can’t do those things. And the ways to do that is to provide what we think is an appropriate level of protection.”

For one thing, clearly the Supreme Court has shown it's self to be a group of partisan hacks that do everything in their power to avoid applying the words of the Constitution ver batim as they were written.

There should not have to be any "interpretation" of the fucking Constitution in the first place. What problem with reading comprehension do these people have anyway?

For another thing, Mayor Bloomberg, who the fuck are you to be telling anyone living outside the City of New York to do any fucking thing? Hey asshole, you are a fucking Mayor, not a fucking Senator and most definitely not a king so shut your fucking pie hole dick weed.

I could care less what you think dickhead.

You worry about your own ass and leave the law making to the other incompetent cocksuckers who are already plenty busy finding ways to strangle our God given freedoms in every way imaginable. You know, actual legislators? They don't need your help,peckerhead.

In short, Fuck You asshole. Get some help for you delusions of granduer complex you Nanny motherfucker, don't you have a city council meeting or something to keep your ass busy?

Cross posted at Ornery Bastard.

You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet.

After watching our government shit down it's leg trying to corral two homegrown terrorist dudes, shortly after watching Southern California law enforcement shit down their leg trying to hunt down Dorner and the  clusterfucks that  ensued in both cases, one has to wonder what the fuck they would do if something serious happened that involved more than just one or two perpetrators and more than one or two locations.

Heaven forbid but I think they would come unnutted.

These so called professionals are scared out of their wits by one or two bad guys at a time, just what do you think they would do if a whole squad of bad guys went on a tear?

They actually locked down an entire fucking city trying to find one wounded 19 year old kid!

They completely trashed several constitutionally protected  premises by going door to door without warrants, declaring martial law without good reason and causing uncountable financial damage along with scaring the living shit out of a whole bunch of people, looking for one kid.

This country has lost it's fucking mind.

The police state is out of control and the genie is out of the bottle.

They shoot first and ask questions later. That is not going to continue unanswered indefinitely

Imagine the looks on their faces when they try to pull that shit on the wrong guy someday.
Some guy who is just waiting for them and maybe has a few friends nearby.

The guy who doesn't just roll over because it's the police.

I can totally see that happening in this country.

Then all hell is going to break loose.

Contrary to what they would have you believe, our government, with every paid thug in their employ, is not physically capable of shutting this whole country down.

There is way too much real estate to cover.

Combine that with the effects of the recent financial disaster that is causing entire cities to declare bankruptcy and then take a serious look around at just how many cities and towns that have had to cut services to the bone, including police forces, there really are.

Major cities and metropolitan area have an abundance of force multipliers available, certainly.

Start getting out to Bumfuck County, Anywhere, and that changes in a big fucking hurry.

The Police State has some very serious gaps in their coverage and they damn well know it,that is why they try so hard to do everything so publicly.

They have a brand to sell and an image to uphold.

Their problem right now is that they look like fucking idiots.
It's hard to take incompetent idiots seriously,even if they are quite deadly, incompetent idiots.

They are going to fuck around playing hardball and someone is going to hand a bunch of them their asses, you watch.

At that point what we have just seen is going to be called The Good Old Days.

Monday, April 22, 2013

We Need More People Like This Lady!

Some stupid motherfucker pissed her off and her response to that is fucking awesome!

The best part is that she is 100% right.

I just love a righteous smack down and this is a beauty.

H/T to Irons In The Fire for the link.

One For The Control Freaks

Fuckin' Powerslaves,one and all.

Click to read the inscription.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Your Police State On Full Display

Just in case some of you fucking people still had any doubts about the fact that we live in a police state and have for some time now.

Then we have little clues like this,

The last thing we may want to do is read Boston suspect Miranda Rights telling him to "remain silent."; Senator Lindsey Graham (@GrahamBlog) 
April 19, 2013

Need any more convincing?

Friday, April 19, 2013

Is This Boston Or Is It Baghdad?

I just clipped this picture off of the front page at Huffington Post.

It's hard to tell whether these guys are policeman or U.S. Army troops at first glance.

Either way, they still can't find the bad guy.

Fifteen hours and counting after they had him pinned down and severely outnumbered.

Incredible, Bomber Got Away?

I caught some of the news after I got home from work last night and saw where the two bombing suspects had been cornered in Watertown and had been shooting it out with the local cops.

I also saw where one of them got shot pretty dead and the other one jumped into a carjacked SUV and blasted right past all those cops.

That was twelve hours ago.

