Thursday, October 31, 2013

Bustednuckles,The Early Years

A salesman goes up to a house and knocks on the front door. It is opened
by a little ten year-old boy who has a lighted cigar in one hand, a glass
of whiskey in the other and a Penthouse magazine tucked under his arm.

Salesman: "Hello son. Is your mom or dad home?"

Little boy: "What the fuck do you think?"

It's actually closer than you think.
I started smoking and was drinking straight whiskey out of my Old Man's jug once in a while.
I would steal his beer and his dirty magazines too.
At ten.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Halloween, Wanna See Something Scary?

Watch this guy process a deer in under two minutes.

If you are squeamish, don't bother coming around here.

This Blog isn't for pussies or little kids anyway.

BTW, Happy Birthday to my little brother BP.

Heh, little, the shithead outweighs me by damn near 90 pounds and is two inches taller than I am.
50 years ago I got my trick or treating cut short because of him and I still remember having to sit in the damn car at the hospital.

He turned out alright in the long run though, a real fish killin' machine and quite the finish carpenter.

Love ya dude.

The Answer, Gee, Your Hair Smells Nice

The question is, what would a midget say to this lady?

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Shut Up And Love Your Fucking Country

I'm tellin' ya, all you potential Domestic terrorists and your damn Blogs.

You're pissing off the Important People with all that fit pitching and fact flinging.

All they want you to do is shut the fuck up and let them go about their business don't ya know.

Unfortunately for those sonsabitches, their business is fucking us over at every opportunity and more and more people have had their fill of that bullshit.

I know I have.

Long ago I saw the writing on the wall and all it has done since is get worse at light speed.

I don't even recognize this place anymore.

If you would have set me down in say, 1970, when I was ten years old chronologically but much, much more wiser than my years,and told me all the things that have come to pass in just the last ten years alone in this country were coming, I'd have thought you were bat shit,bug fucking crazy.


I couldn't have possibly imagined my own government would consider me to be a threat to it's security just because I considered it to be my duty as a citizen in voicing my concerns about their activities.

Of course I could never possibly imagine the long list of abuses they have propagated and continue to add to daily either.

I thought that our Constitutionally protected rights were inviolate.

I know, what a rube.

Naive clod hopper.

Nonetheless, I still consider it to be my duty as a citizen to hound these criminal bastard politicians until I breathe no more, even if I have to stand on a street corner to do it.

Someone needs to do it or at the very least document the slow slide into Totalitarianism.

America is quickly devolving into a Third World Banana Republic, complete with Malaria carrying mosquito's and venomous snakes under the palm fronds.

I believe it is long past time for the citizens of this country to unite together and start holding the people responsible for the unjust laws being passed daily accountable.

If you stop and think about it, there are only about Six Hundred people who run this country,out of Three Hundred and Sixty Million.

I like our odds.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Don't Think This Couldn't Happen Here.

Recall last Summer when someone went and shot up a bunch of power transformers down in California?

They never did catch whoever that was, either.

That was small potatoes friends, the authorities think it was the work of one individual.

The following story comes out of Mexico and is a picture perfect lesson on exactly what is actually achievable with a little planning and some determined sonsabitches getting serious about things.

Attackers in Mexico blow up nine electrical plants

By Tracy Wilkinson

October 27, 2013, 5:05 p.m.

MEXICO CITY -- Assailants early Sunday blew up at least nine electrical power plants in one of Mexico's largest states, triggering blackouts that gunmen then used as cover to torch gasoline stations, residents and authorities said.

The attacks in Michoacan state, west of the capital, did not cause deaths or serious injuries, authorities said. But they served as a pointed reminder of the strength of drug gangs and other criminals.

Shortly after midnight, attackers armed with Molotov cocktails almost simultaneously disabled electrical substations in at least nine cities and towns in Michoacan, plunging an estimated 1 million people into darkness. The power was out for 15 hours.

Gunmen then torched four gasoline stations, including two in the state capital of Morelia, a popular tourist destination.

Michoacan for years has been controlled either by the Knights Templar or its predecessor La Familia, cartels that specialize in methamphetamine exported to the United States and that have controlled many city halls and police departments. More recently, groups of citizens have taken up weapons to form self-defense squads against the traffickers.

It may have been one of these groups that briefly seized the city hall in the large town of Apatzingan, residents said.

Federal authorities said they were sending hundreds of police and military troops to reinforce security in the region. The attacks came barely two days after the state's governor, Fausto Vallejo, resumed duties after a long illness.

"The only thing we can conclude ... is that the organized criminals are winning the battle against federal and state authorities," Miguel Angel Chavez, head of the opposition National Action Party, told the Quadratin news agency, adding that the violence of the last 24 hours was a terrorist attack.

One million people without power for 15 hours.
I can't believe they got it all working in that time span so I will just assume they got a majority of it back up.

Still, a potential SHTF scenario if I ever saw one what with armed gunmen running around torching gas stations in a grid down situation.

Just to send a message.

There isn't fuck all stopping them from taking a leisurely stroll North of the border and repeating this little scenario either.


The North American Liberty Games may turn into just that, a whole fucking continent wide conflict.

Ain't that just something to look forward to?

You can bet your ass that the Goons in our government just had a shiver run down their spine and are thanking Someone that it wasn't up here, this time.
As a matter of fact they are due to have a practice run at this very scenario next month .

So there is your proof that it is VERY possible to take out large portions of the grid as some have postulated.

This could have some very interesting repercussions,here in Amerika.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Yet Another Iconic Voice Is Stilled

Damn, Lou Reed died today.

Lou Reed dies at 71
Los Angeles Times | October 27, 2013 | 12:18 PM

Lou Reed, anchor of the New York rock band the Velvet Underground and widely regarded as one of pop's most influential musicians, has died, the Associated Press reported today. He was 71.

