Sunday, August 31, 2014

Breaking News!

In a stunning discovery earlier today, it was revealed that Philip Paul can, in fact, perform certain menial tasks without direct and constant supervision.

The entire scientific world is in an uproar over the news.

When a reporter contacted the learned Professor Albert Einstein for his opinion he seemed at first confused.
After a moments consideration he simply said "Bullshit, that's impossible".

When pressed for more, he puffed on his pipe contemplatively for a moment, slammed a double shot of Brandy in one gulp and exclaimed, "Look, I know this guy, he makes Barney Fife look like me!".

He declined further comment, explaining that he had urgent business with the SPCA.
His neighbor,one Dr. Schroedinger, has been allegedly locking his cat in a box for extended periods and no one had seen it in quite some time so he was concerned for it's welfare.

Officials are currently looking for witnesses but are having difficulty with people believing them when asked if the news was true.

Phrases like, "That's a knee slapper" and "Who are you trying to bullshit?" were the most common reaction.

News crews have been dispatched on a 24/7 schedule to try and document this alleged miracle but Mr. Paul has barricaded himself in what he is calling his "Man Cave" and refuses to make any statement or appearance.

All we can say for certain is that there has been a continuous metallic pounding noise that has been emanating from the area ever since.

Officials are urging that citizens use caution when approaching the area as there have been unsubstantiated rumors that Mr. Paul may be heavily armed with an entire arsenal of garden tools and subject to prolonged fits of incoherent muttering.

Film at eleven.

Done Partied Out

Been there, done that.

I've come to in completely different cities than I started in before.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

No Rest For The Wicked

I am beginning to suspect I was Genghis Kahn in a previous life and am paying for it now.

I just got done working four back to back twelve hour shifts and a ten to finish the week while getting five and six hours of sleep every night.

I am fucking wasted, tired to the damn bone.

Woke up a few minutes ago after finally getting a solid eight hours of sleep to hear my phone going off.

Scary movies can not fill me with dread like that fucking thing does.

Sure as shit, It's my baby girl has left me a message to call.

I love her more than life its self but when they are in their early twenties they generally don't call just to chat because they are so busy living.

A yep, called her back and she says her car, that recently got stolen and she got back a week later, is making funny noises.

God help me, I didn't want to ask but a guy has to do things he doesn't like sometimes.

I got to hear those famous words I have heard so many times before, it's making a grinding noise when I hit the brakes.......

Fuck. Me..

You would think that being the daughter of a mechanic that she just might know what that noise is but no, she is a real girl and things mechanical are magically propelled and ewww, gross, look at your finger nails Daddy.

Living in Oregon, she doesn't even have to pump her own gas.

So here we go, I told her to get her narrow little ass over here pronto so I can do a brake job on the fucking thing.

I am silently praying to the Gods of Internal Combustion that she called before the fucking rotors are wiped clear the fuck out.

I don't currently have an abundance of money for that shit.

The To Do List is already so damn long that there is no end in sight for that shit anyway and it's like pulling teeth trying to get any help around here so I am going to have to start knocking them out a little at a time, right after I get done with this brake job and take a long nap, maybe.


Well, that could have been worse.
It turned out to be the back brakes, I didn't even get past the front of the house before I figured that out.
Then I was thinking, great, brakes shoes.
Those are a pain in the ass because of the fucking springs and clips and shit but this thing actually had rear disc brakes.

Which brings us to the next issue.
Rear disc brakes on modern cars also have the parking brake incorporated into the caliper and you need a special tool to screw the piston in instead of just squeezing it in like the front ones.

Because I actually did this crap for a living for many years, I just happen to have that tool.
A quick call and a short trip to the local NAPA parts store and her whipping out the card for the $25 bucks and I was all over it.

She paid me with something you can't buy, I got a hug.
Yes, I made her pay for the parts.
I'm not a heartless bastard, it is part of growing up and I have to say I did a damn fine job of raising that girl.

She is very pretty, a petite young lady who happens to be half Mexican and is very nice.

There is only one problem.

She has my attitude about certain things. Like I said, I did a damn fine job.

Look out world, she's coming your way.

Can't say I didn't warn you.

I Hear Warnings Of Terrorist Attacks On Our Southern Border

Thursday, August 28, 2014

I Need A Shower

So do you,and you and you!