The guy is still on the loose even after the cops completely shut down traffic in or out of the area.

I don't know about you but I find that pretty fucking incredible.

That brazen escape seriously makes that whole police department look incompetent.

I mean seriously, you had the fucking guy pinned down with twenty fucking cops and their guns and just let him drive past you?
Did nobody maybe think to get in a fucking car and follow the guy?

There is something really fishy about this whole story.

Fishy as in rotting carp under the porch stink.

Looking At Granny In A New Light

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Just A Little Noticed Blurb In The Paper

Yeah, I was tickles to see the gun control bill go down in flames.
I have also been inundated with news about the Boston bombing and the Texas fertilizer plant explosion. I do have to say that fucker was pretty impressive!
But what I want to touch on here barely got a mention in the latest news cycle and got buried in the paper.

I am talking about the Bush administration commiting torture.

We all knew that is exactly what they were doing no matter how they tried to pretty it up and call it legal.
I called bullshit then and I still do to this day.

The fact that there was an actual study done, by our own government without using any classified information, confirming it, is just one more reason for me to claw the walls because that fucker Obama decided not to persue it or prosecute anyone for it.

That to me makes him a God Damn accomplice.
Bush, Cheney, Atwood, John Yoo and a host of other top government officials, studied, sanctioned and then tried to cover up U.S. Government sponsored torture, plain and simple.
Renditions, black prison sites and outsourcing to foreign countries.

They waterboarded Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, 183 fucking times alone.

Stress positions, heat and cold, sleep deprivation, anything went up to the point of "organ failure".

They actually overdid it and killed a couple of guys but kept that shit quiet.
They even video taped it and then "accidentally" destroyed the evidence when the investigations started.

I could go on and on about this but I won't.

We all know that shit was illegal, was against the Geneva Convention and are considered Crimes Against Humanity and in the context of the so called War On Terror, are also War Crimes.

These are crimes punishable by death.

The fact that Obama basically gave them all a get out of jail free card is immoral at least and criminal of its self.in its own right.

This is a very dark stain on the reputation of this country and I for one will never forgive or forget.
I have said since the first day I heard about this that it should be turned over to the International Court and every fucking one of those involved from the top down should be sitting in a cell at The Hauge awaiting trial right now.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Useless News Media

Jesus Christ the MSM is fucked up.I have been sitting here scanning the headlines as I am wont to do to keep informed somewhat and all I am seeing is one GIANT clusterfuck

Several outlets are saying that a suspect in the Boston bombing has been arrested, several more are denying it.
CNN at one point said there was an arrest and then they fucking back tracked. The Associated Press is saying there is in fact, someone in custody, now they all say there isn't!

.If you pay any attention to the news you will notice that a lot of these fuckers just relay whatever the AP is reporting. Newspapers are especially notorious for it.

I have been seeing a lot of speculation and opinion creeping in disguised as news lately.Case in point, the murder of the DA and his wife down in Texas recently. All I saw for a week afterwards was speculation that it was related to the escaped convict from Colorado who shot the prison official and then went on a wild chase before getting shot himself. Then they swore up and down it was a white power  conspiracy for the next week. No facts, just speculation

.Today they arrested the wife of a Justice of the Peace in connection with it, claiming she is an accomplice and her fucking husband did the shooting

.Back to the bombing, there has been wild speculation going on about who is responsible for that too.
What ever happened to investigative reporting in this country?It's just a bunch of lazy motherfuckers calling it in and parroting one or two actual news sources with a bunch of talking heads flapping their gums to fill up air time for the most part. They can't even be bothered to use the same sources apparently

To prove my point about the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing in the media, in the space of time it took to write this post, the Huffington Post has gone from claiming there was an arrest, linked to six other news sources who either said there was or wasn't and now the blazing Breaking News headline says, "No Arrest"

I have a quote for you sonsabitches and it is cosmic justice that Dragnet just happens to be on right this very moment,

"Just the facts".

Sgt. Joe Friday.

Pull your heads out of your collective asses and start doing investigative reporting again instead of just reading shit off the fax machine you lazy fucking bastards.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Remember This, Shit Rolls Down Hill

With the horror of the New Boston Massacre still fresh in our minds, be mindful that what happened yesterday was not only a giant security breach , it was a very public pantsing of the DHS and you can bet your ass they didn't appreciate it.

After the billions of dollars that have been pissed into the wind creating the largest government agency, second only to the Dept.of Defense, this country has ever seen it was plainly demonstrated yesterday that
there is no public place that can ever again be considered completely safe.