A cause of death has not yet been revealed, but the AP cited a "liver-related ailment." After canceling a scheduled appearance at April's Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, Reed had undergone a liver transplant.

Some of the Velvet Underground’s best known songs include "Sweet Jane," "I'm Waiting for the Man" and "Heroin." Reed’s most recently released recorded work was “Lulu,” a 2011 collaboration with heavy metal act Metallica.

That's the quick version from an Email blast that I get from the LA Times.

The man had a long career that spanned decades and left behind a legacy that will last hundreds of years.

So I find it quite fitting to post this video in his honor.

Lou Reed - See that my grave is kept clean.

I actually got to interact with him once on a Live Chat at a blog site a few years ago and ask him a couple of questions. I can tell ya, the dude was all that and a bag of chips.

A nice guy that didn't let all the Hollywood hype go straight to his head.

Rest in Peace Lou.

It's Time For Some Serious Head Banging

The weak and the meek are strongly advised to hitch up their panties and get the fuck right out of here today.

There be Metal in this place....

For any other brave souls, be warned, if you click on this it won't stop at just one tune, this is a headbanging marathon of some serious shit. It's also pretty fucking good too. It Kicks some fucking ASS!!

Saturday, October 26, 2013


I stumbled on this looking for a funny cat video and was so grossed out that I had to share.

Dude, really?! Sick bastard.

Gag me.

Snowden Still Causing Assholes To Pucker

Officials alert foreign services that Snowden has documents on their cooperation with U.S.

Ouch, this had to cause some serious heartburn over at the NIA.

It must have been quite the dilemma, tell 'em or burn 'em?

Someone had to decide whether or not to tell these other intelligence agencies that Snowden had the goods on 'em and could possibly "drop a dime" on 'em.

By Ellen Nakashima, Published: October 24

U.S. officials are alerting some foreign intelligence services that documents detailing their secret cooperation with the United States have been obtained by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden, according to government officials.

Snowden, U.S. officials said, took tens of thousands of military intelligence documents, some of which contain sensitive material about collection programs against adversaries such as Iran, Russia and China. Some refer to operations that in some cases involve countries not publicly allied with the United States.

The process of informing officials in capital after capital about the risk of disclosure is delicate. In some cases, one part of the cooperating government may know about the collaboration while others — such as the foreign ministry — may not, the officials said. The documents, if disclosed, could compromise operations, officials said.

The notifications come as the Obama administration is scrambling to placate allies after allegations that the NSA has spied on foreign leaders, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The reports have forced the administration to play down operations targeting friends while also attempting to preserve other programs that depend on provisional partners. In either case, trust in the United States may be compromised.

This may have taken so long to come to light because of all the people who had to be found that were involved, opening Top Secret case files and finding a way to contact all these rat bastards without tipping their hand to unwanted attention from unauthorized government agencies in other countries. If you stop and think about what a monumental task this actually is you can understand why it may have taken so long.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Taking Advantage Of The Internet's Secondary Useful Feature

Of course we all know the primary reason the internet was invented;

The other and perhaps perhaps even more important feature is the fact that it is without question the most comprehensive repository of knowledge ever created.

It allows almost instantaneous retrieval of even the most obscure information as simple as typing in a few keywords and waiting for the pixels on your monitor to rearrange themselves into a new and remarkable image recognizable as either the printed word, video, graphic or audio that transfers the required information.

That is what I truly love about the internet, the ease of information retrieval.

This is why I spend hour after hour, scouring the World Wide Web.
Yes, I was one of those weird kids who used to read the dictionary on occasion and loved the Brittanica encyclopedia series.

National Geographic was also one of my favorites when I was younger because of the absolutely stunning photography that accompanied their fantastic travels.
(yes, there was also that too)
I was actually fortunate enough to go to their international headquarters in Washington D.C. once, they were just around the corner from where my Father was working at the time.

Documentaries by adventurous giants like Jacques Cousteau were a perennial favorite too.

My point to this whole post is that instead of just "Surfing the Web" all the time, find and retain some useful information.
The whole of recorded history and history yet to be made is available at your fingertips.

Use the time you have to explore your interests and shut that fucking Boob Tube off.
It is a proven Mind Killer.

Aye Chingowa!

Nucking Futs!

Yeah, I don't think so,that's just fucking crazy to stand in front of that damn thing and hand feed logs into it.
Notice a couple of 'em take off.

At the other end of the spectrum,

FAIL In Capital Letters

Bad cop, no doughnut.

Notice the ass covering going on in this article?

3 Calif. kids hurt when gun on cop's motorcycle fires

Michael Winter, USA TODAY
9:25 p.m. EDT October 23, 2013

Police can't say how accidental discharge happened during safety demo at anti-drug event.

Three California elementary school students suffered minor injuries Wednesday when a gun mounted on a police motorcycle discharged during a safety demonstration at an anti-drug event.

The students were not hit by gunfire in the "accidental misfire" at Newman Elementary School about 11:15 a.m. PT, said Chino Police Department spokeswoman Tamrin Olden. Two were treated at a hospital for cuts and one was treated for cuts and scrapes at the school, said a fire district spokeswoman.

"The weapon was mounted to a police motorcycle on display during Red Ribbon Week activities," a nationwide drug-prevention campaign for students, Olden said in a statement that did not explain how the gun discharged or why a loaded weapon was brought into the school. Police and school officials are investigating.

"We're still sorting out the extent of the injuries and how it happened," Olden told the Los Angeles Times.

"It's kind of strange that a gun would have been accessible, or not cleared, prior to doing the demonstration," parent Tim Everman told KTLA-TV when he came to get his son.

Some LEO is one lucky sonofabitch that none of those kids were actually hurt by the discharge and I can't remember seeing a more vague description of events in a news article.

H/T to Fark for the link.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

No Time

My fucking internet connection is still acting up and ,of course, it just came back on long enough for me to check my mail and hopefully blast this message before I head out to work.

