Monday, April 15, 2013

Just Another Day At Wirecutters House

I just wanted to thank the man for the incredible amount of traffic he sent my way.

It only cost me a quarter too.



  1. A quarter of WHAT? That's the question. He's the Blogfather, alright. And know, with his Seattle post going viral, he's going to get such a big head. Poor Miss Lisa and CGD...

    1. Gotta give the man credit where it is due though.

      As for that Seattle piece, I can't believe his Blog didn't crash. Ten hits per second...
      That is wayyyyyy up there in traffic!

    2. Wirecutter will be on TV before long. Good luck with the new blog. Thanks for linking me up too dude. Glad I can make you laugh!

  2. He is a good man. I respect his opinions and dry humor.Glad you are off to a good start busted.


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