There were security measures and assets deployed to the point of saturation in Boston and yet some one or some ones, got by them and we have all seen the resulting blood bath.

You can now expect for them to ratchet  up the "security" tactics to a whole new level at this point.
The ripple effect of the surprise was quite evident yesterday right after the twin blasts when everyone and their brother went on high alert and started locking down high risk venues and deploying extra security measures clear across the country, all the way down to Dodger stadium in Los Angeles.

Really? Dodger stadium?

Not what I would consider to be a priority target but these days it seems one never knows.

The FBI and probably every other letter agency is now working full time trying to find out who is responsible for this senseless act and you can be sure that they have access to technology that would surprise you that they keep close to their vests.
There was immediate finger pointing yesterday of course but the fact is no one has stepped up to take responsibility for it yet so all we can do is try to sit back and wait for the investigation to start playing out at this point in time.

One thing you can take to the bank is that the government is damn sure not going to waste a good crisis so be prepared to see a whole new slew of DHS outrages coming your way.

Welcome to the New and Improved Amerika comrade.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Breaking News: Two Explosions Reported At Boston Marathon

It's too early to get reliable updates as it happened about twenty minutes ago. Several new sources are confirming that two separate explosions within seconds of each other went off near the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

At least six confirmed casualties with  bloody injuries that were all apparently bystanders.

Check your news feeds for more updates.

Just Another Day At Wirecutters House

I just wanted to thank the man for the incredible amount of traffic he sent my way.

It only cost me a quarter too.


Compromise? Not Fucking Likely Pal

Yeah buddy! How about that, Chuck Schumer ,the dickhead behind some of the most atrocious  gun control legislation out there, isn't having any of that compromise bullshit, no siree.

WASHINGTON — Sen. Charles Schumer yesterday slammed a Republican plan that would allow out-of-state gun carriers with concealed-carry permits to bring their weapons into New York.

Republicans are trying to make concealed-gun reciprocity among the states an amendment to Senate gun-control legislation that will be brought up for long-awaited debate tomorrow.

“This amendment would open the floodgates to guns across New York City, and there is nothing the NYPD or other law enforcement can do about it,” said Schumer (D-NY). “It would turn Times Square into the OK Corral.”

My bold.

Seeings how New Yawk just passed some extremely  ugly gun restrictions recently there is no way in hell ol' Chuckie is going to allow strangers to come into HIS state packing heat.

This is a good example, more people should use this strategy, seriously. I'm thinking of the over 100 million gun owners in this country.

Stand up and tell Chuck Schumer to go fuck himself.

There will be no compromise with fuck heads like him and if they want gun control then use the tools the founding fathers put in the fucking Constitution to do it.

If gun control is so fucking popular like they say it is then AMEND THE FUCKING CONSTITUTION!

Let's see just how fucking popular it really is, you sonofabitch!

You and I both know there isn't a snowballs chance in Hell of that happening and that is exactly why these motherfuckers are back dooring everything.

Our government is not a Democracy people, the majority doesn't rule and no amount of opinion polling is going to change that fact.

There are well documented procedures  that have to be followed and these assholes are perfectly aware of that and it is for those reasons they are doing their damndest to sway popular opinion to put pressure on their fellow legislators so they vote a certain way.

I would remind those Congress people who are up for reelection next year what happened to the fucking Democrats the election after the original assault weapon ban.

That, is where the majority rules, at the ballot box.

H/T to the New York Post  for the quote.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

"It's The Right Thing To Do".....

Fucking sell outs.

A split developed in the usually united gun-rights lobby Sunday as a well-regarded Second Amendment organization enthusiastically endorsed compromise legislation proposed by Sens. Joe Manchin and Pat Toomey that would expand background check requirements for gun sales, a position opposed by the powerful National Rifle Association.

 “We decided to back it because we believe it is the right thing to do,” said Julianne Versnel, director of operations for the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, which counts 650,000 members and supporters among its ranks.
In explaining the decision, Versnel cited the value of a strong background check system for most gun sales and provisions that would prohibit establishment of a gun owner registry by the federal government.
Supporters of the Citizens Committee were informed of the endorsement Sunday morning by e-mail, Versnel said. Manchin (D-W.Va.) announced the endorsement publicly on Sunday afternoon.

My emphasis.

Well, we know who to kick to the fucking curb now anyways.

Miserable sonsabitches. 

Say Hello To The Laguna Madre Pirate

Heh heh heh heh, It's hard to keep a good man down for long.