Back later.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Lowly Slingshot As A Stealth Weapon

Heads up, the following video has some graphic moments.
If you can't stand the sight of blood then maybe it would be a good idea for you to mosey your happy ass into the kitchen and make some fucking cookies instead there Sunshine.

I have seen some of this guy's videos before and I will have to admit that when I saw him with this version of sling shot that I thought to myself, oh, sure.

(Edited after I watched it again, notice the shirt he is wearing)

I will now admit I was very wrong. That was after the damn thing ricocheted!

At first when he was laying there I thought it looked like that bearing was embedded in his skull.
That thing could very definitely cause you to be dead.

I can remember using the trusty old Wrist Rocket when I was a kid and they are not a play toy. As a matter of fact I still have one along with an extra set of the rubber tubes already set up with a pouch that you can buy.

We used to fill the pouch up with BB's and go shoot frogs in a pond.
Very effective, a quiet shotgun if you will.

This is just to remind you that there are still ways to either defend yourself or go on the offensive that do not require gunpowder when circumstances allow.

H/T to my dad's pal for sending me the video in an Email.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Adjusting My Tinfoil Hat,

For some damn reason my bank debit card quit working last Friday, which was quite the surprise.

I tried to get a couple of goodies on my way to work and the clerk told me the transaction had been denied.
I know there was money in the account.
So I went over to the ATM.
I have had problems with the magnetic strip on cards many times but the sonofabitch never met an ATM it didn't like.

No dice there either.
I had a little cash on me and just paid for it and went to work.

Saturday, I had to get some cash for gas to go to my Dads wake and the damn thing didn't work again.

Luckily The Wife was with me and hers worked just fine, on my account.


Last night I tried to order a book off of Amazon cheap.
I get an Email that it was denied too.
It ain't expired, I checked that first.
So as soon as I am done here I am off to the fucking bank to see why this is happening.

It wouldn't surprise me to find out someone, somewhere, has decided I need a quick reminder of who is in control but that's probably just my well deserved paranoia kicking in.

We shall see here shortly.


Well now, that was...... enlightening.

Apparently VISA has someone who watches your transactions. A whole fucking department of them.

They saw something that was "out of the ordinary" on my account and denied the transaction, then went ahead and froze the card.

It turns out they were right but it still gives me the creeps to know just how intrusive Big Brother is.

Some dickhead tried to use my account at a Target in Richmond VA.
Seeings how I don't live in Virginia and that it would have to be some end of the world calamity for me to even step foot in a Target store, it was a good thing.

Except now I have to go through the hassle of inputting the new card number every time I go to order something on line.
Pain, in the ass!

I guess I can loosen up the tin foil hat but I don't think I'm gonna take it off, just yet.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Short Book Review, Enemies, Foreign And Domestic by Matt Bracken

I just finished reading the free Kindle version that Mr. Bracken so graciously offered to everyone last weekend.

What do I think?

I think someone should already be filming the movie.

As a matter of fact, I am going to buy the dead tree version of the trilogy, I liked it so much.

It's a real page turner, I hated having to stop reading because I had to go to work the next day.
There is plenty of action to keep you flipping the pages to see what happens next!

At five hundred and fifty pages, I could read this at one sitting if I started early enough and didn't have to do anything the next day.

It's not some far fetched science fiction, in the current political climate we are in right now this could very well be a possible future for this country.

He does a great job of weaving his characters in and out of the evolving story line and is all over the technological warfare we are under right this minute.

I definitely give this read two thumbs up.

Like I said, I liked it so much I am going to buy it.
You can't be much more sincere than that.

Caturday Again Already?

I'm overwhelmed with enthusiasm about the whole thing.

Perty! Party! Party!

One thing my Old Man was very insistent upon was that when he went tits up( one of the seemingly millions of little phrases he used), he wanted a party.

So we're gonna party.


There isn't supposed to be any booze there but I know my family and if there is one thing you can guarantee, someone is going to get as drunk as a piss boiled owl.

That used to be me.

I would have had a rolling bar in the rig and at least two pocket flasks on me but seeings how I finally quit the shit, someone else is going to have to pick up the slack.

I'm sure I won't be disappointed.

One thing I DO NOT MISS is waking up every morning puking my guts out and being still drunk from the night before.

It was pretty common for me to get my hangovers at about eleven or noon.
The minute I got off work I was drinking again.

When a skinny little dude that weighs a hundred and fifty pounds can pound down almost a full bottle of straight whiskey while drinking beer chasers all night,every night, you are looking at a serious individual.

Seriously trying to kill themselves.

So I finally wised up and had a little chat with myself and decided my marriage was more important to me than drinking myself to death or even possibly killing someone else.

That being said, sometimes being sober sucks ass too but I just deal with shit now.

So Someone is going to have to hoist one for me to the Old Man's memory but that's cool.

There is gonna be a party, just like good old Dad wanted.
Heh, I will be telling some stories on his ass later.
He used to drink like a fish back in the day and I have some doozies, if my pickled brain can recall them.

What can I say? We're Irish for fucks sake!
Both his parents were first generation Americans, both sides of that family came straight from County Antrim.

My Mothers side of the family has been traced back to the Revolutionary War and the trip across the pond before that.

Either way, its' time to party!

See ya's later.

Friday, October 18, 2013

The U.S. Blows Everyone Else Out Of The Water In 1 Key Way

Just in case you had noticed over the past decade that you seem to be either treading water or going backwards in the money department, this should cheer you right up.

That one way? We're really, really good at creating really, really rich people -- like, $50 million-plus rich. Just ignore the fact that our 400 wealthiest people are worth more than the entire bottom half of the country combined. And now, the chart:

That is pretty damning, it also goes a long way to pointing out what has happened to the Middle Class.

If you had the sneaking suspicion that the game is rigged I would pretty much point to that chart as the definitive proof that you are right.
There is a club and you aren't in it. The Feds have been printing BILLIONS of dollars every month for quite some time now, all that paper is going somewhere.