Microbiomes: You Live in Your Own Germ Cloud, Study Finds

Each of us lives in a unique cloud of germs, and we carry it everywhere we go, a new study finds.
It settles into our homes and even hotel rooms, and a person’s particular germ fingerprint may be a better way to track them than real fingerprints or even DNA, the researchers report in the journal Science.
They sampled seven families, including 18 people, three dogs and a cat. Three of the families moved during the study, so the researchers tested two houses plus hotel rooms for each of them.
The volunteers swabbed their hands, noses and feet, as well as floors, counters and other surfaces in their homes.


The analysis confirmed what scientists have learned in recent years about the microbiome — the collection of bacteria, yeast and viruses that live in and on our bodies. Each person has a unique collection of these germs. What they also found was that everyone spreads this cloud around.
“We had a young couple that moved from a hotel into a new house,” Jack Gilbert, an environmental microbiologist at Argonne National Laboratories and the University of Chicago, told NBC News. “Their microbiomes overwhelmed the microbiome of the hotel room so their hotel room looked more like their new home, microbially speaking.” And it only took a day for it to happen.
This aura or cloud of germs defines who people are and who they spend time with.

They say that this is probably why dogs can track you so well,the microbes that you leave behind when you touch things begin to grow and bloom, leaving a unique trail of your very own behind.

They also hint that this could be yet another way to keep track of and identify you.


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

That Must Be One Hell Of A Training Program

Where do I sign mine up?
The gutters need painting.

With 8 or 9 of the worthless varmints laying around here at any one time, getting one to clean out the litter box would be nice too.

Twelve Hours On, Fifteen Minutes Off

That's what it feels like anyway.
It's going to be a long week.
I just got home and I am flat out beat.
Not only am I working my ass off, it's been ninety fucking degrees around here just for fun.
As you can imagine I could give a rat fuck about blogging right this minute so I will be brief.
Hopefully I can get enough sleep to find something later, I only had about five hours this morning before some jack ass drove by with his car stereo thumping and woke me up.
Oh yeah, my ass is dragging.


Monday, August 25, 2014

Summer Is Bug Season

Be sure to check yourself thoroughly for ticks if you go outdoors.

There Are Only Two Throttle Positions In Life

Off and Wide open.

This is why it is not good for me to have a vehicle with an abundance of horsepower.

When I was younger, I literally used to rent my drivers license because of shit like this.

I was what the State of Oregon called a habitual offender.


I'm still nucking futs to this day when I am pretty certain I can get away with it, knock on wood!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Like A Bowl Of Jello, 7.0 Earthquake Hits Peru

I wouldn't try to rationalize this quake following the 6.0 earlier in California as being a coincidence.

7.0-magnitude quake strikes Peru, USGS says

By CNN Staff
-- A 7.0-magnitude quake struck southern Peru on Sunday evening, the U.S. Geological Survey reported.
The quake struck 36 miles east-northeast of Tambo at a depth of 37 miles, according to the USGS.
There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries.

After all, underneath the Earth's crust is a molten center, just like a giant water bed.

California Bay Area Residents Get Opportunity To Test Disaster Preps, 6.0 Shaker Centered Just Below NAPA

Governor Moon Beam has already declared it a disaster area, 89 reported injured so far according to the LA Times.

Emergency declared after 6.0 earthquake sends 89 to hospital in Napa

A long, rolling 6.0 earthquake shook a wide swath of the Bay Area awake early Sunday, prompting Gov. Jerry Brown to declare a state of emergency. The temblor damaged buildings, cut off power to tens of thousands, sparked fires, and sent at least 89 people to a hospital, including three who were in critical condition.
Centered about nine miles south of wine country's Napa at 3:20 a.m., the quake was felt as far south as Santa Cruz and into Sonoma County. It was the largest earthquake to strike the Bay Area since the 6.9 Loma Prieta temblor of 1989, the U.S. Geological Survey said.
A little more than two hours after the quake, a shallow magnitude 3.6 tremor was reported by the USGS. The aftershock occurred at 5:47 a.m. at a depth of five miles. The National California Seismic System put the chance of a strong aftershock in the next week at 54%. Scientists at UC Berkely released a video showing an early-warning system that sent an alert 10 seconds before the earthquake.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Look At Fox News Lie Right To Your Faces, Again

This is why you are an idiot if you take what is served up by the MSM at face value;

Obama orders review of federal role in allowing police to buy military gear

BREAKING NEWS: President Obama orders a review of federal programs and funding that allow state and local law-enforcement agencies to buy military equipment, a senior administration official confirms to Fox News.