I'll let you head over there and see if you can figure out who it is for yourself.

Laguna Madre Pirate.

Tell him Busted sent ya.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Because Jihad Sounds So Much Like YeeHaw

How do you say 'Watch This" in Arabic?

Putting The Pressure On

   Now that some Republicans caved in the pressure is getting pumped up in the gun control department.

It's looking like universal background checks are coming but nothing is set in stone yet.

Harry Reid doesn't have the votes he needs locked up quite yet.

You can be assured that some sneaky cocksucker is going to try and weasel through some kind of shit so I am hoping at the very least someone is watching like a hawk what is in the language of any fucking amendments they want to come up for a vote.

The Whitehhouse has been getting a lot of mileage out of the parents of those dead children from Sandy Hook.
Obama has even gone so far as to have one woman substitute for him in his weekly address.

                                                               THE WHITEHOUSE

Hello, everybody --

Each week, like many presidents before me, I sit down to record a short address to the nation. It's something I take very seriously because it offers a chance to bring focus to an issue that needs to be part of the national dialogue.

But today, I've asked someone to take my place.

Francine Wheeler is a mother. She and her family live in Newtown, Connecticut. Four months ago, her six year-old son Ben was murdered in his elementary school, along with 19 other children and six brave educators.

Joined by her husband David, Francine shares her perspective about the steps we can take to reduce gun violence and prevent the kind of tragedy she understands all too well.

It's a message that every American should hear:

Watch Francine, then join her in speaking out to make our country safer.

This week, because people like Francine and like you got involved, the U.S. Senate took a step forward on commonsense reforms to reduce gun violence.

And that's good. Because this shouldn't be about politics. This is about doing the right thing for families that have been torn apart by gun violence, and for all our families going forward.

But we've got a lot of work to do before Congress finishes the job.

So if you believe that we can take sensible steps to protect more of our kids from gun violence and protect our Second Amendment rights, stand up and join us.

Just visit WhiteHouse.gov to get started:



President Obama

Politics at it finest.

Of course Obama is going to use these people to maximum advantage.

My heart goes out to them in their grief but I'm afraid they misunderstand that their proposals will do jack shit when it comes to gun crime.

By definition criminals ignore the law.

What is being proposed will only make more criminals, the opposite of their objective.

It has been proven beyond the shadow of doubt that even people who fail the background check are not prosecuted in any meaningful numbers.

It goes right back to what has been said about so many other laws and proposed legislation and it needs to be hammered right back in their faces repeatedly until someone finally fucking gets the message we are trying to send.


It's like they think this is some kind of sick game of who can pass the most laws and who can pass the most restrictive laws when the ignorant cocksuckers won't mandate that the laws they have already passed be enforced properly.

Look at how many laws that sick fucking bastard Adam Lanza broke before he even pulled into the parking lot at that school.

Didn't make one fucking bit of difference did it?

But no.
Let's pass some more fucking laws.

The police, the legislators and every criminal in this country knows they don't even have the resources to enforce the laws we have now and these misguided idiots seem to think passing another bucket full is going to cure all their ills.

Instead of spending money hiring more law enforcement personnel they spend it on equipment militarizing the forces we have already.

Local podunk police departments who have assault vehicles and weapons to use while breaking down peoples doors and shooting their dogs but not enough bodies to even bother sending someone out to take a report on stolen property should tell you someones priorities are completely fucked up.

But no.
Let's pass some more fucking laws.

The definition of insanity has been described as doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.

I submit this country fits that definition.

Getting Down To Business

I'll be the first to admit that I have completely dropped the ball when it comes to getting prepared for an emergency.

I was in halfway decent shape when I was still single and living in the fifth wheel a couple of years back but let most of my preps go because when I got married and moved into my parents house for six months I had no idea what my long term plans were going to be at that point.

My dear wife is not on board with the concept  and even gives me shit when I do try and stock some supplies.

I have been keeping a close eye on the rolling disaster that is coming and have decided that I need to sit her down and tell her where the bear shits in the woods.

As the head of this household and the one ultimately responsible for the well being and security of my wife and family I have come to the conclusion that I am going to get quite a bit more serious about getting and staying  prepared for, at the very least, any short term emergency that I can foresee happening around this neck of the woods.

Long term preps will be addressed as the opportunity arises.

The probability of a strong earthquake around here is when, not if.
We have also had three fucking tornadoes in the last four years, this being in the vicinity of Portland Oregon, not exactly known as being Tornado Alley.