This exploding disparity will eventually have some pretty profound effects on this country, it will soon start looking more and more like France did just before the revolution.

Anyone who was born before the schools quit teaching history knows what happened shortly after that.

At this point I would hope it helps you understand where we are and where we are headed and that it isn't pretty.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Score A Win For The Bloggers

Heh, I was reminded of a famous quote from Mahatma Gandhi when I saw this post over at Free North Carolina,

First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.”

It's gotta make you feel good to know that those fuckers in government actually feel the unrelenting pressure we put on them.

I know they don't openly acknowledge it very damn often so when they do it is as sweet as a ripe melon on a hot day.

Head on over to Brock's place and watch the video he embedded to truly savor the moment but in the mean time, here is the money quote from Obama himself;

"Now that the government has reopened and this threat to our economy is removed, all of us need to stop focusing on the lobbyists, and the bloggers, and the talking heads on radio and the professional activists who profit from conflict, and focus on what the majority of Americans sent us here to do, and that’s grow this economy, create good jobs, strengthen the middle class, educate our kids, lay the foundation for broad-based prosperity and get our fiscal house in order for the long haul."

Never give up.

Keep fighting these bastards at every opportunity because it does make a difference!

NSA chief and top deputy expected to depart soon

I bet he just hates having to walk away after all those billions of dollars he spent building the biggest domestic spying agency in the history of the world.
I'm sure it will look good on his resume though.


The director of the National Security Agency and his deputy are expected to depart in the coming months
, U.S. officials said Wednesday, in a development that could give President Barack Obama a chance to reshape the eavesdropping agency.

Army General Keith Alexander's eight-year tenure was rocked this year by revelations contained in documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden about the agency's widespread scooping up of telephone, email and social-media data.

Alexander has formalized plans to leave by next March or April, while his civilian deputy, John "Chris" Inglis, is due to retire by year's end, according to U.S. officials who spoke on condition of anonymity.

One leading candidate to replace Alexander is Vice Admiral Michael Rogers, currently commander of the U.S. Navy's 10th Fleet and U.S. Fleet Cyber Command, officials told Reuters. Like the NSA, both have their headquarters at Fort Meade, Maryland, between Washington and Baltimore.

There has been no final decision on selecting Rogers to succeed Alexander, and other candidates may be considered, the officials said.

NSA spokeswoman Vanee Vines said Alexander planned to leave office in the spring after three extensions to his tenure, and the process for picking his successor was still under way.

"This has nothing to do with media leaks, the decision for his retirement was made prior; an agreement was made with the (Secretary of Defense) and the Chairman for one more year -- to March 2014," Vines told Reuters in an email.

Sum Ding Wong

Yeah, all this dicking around with the debt limit has consequences you fucking morons.

Chinese agency downgrades US credit rating

AFP - A Chinese ratings agency downgraded its US sovereign credit rating Thursday despite Washington's resolution of the debt ceiling deadlock, warning that fundamentals for a potential default remained "unchanged".

Dagong lowered its ratings for US local and foreign currency credit from A to A-, maintaining a negative outlook, the agency said in a statement.
The announcement came after the US Congress passed and President Barack Obama signed a bill that extends the nation's borrowing authority and ends a two-week government shutdown.

"The fundamental situation that the debt growth rate significantly outpaces that of fiscal income and gross domestic product remains unchanged," Dagong said in the statement, adding Washington's solvency was vulnerable as old debts were still repaid through raising new debts.

"Hence the government is still approaching the verge of default crisis, a situation that cannot be substantially alleviated in the foreseeable future," it said.

OK, This Is Just Freaky

I'm pretty much at a loss for words, especially seeings that I Don't Speak Japanese!

I found this while checking my Stat Counter.

Some Rare Ted Nugent

This is pretty rare for a few reasons.

One, He didn't play this very often.

Two, It's Live.

Three, it is a pretty technical piece that showcases how truly talented he is as a journeyman guitar player .

While it is a long tune at 12 plus minutes,the biggest reason this is so rare is that for once he doesn't open his yap and let the crazy out, it's a pure instrumental.

It's also pretty good once he gets going.


I didn't feel like posting anything yesterday.
We finally laid my Father to rest.

That was a very long week that I am glad is finally over.

True to form it was a clusterfuck to the last minute, the very word my Father would have used to describe it no less.

After the service was over and the funeral procession took off to head towards Willamette National Cemetery, confusion reigned.

Confusion continued after we got there and when the final directions were given at the cemetery as to which drive to turn off and wait at for the hearse it got downright comical.

Nobody knew what the fuck was going on and there was a bunch of us standing in the road when word went out that when the hearse went by we were to get back in the cars and follow it.

Pretty soon here comes the hearse.
It goes by and all these cars are trying to pull off the side of this narrow lane and follow it and the next thing ya know we are all just sitting there not moving.

Then the funeral director starts walking down the line telling everyone to back up against the side of the lane again.
This is causing people to basically parallel park while backing up on a hill, in traffic.
What a fucking mess that was.

Apparently much like NASCAR, the hearse needed a warm up lap and we had to wait for it to come around again and turn left instead of right at the top of the hill.

My dad would have laughed his ass off at that.
We finally got to the little shelter and the Honor guard took over.

I have to stop here and offer my heartfelt thanks to those people.
They did a fantastic job.

I thanked a couple of them on the way in as I could.

It was a gorgeous day, thank goodness for that.

They did the three shot volley and the flag ceremony, the preacher said his piece and then at the very end, us boys who were the pall bearers at the church were supposed to lay our buttoneers they had given us on top of the coffin.

I reached over to my lapel and promptly got stuck real good by the pin that was supposed to be holding the flower, which was no where to be found.

Perfect ending.