Fact is, they don't BUY a damn thing, it is given to them at NO CHARGE.

Do they seriously think that Podunk Minnesota, for example, could afford to buy a $350,000 armored vehicle?
Want to see some deception?
If you click on the link at the headline above at the Fox News Main Page, it takes you to the article with a completely different headline that says the military surplus gear is given away.

Obama orders review of giving local police military gear

The old bait and switch routine.

DEVELOPING: President Obama has directed a review of federal programs and funding that allow state and local law-enforcement agencies to buy military equipment, a senior administration official said Saturday.

The review will include whether the programs are appropriate; whether such police agencies are getting the necessary training and guidance to use the equipment and whether the federal government is sufficiently auditing the use of the equipment obtained through federal programs and funding.

The president hinted Monday that a review was likely, in the aftermath of the fatal shooting of black teenager Michael Brown by a police officer in Ferguson, Mo., in which the local police department using military equipment to try to control the ensuing protests and riots.

Either way, the story is saying that the program is going to get reviewed.

I ain't holding my breath on any substantial changes any time soon and will instead predict that the program suddenly accelerates so they can get their hands on as much as possible just in case there are any changes.

They will figure once it's been disbursed it will be harder to get back,or in other words, it will be easier to ask forgiveness than permission at that point.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Apparently We Have Enough Cats Now

I went out on the back porch to have a smoke a few minutes ago and found one of these right at the foot of the stairs.

The local squirrels must be feeling the heat and are now desperate enough to start leaving peace offerings.

That is a green walnut and there isn't a walnut tree anywhere in sight.

Still Trying To Control The Narrative In Ferguson

Arresting a media photographer doing his job.

Holder and his goons sure do have the situation under control now don't they.


Move along citizen, nothing to see here.

Police in Ferguson arrest Getty photographer Scott Olson

Arrest marks the second time that police have arrested journalists covering the Ferguson protests

Police in Ferguson arrested a veteran Getty photographer, Scott Olson, on Monday.
Another Getty photographer pictured Olson being led away by officers from the Missouri state highway patrol. Police were preventing people from gathering in the area, and Olson is thought to have declined a request to move on. He was later released.
It was the second time that police have arrested journalists covering the Ferguson protests. Last week Ryan J Reilly of the Huffington Post and Wesley Lowery of the Washington Post were detained for several hours

Monday, August 18, 2014

Missouri Governor Calls In National Guard To Squash Violent Protests In Ferguson.

Oh now it is on.
Now that the coroner's findings show that the cop who shot Michael Brown did so at least once from a couple feet away through the top of the head while standing over the top of him.

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon early Monday ordered the National Guard deployed to the town of Ferguson, where another night of violence saw police pelted with bottles and Molotov cocktails and looters rampaging through local businesses.

The executive order directs the resources of the National Guard “to help restore peace and order and to protect the citizens of Ferguson.”

Police said there were signs of a pre-planned and coordinated attempt to disrupt the city and launch an advance on the police command post not far from the scene of the shooting.
“There were shootings, vandalism and other acts of violence that clearly appear not to have been spontaneous but premeditated criminal acts,” Missouri Highway Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson told reporters early Sunday.

“The catalyst was not civil disobedience, but pre-planned agitation,” he said.

The new street eruptions came as a private autopsy revealed that Brown had been shot at least six times, including twice in the head.

Anthony Gray, an attorney for the Brown family, said a diagram provided by New York forensics expert Dr. Michael Baden, commissioned by the family to do an independent examination, revealed details of the bullets that struck Brown’s body during his Aug. 9 encounter with a white police officer.

The fact that one of the shots struck the top of Brown’s head, Gray said, was significant.

“To have a shot that’s at a 90-degree angle from the top of his skull to the bottom of his chin, almost vertical, that sounds like an officer standing over him,” Gray said.

We shall see whether or not the National Guard will be pulling triggers shortly.

This has gone way beyond mere protest at this point and some people down there are gearing up for outright killing.

This is the new normal kiddies,

Pretty soon you will start seeing this,

It's coming.

The pendulum swings two ways.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Another Skirmish In RevWarII

Yes, it's on, it's been on and is going to get serious shortly.
People have stopped talking and started shooting..