We had a very mild winter this year and I am very grateful for that. I have seen winter storms around here that completely shut down the whole region.
Ice storms, snow and freezing rain on top make travel near impossible because of all the hills surrounding the two rivers locally.

This whole area is a series of hills and valleys with a few big assed volcanoes thrown in for good measure.
Add that to the list of possible disasters, a volcanic eruption.
Huge earthquakes followed by huge clouds of gas and ash blotting out the sun and covering everything around with gritty particles that get into everything.

So now that I am attempting to get my head out of my ass I have started getting a few things straightened away already.

Personal defense had some major upgrades recently. I got the generator my brother gave me a couple years ago running and tested. He said the front oil seal was leaking and it certainly kept leaving a small puddle wherever I had it.

After finally getting it up on a work bench where I could see what the fuck was going on, I cleaned it up, charged the battery and after about ten minutes of dicking with it got it going.

I put some new gas in it and let it run for few minutes then plugged in a skill saw to put a load on it and it worked just fine.
I let it run for a while then shut it off and fucked around with something else for whil to give it a chance to start leaking.

Pretty soon there was a drop running down the frame.
I walked around, took one look at where it originated and then grabbed a wrench .
After tightening the drain plug on the crank case I now have a leak free, perfectly usable 3500 watt portable generator to add to my preps.

Even with all the fucking tools I have I can still see a few holes there too.
Most of those are geared towards automotive repair and I actually don't have many wood working tools.

Being a bonafide tool junkie that just gives me a little chubby and an excuse to go get some!.

Food preps are my biggest concern right now and where most of the friction originates with the wife.

She is one stubborn lady and the whole lot of them are picky eaters.
This is going to be a real challenge but I feel I am going to stock some basics either way.
Just as soon as I am done here I am going down to Bi Mart and get a couple of water storage jugs to replace the ones I left at the trailer park.

I do have some things covered that I am not going to go into at this point so I will have something to write about in the future but I feel it is way late in the game and I have a shit ton to do to even come approximately close to where I was even two years ago.

I am going to start over again with a renewed focus on the basics so I will be updating my status here occasionally among other things.

Natural disasters happen, it is the looming man made one that I am keeping a close eye on.

At this point I feel that it is inevitable that there is going to be run away inflation and I could give a fuck what the government says about it because they have been trying to hide it already and are failing miserably.

Alrighty then.
I had a short discussion with the wife as promised.
She is on board with some caveats.
We have different perspectives, naturally.

There will be further discussions as to how we go about this and what we need to do as for long term food storage that is acceptable but she named a few that made me do a fist pump inside.

I told ya she is a good woman.

My only problem now is she is still after me to make more room in the garage so she can get her car in to unload groceries when it is raining by way of getting rid of some things that I really don't want to part ways with.

There will be much diabolical planning in my future.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Shut The Fuck Up And Sit The Fuck Down

I already have a fucking Blog and  I have been screaming into the void for seven fucking years already over there.

I have the idea that I am going to do something different here other than just ranting about what ever happens to be pissing me off at the moment.

Don't get me wrong, there will still be plenty of that but I am seriously considering letting my Libertarian Freak Flag fly unabashedly here.

I have been a Left leaning Democrat almost my entire life but the Democratic party has lost it's collective fucking mind in the last few years and has basically turned into the Socialist Party with serious shades of Marxism thrown in for good measure.
I want nothing to do with that horseshit.

I have always had a serious Libertarian streak but the people who have represented that political label have constantly turned out to be filled with riches of embarrassment and fluttering around the edges of  Loonyville.

A fringe party at best and filled with people to be looked askance at.

Several years ago now I saw the writing on the wall and started looking hard and with gimlet eyes at what was transpiring in this country and the word Fascism kept coming to mind.

If you haven't seen that with your own eyes yet then you need to turn your happy ass around and go find some fucking cat videos to watch.

You can expect to see links to other like minded sites, prepping articles and Second Amendment issues here.
I will probably migrate to Wordpress because Blogger is all fucked up but it was easier to get started here.

Since this is a brand new site born on a spur of the moment decision you can understand it will take some time to get things squared away so pardon the dust, it's still under construction.

Like my other site(s), I will have an open Blogroll policy.
You link to me and I return the favor, just let me know so I can make sure I get ya on board ASAP.

The country I grew up in is dead and at this point in time the fight is on to redefine what this country will evolve into in the near future.
It is up to us to stand up and participate in that process.
The time for sitting on your ass and ignoring current events is over.

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