I figured the shoulder harness for the seat belt had knocked it off and while everyone was standing around I hauled ass in those slick soled fucking dress shoes back to the rig to find it.

No dice.

Whatta ya do?

The Honor Guard wheeled the coffin over to the hearse and loaded it up and away they went.

After I said my thanks and best wishes to all the folks who had come from out of town me and the wife got in the car and I back tracked to the place where I got out watching the hearse do time trials and couldn't find it there either.

I wrote it off and went up the hill, turned left and started to go home and there the fucking thing was, right in the road where I had been parked, right where I had just walked by it TWICE and didn't see it and twenty cars had rolled by without touching it.

I think someone was pulling a joke on me upstairs.

Probably the Old Man telling me not to take it so seriously would be my guess.

So anyways, it is done now.
There is the obligatory bullshit yet to come but I ain't interested in a bunch of fucking horse shit right now. My manners have pretty much been used up for a while.
Just leave me the fuck alone.

To tell ya the truth, I haven't really had time to grieve yet and I need to do that on my own time without a bunch of shit distracting me.

I'll never forget what my Old Man told me once about death and funerals, I thought he was being a heartless sonofabitch at the time but now I think I see what he meant when he told me , you don't cry.

You don't cry when someone dies, you take care of fucking business.

When it's all said and done and they are in the ground, then you go home and cry where no one can see you.

Stoic bastard, I often wondered how he got that way. I'm sure it wasn't pleasant, Old School for damn sure.

So now I have all this grief rammed down tight that I haven't dealt with yet and I will process that ,it's not that his death was a big surprise after all the shit he went through the last few months.
Unexpectedly sudden but not something I didn't see the possibility of.

He lived to be 76 years old, it was just his time.

It will take a while but life goes on and dying is part of living , for damn sure my situation is not unique.

I was reminded of this fact when I saw three other funerals going on up there today.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Government Shutdown of SNAP Program Nov 1 Being Reported

God help these ignorant motherfuckers if they pull this stunt.

Western Rifle Association
has a piece up by Matt Bracken claiming that the government has sent a notice out that they will be suspending the SNAP program on November 1st until further notice.

“States across the country are being told to stop the supplemental nutrition assistance program for the month of November, pending further notice. That’s according to a letter from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Fox 13 obtained a copy from the Crossroads Urban Center in downtown Salt Lake City. Crossroads says if Utah families don’t get food stamps, they’ll turn to the local food pantries, which are already strapped due to the government shutdown. Homeless people Fox 13 talked to, some who use SNAP, say losing food stamps would mean going hungry.” Fox 13, Salt Lake City, October 14.

You can rest assured that the government is fully aware of the repercussions of such a move.
What were once major metropolitan population centers will become smoking ash heaps after the rioting stops.

It seems someone is trying to play Hardball Politics.

It is also readily apparent that whoever it is has absolutely no idea of what they are doing.

I would not put this past the current regime though and take this as a credible threat.

If you live anywhere near a potential flash point I would be seriously looking into having some fire extinguishers and self defense items handy because if they cut off the food to 50 million people in this country it will be a scorched earth scenario shortly afterwards.

There WILL be "Mothafuckin' RIOTS".

Got Milk?

These Pin Up ladies do, that's what they are wearing, high speed milk.

There are some more of these incredible images and the explanation of how they were produced here.

Pretty damn ingenious.

I would like to thank my good friend Suzanne for thinking of me and sending me the link in an Email.

Hugz to you darlin'.

She knows me well.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Pretty Quiet Bunch Ain'tcha?

Dayum, are all y'all so bashful all the time?

According to my Stat Counter there is about five hundred or so pairs of eyeballs stop by here on an average day and I feel lucky to get two freakin' comments!

S'matter, cats got your tongues?

Don't be afeared to speak up, I don't bite.


Unlike The 1,000,000 Biker Protest, The Veterans Protest Must Have Some Political Worth To Someone

It is actually being covered by the Lame Stream Media.
There is only one reason for that, someone wants it to be covered.

Message Recieved, Answer Forthcoming

We have all been witnessing the petty and vindictive mind games coming from the Obama administration and it's minions the past week and a half.
Closing memorials and National parks,just,I don't know, stupid shit, meant to inconvenience and intimidate the American public courtesy of the twisted political fever dream of some real dickhead back in D.C. .

I suppose whoever is behind this thought that this was a clever idea to foment political pressure in an attempt to sway the ongoing budget conflict between the two major political parties in this country.

I would suggest to whomever this rank fucking amateur is that you have seriously underestimated the citizens of this country, again, and their never cease to amaze me capacity to flip the bird figuratively and literally to tin pot dictators with dreams of grandeur.

Just in case it hasn't been brought to your attention yet, we Americans can be an ornery lot.

Your little fucky fuck games do not impress us much.

On the contrary, while you think you can sit back while denying us access to the things in this country that we have bought, paid for and pay to maintain with our tax dollars and blood, we have other ideas.

Time wounds all heels and time will tell just who ordered all this nonsense and then we will deal with those individuals in the way that Americans are known for, swiftly and justly.

In the mean time, there are a few thousand citizens who are sending an unmistakable message to you clowns as I type this from across the country.

If you think putting wimpy little steel barricades around our national parks is actually going to keep people out, I suggest to you to think again.

Some of the American people you have irritated have decided to rearrange the furniture so to speak.

If you will notice, they have deposited them where they belong,in front of the Whitehouse.

This is a subtle suggestion for you to pull your head out of your ass.

You will also notice the phrase I used was irritated Americans, because at this point, that's what they are, irritated.

They aren't pissed off, yet.

If they were, there would be blood in the streets and we all know that is an indisputable fact.

So I suggest to whomever is responsible for this childish bullshit that you wake the fuck up.

If you continue to keep irritating people in childish ways then the adults will be forced to come have a talk with you.

They will be forced to do so to stop the violence that is sure to follow this course of action.

The fact that I am having to point this out is almost embarrassing but seems to be necessary.

It's been my experience in life that some people can't see the obvious.

There is always that one child who doesn't learn not to touch the stove because it is hot the first time.
These are the children destined to be politicians.

Saturday, October 12, 2013


For Those Who Still Think It's Going To Make Any Difference......

Let The Fun Begin

I am seeing reports from two different sources clear across the country from each other that the EBT system is down.

This could get very interesting if it stays down for any length of time.

This is the part that cracked my ass up;

The federal EBT website was unavailable due to the government shutdown.

The irony is killin' me....

Is your lifeboat secured?

This country is goin' down.

It's Caturday Again

Time for another installment of my own twisted sense of humor.

Don't get me wrong, I like cats but they can be little assholes and it warms the cockles of my black little heart to see them do stupid things.

I think I'll call this one,

Night Deposit.

Take A Look Into My Eyes

Tell me, is it really me?*

* This is a first for me.
My very first delayed and scheduled post, since I started in 2006.

Friday, October 11, 2013

And Todays Internet Winner Is........

Mr. Glenn B of Ballseye's Boomer fame for coining a new descriptor for the Free Shit Army Voter,

Rhymes with Zombie.
It's fucking BRILLIANT!

.....I was about to write that the main reason for that is Obama but it is not. Truth be told, it is not him nor any product of him, it is the culture that bred him and that morphed him into the end-all-be-all of the you-owe-me voter (Yom-V). Amazingly, almost as soon as I wrote that, and it took about 2 seconds of thought to come up with, I realized how much Yom-V sounds like Zombie (and that is the truth - so help me Ronald Reagan). While yom-v sound like zombie, they are not real zombies, they are just wanna-be zombies. Yet, they emulate zombies in that they offer nothing to society and nothing to the species survival as a whole. All they do is attempt to take everything they can from any source that is alive and thriving, to any degree better than are they, and then devour it

Congratulations sir, you have won the internet today.

Someone Smiled Upon Me Today

I don't know how I managed to get so lucky but it works for me.

I was down at the local Bi Mart, ostensibly to get some pencils because I can never find one and to take a look at a small freezer they have on sale for a hundred bucks.
Been wanting a freezer.

The one they have on sale is only 2.1 cubic feet and when I got down there with my trusty tape measure, I took one look at it and said no thanks.

It's about the size of a garbage compactor and not even close to what I am after.

Right next to it however, is more to my liking.

It's twice as big and even not being on sale is only two hundred, plus it's a chest freezer.

I put that in my brain, filed under the next clear payday.

Of course with my Fathers funeral coming next week there are the usual unexpected expenses and I will just have to wait.
Not a problem.

While I was there I did my mandatory recon of the sporting goods department without any real hopes of finding much.
They do have the Hot Lips 25 round magazine for Ruger 10/22's on sale for $13 instead of $20 so I was going to pick one of those up when I got there.

As I was about to round the corner I spied some dude bent over a shelf with a little box in his hand.
A quick perusal shows me they finally had some 12 gauge shells in stock.
That was a pleasant surprise and I made a small remark to the guy about it.

He looked up and said yeah, except he can't find the six shot version, only the four shot Buck.
He then looked both ways and in a conspiratorial whisper said that there was a rumor that there might even be .22 LR shells in stock.

Trust me when I say the man had my undivided attention at that point.

I nodded without saying anything and smiled real big.

I went around the corner to the counter and there were five guys waiting for the guy behind the counter to fetch whatever it was they were after, I couldn't get close enough to see what they had, when a lady comes wheeling around the other corner with a handcart.

My eyes ain't so good but I could see .22LR on one of the boxes from six feet away.

All of a sudden you could hear a pin drop.

She cut open a box and suddenly there were hands in her face from every direction.

She started handing out two,yes two, 50 round little boxes.

She handed me a couple and I pointed and said I wanted a whole brick!

No go pal, two is the limit.

I said your kidding me.

Nope. So I kinda grumble and get the hell out of the way for the rest of the guys.

I went to another aisle and picked up a water storage jug, waiting for the crowd to thin out, so I could go back and get one of the 25 round magazines.

As I came back around the corner yet again the lady is standing there with two 50 round boxes in her hand and tilts her head my way so no one can see or hear her and says to me, hold on a minute and let me go in the back, I have something for you.

OK, she didn't say what but I ain't no dummy.

She comes back and motions me over out of eye sight and hands me a 555 round box of Winchester .22LR.

She was almost apologetic that that's all she could get me but I was like a little kid at Christmas who just got his first bike!

I have no idea why she took a shine to me like that because I ain't exactly James Bond good looking but I'll take what I can get.

$25 for the box.

I was all excited at the prospect that there might finally be an end in sight to the Great Ammo Shortage of 2013.

So after I get home to the little project I was messing with and needed the pencil for in the first place, the mail lady shows up with a package.
That turned out to be the Coleman Dual Fuel gas lantern I ordered off of Ebay last week.

Some of those damn things are advertised at $150 motherfucking dollars on there!
I about choked when I saw that.

The one I scored said it might be missing a piece or two but the pump worked and all, for $33 and $15 for shipping.

One third of what some of those cut throat sonsabitches were asking, including shipping.

I figured if there was something missing that there are parts galore on EBay too so I wasn't worried about it.

I opened the box and about shit myself.

The fucking thing is BRAND NEW!!

The parts that are missing?
The fucking mantles!
It's never been used!!

That was a score man, a huge one.

So I did good today.

I already had one of the water containers that has been sitting unused so I rinsed both of them out with a little bleach, rinsed 'em again and then filled 'em up with the date on 'em and stashed 'em in the garage.

My poor wife is convinced I have gone around the bend but I am done arguing with her about being prepared for an emergency.
I told her I am doing it and to just leave me alone about it.

Only shopping enough for one week at a time with no reserves doesn't cut it with me either.
I am going to do something about it.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Back To Work

Even though I have had the week from Hell so far, I still didn't miss that place.

Life goes on and there are still bills to pay.

Hey, No Duckface!

That is one stupid assed fad I won't miss.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hey! You In The Suit! Pay Attention!

Just 'Coz You've Got The Power Don't Mean You Got The Right.

Remember this too, that power can be very abruptly taken away......

Libyan PM Ali Zeidan 'kidnapped by armed men'

Let me just say up front that kidnapping the Prime Minister of any country is asking to get very, very, dead.

Mr Zeidan has been taken to an unknown destination by a group of men believed to be former rebels, the government website said.

Mr Zeidan was arrested by anti-crime department militia, sources say.

On Tuesday Mr Zeidan called on the West to help stop militancy in Libya.

In an interview with the BBC he said it was being used as a weapons base.

The prime minister told the Newsnight programme that his country was being used to export weapons throughout the region.

Two years after the revolt which overthrew Muammar Gaddafi, Libya's government has been struggling to contain rival tribal >militias and Islamist militants who control parts of the country.

Like there ain't enough bullshit going on in that part of the world.

Claiming that Libya has been funneling weapons in and around the area is old news dude.

Still, this just adds to the turmoil.

H/T to Fark once again for being on top of things.
This was a breaking news announcement.

Stevie Ray

The good ones truly do die too young.
Imagine what this man could have done.


I bet you thought I have no taste in music either.

Hey, That's Not The Kitchen.

Results Oriented

Wheeling Federal Building Shooter Dead: Cops

Shooting at a building from a parking lot across the street?

This smacks of suicide by cop to me.

WHEELING, W.Va. -- WHEELING, W.Va. (AP) — West Virginia State Police say a man who fired shots at a federal courthouse in Wheeling has died from police fire.

State police spokesman Sgt. Michael Baylous confirmed that the man died Wednesday. The U.S. Marshals Services says officers fired at the man after he shot up to two dozen rounds at the courthouse.

Marshals Service Chief Deputy Mike Claxton says one person inside the courthouse suffered minor injuries. Baylous did not have the gunman's identity.

The U.S. Marshals Service says the man fired between 15 and 25 shots at the court building with what they described as an assault-style rifle.

Police are seeking a motive.

THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. Check back soon for further information. AP's earlier story is below.

The U.S. Marshals Service says a man who they believe was armed with an assault-type rifle fired up to two dozen rounds at the federal court building in a West Virginia city on Wednesday before security officers returned fire, critically wounding the gunman.

One security officer within the Wheeling Federal Building was injured by flying debris, but there were no other injuries, said Chief Deputy Mike Claxton of the Marshals Service in northern West Virginia.

The gunman, whose name was not released, was hospitalized with life-threatening injuries, Claxton said.

Apparently from the headline he did not survive.

Smith and Wesson M&P 15 Sport 811036 Rifle 5.56 NATO 16 inch 30rd Black, NEW, $615

Even better, $5.99 shipping!

The same thing was going for a thousand dollars more, if you could even find one, six months ago.

Now if the ammo companies could just catch up!

Oklahoma City bomb-making chemicals in Fairfield house

Dayum,I'm glad this crazy bastard didn't live next door to me.

I mean sure, he wasn't out to hurt anyone but the amount of explosive shit he had stored in his garage could have leveled a city block.

Not to mention the guy was taking a mixture of prescription drugs he got off the fucking internet on top of it.
From what I am reading in this article the guy should have had a bunker with all the shit he was messing with.
142 guns?!

Hey, I'm a gun guy, I can kinda sorta understand having a bunch of guns but damn near a hundred and fifty?!

In his house?!
I can also understand where authorities will report a fucking fire cracker as an explosive device but 112 explosive devices, IN HIS HOUSE?!!

Bunker dude, some kind of fortified storage unit for that kind of weaponry.
Not just laying around the fucking house man.

That's asking for it.

(There are pictures of him, his house and neighborhood at the link)

I don't normally copy and paste entire articles in fairness to whoever took the time and effort to write them but the pertinent information in this is scattered from top to bottom.

FAIRFIELD (CT) ( By Daniel Tepfer) -- From the minute police entered Joseph C. Callahan's Greenfield Hill home, he freely discussed the array of bomb-making chemicals he collected in his house.

When they asked about some large containers in his garage, which contained about 100 pounds of a substance Callahan readily identified as ammonium nitrate, he couldn't have been more helpful.

"That's the chemical used in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing," police said he explained to them.

Then he pointed to vats that he said contained the same kind of chemicals used in the Oklahoma City bombing.

According to the arrest warrant affidavit released Tuesday, Callahan also talked to police about how he liked to build rockets and had detonation cords in his house.

Oh, then there was the large bomb Callahan said he had been making for rocker Keith Richards, of The Rolling Stones. It was in the garage next to the spray tank. Callahan couldn't remember if he had attached a fuse to it yet.

Richards, who lives in Weston, was unavailable for comment, said his publicist at L.D. Communications, of London.

On Monday, Callahan, 69, of 1625 Bronson Road, was charged with 112 counts of illegal possession of explosives, six counts of first-degree reckless endangerment and one count of the manufacture of bombs.

Free on bond, Callahan is scheduled to be arraigned Oct. 16 in state Superior Court in Bridgeport.

Callahan's lawyer, Richard Meehan, said he hadn't seen the arrest report and couldn't comment on it.

"He is a delightful gentleman who never had any intention to make a bomb and never intended to hurt anybody," Meehan said.

The arrest report notes that police visited Callahan's home, in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods along Fairfield County's gold coast, twice on Oct. 1.

Callahan's ex-wife, Mary, called police early that day, saying she had not spoken to him in over a day and asking them to check on him. They checked and everything seemed fine, the report said.

Later that day, Callahan himself called, complaining that he thought someone had broken into his home and stolen his prescription pills and a check.

Police determined that no burglary had occurred, but while walking through the white clapboard colonial they saw a rifle case lying on the living room floor, the affidavit states. Officers went into the detached garage after detecting a strong chemical smell. Police later found 142 guns in the home, all of which were registered to Callahan.

In talking to officers, police said Callahan admitted to taking numerous prescription medications, along with a mixture of medications that had not been prescribed for him, but he said he is a chemist and knows how to order medications from the Internet.

Callahan also admitted to playing with explosives as a hobby. He told officers he made homemade explosive devices by filling tubes with flash powder and attaching a fuse on his basement work bench, the affidavit states. Police found several homemade explosive devices there and another 112 explosive devices spread around other areas of the house.

Neighbor Tom Bruderman told officers he was concerned Callahan was going to blow up the neighborhood, according to the police report.

All the guns were owned legally, but Meehan said Callahan agreed to turn them over to police.

"We are making efforts to cooperate with police and the state's attorney's office," he added

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Four Years Later.....

Nothing like rushing to get something done ya know.

The Pentagon has named Paul Lewis as its special envoy for closing the US military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel announced the appointment on Tuesday.

It was part of President Barack Obama's renewed push to close the prison, which remains open despite his 2009 pledge to shutter the facility within a year.

Lewis has been an attorney for the Democratic minority on the House of Representatives Armed Services Committee, where he deals with Guantanamo-related issues.

"Special Envoy Lewis brings a wealth of experience from his previous position," the Pentagon said in a statement.

In his new position, he will work with the State Department on transferring Guantanamo detainees to other countries. He will also oversee efforts to transfer third-country nationals held by the US in Afghanistan.

He is to take up his position on November 1.

I thought the government was out of money?

Undercover cop charged in SUV attack

From the tone of this article they are serious about throwing his ass in prison too.


An off-duty undercover cop was charged with felony criminal mischief Tuesday after smashing the window of a Manhattan driver’s SUV in a fit of rage during a biker-mob attack, sources said.

“He totally lied when he said he did nothing [to help the victim] because he didn’t want to blow his cover,’’ a law-enforcement source seethed.

Wojciech Braszczok, 32, was awaiting arraignment in Manhattan Criminal court on the rap, which could land him up to four to seven years behind bars if convicted, depending on how much financial damage he did to Alexian Lien’s Range Rover when he bashed in the glass.

If it's over $1500 it becomes a Class D felony.

That would mean the bastard could be staring at 7 years in a two star PMITA Graybar Motel.

The prosecutors were trying to nail him on a much more serious charge,Gang assault, which carries a maximum sentence of 25 years.

This guy is a dirt bag undercover detective and he was trying to claim he didn't try to help the driver because he didn't want his cover to be blown.

I could insert a disgusting line here but I will resist the temptation just this once.

The video doesn't lie though and it shows the puke breaking out the back window of the SUV with his hands.
Unknown to our hero though, the victim's two year old daughter was right behind that glass, he couldn't see her because it was tinted.

They already have one other guy in custody and he is facing the gang assault charge.
They are also looking for six more suspects.

I Didn't Know Tim The Tool Man Worked For The NSA!

Next up on the Black Budget Agenda, a small nuclear power plant.Do we have any bids?

This is embarrassingly funny. The WSJ reports that the NSA's new Utah data center has suffered 10 meltdowns in the past 13 months because of electrical surges. The NSA is basically using so much power in its spying efforts that it is poetically killing its data centers. Seriously, the surges have destroyed hundreds of thousands of dollars in machinery.

The WSJ got access to project documents that detail the problems of its Utah data center and it's unsympathetically brutal. Apparently, arc fault failures—described by an official who spoke to the WSJ as "a flash of lightning inside a 2-foot box"—are causing fiery explosions, melting metal and destroying circuits inside the center.

The power chugging of the data center is no joke: it spends $1 million a month for power and uses 65 megawatts, enough to power a city of 20,000 people. All in the name of spying! It seems like officials are unsure how to fix the power problems as backup generators have failed tests, the cooling systems are untested and the government and contractors are disagreeing about "the adequacy of the electrical control systems".


Burn Baby Burn.

For a more detailed article from the WSJ, click on this link.

Are You Seeing A Pattern Yet?

Mark my words, it is coming to a head very soon.
The people in this administration have just awakened the sleeping giant and now there is going to be hell to pay.

In case you haven't started connecting the dots yet, let me help you.

Do you remember this not too long ago?

A whole bunch of pissed off bikers?

Now the truckers are pissed off too.

So are the Veterans.

And so are the Fishermen in Florida.

I would have to take my socks off to do that kind of advanced math but I'll guesstimate if you added all the people from just these groups together, you would come pretty close to 3% of the total population of this country.

Does that number ring any bells?

Let me put that another way for illustrative purposes.

This country is a five alarm fire just waiting to happen and we have some fucktard in the Whitehouse playing with matches.

All it's going to take is one spark.

Monday, October 7, 2013

You're Still Not Pissed Off?!

I'll go ya one better.
If you aren't on a government watch list you are part of the fucking problem.

Shamelessly stolen from Free North Carolina, who shamelessly stole it from NC Renegade.

Don't be part of the fucking problem, steal it from me and post it too.

If we don't all hang together then we will all hang separately.

If You Aren't Pissed Off, You Aren't Paying Attention

For Realz?!

I just got back from the local 7/11 getting a couple of those Monster energy drinks that I drink way the hell too many of because, you know, I'm not already high strung enough.

As I'm standing there behind this little Mexican lady and a couple of her crotch fruits with their arms piled high with candy I spied something sitting on the counter that caused me to do a double take.

Are you fucking kidding me?

Is that what I think it is?

So I leaned in a little closer and bigger than shit, this is what I see;

Then there was my personal favorite;

Yessiree, snap 'em up for the kiddies....


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