Police fired smoke and tear gas canisters early Sunday in an effort to disperse several dozen protesters who defied a curfew in a St. Louis suburb where a black teenager was fatally shot by a white police officer last week.

The Missouri Highway Patrol said that seven people were arrested and one man had been shot at the site of the protest in Ferguson, Mo. Missouri State Highway Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson said that the shooting victim was in critical condition and had been rushed to a hospital by protesters.

Johnson said the use of tear gas was precipitated by concerns about people who'd broken into a barbecue restaurant and taken position on the roof overlooking approaching police. Another concern involved a man flashing a handgun who appeared in the middle of the street as armored vehicles approached. Johnson says someone fired at a patrol car, but no officers were injured.

"I was disappointed in the actions of tonight," Johnson said.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that St. Louis Alderman Antonio French, who has taken part in demonstrations all week, told reporters that the police's tactics "were a lot better" than they could have been. French also said that he had attempted to convince people to honor the curfew, but some "didn't want to be told to leave."

French later tweeted, "I can tell you firsthand that some of the people that remained tonight were armed. Were ready for a fight. And wanted to injure police."

Hundreds of other protesters had left peacefully before the midnight-to-5 a.m. curfew took effect, but remaining protesters -- chanting "No justice! No curfew!" -- refused to leave the area.

As five armored tactical vehicles approached the crowd, officers spoke through a loudspeaker: "You are in violation of a state-imposed curfew. You must disperse immediately. Failure to comply may result in arrest."

Highway Patrol Spokesman Lt. John Hotz initially said police only used smoke, but later told The Associated Press that they also fired tear gas canisters. He said of police efforts: "Obviously, we're trying to give them every opportunity to comply with the curfew."

As officers put on gas masks, a chant from the distant crowd emerged: "We have the right to assemble peacefully." A moment later, police began firing canisters into the crowd. Protesters said their faces and eyes had been burned. Others screamed in pain.

Jayson Ross, who was leading the protesters toward police, said: "They got guns. We got guns. We are ready."

Expect to see more of this.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Why the Sudden Concern About Militarized Police Forces?

You would think a large group of suddenly concerned politicians have been in a news vacuum for the past decade or so.

It isn't like this is anything new.
Thousands of people have been pointing out this phenomenon for a very long time now.

So why all of a sudden are politicians putting on their very concerned faces and speaking out in public about something that they enabled?

Just in case you haven't figured this out for yourself yet, let me boil all this concern down to two words for you.

Election Year.

It's all about the optics baby.

Politicians are the most opportunistic animals on the planet, bar none.

They don't give a flying FUCK about you, your dog or anybody else either, only the one thing that is going to get them re elected.

This is why the concerned faces started popping up, who can leverage the most votes out of the concern du jour.

Politicians are douche bags, never, ever, forget that.

Round And Round It Goes

The Stat Counter that is.

I am simply amazed.

500,000 page views in a year and a half, never in my wildest dreams.

Thank you, one and all who made that possible.


Just in case you were wondering.....

Not one thin dime.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Obama, Other Gov't Officials Criticize Militarized Police Tactics In Ferguson MO Clashes

Must be pretty bad when the Commander In Chief of the entire Police State calls you out.

I wonder who gave him regular coffee this morning?
It's about time he woke the fuck up.

Where was he when this was going on in Boston?

President Obama sought to calm the increasingly tense situation in Ferguson, Mo., saying that there is “no excuse” for "excessive force" by police or for looting or violence aimed at law enforcement.

Making a brief statement from Martha’s Vineyard, where he is on vacation, Obama said the police have a responsibility to be “open and transparent” about the events that led up to the shooting by a police officer of a black teenager in the city Saturday afternoon.

He added that he had asked the Justice Department and FBI to conduct an independent investigation of what happened.

Obama criticized police for their tactics and the arrests of two reporters Wednesday night. “Police should not be bullying or arresting journalists for doing their jobs,” he said.

His remarks came as his administration was under growing pressure to ramp up the federal response to the racial tensions in Ferguson.

Protests have grown into violent clashes with police since a St. Louis County police officer shot and killed 18-year-old Michael Brown on Saturday afternoon. The situation escalated significantly Wednesday as police fired rubber bullets and released tear gas into the crowds. Journalists from the Washington Post and Huffington Post were arrested.

As the clashes have grown more intense, political leaders in both parties have criticized the heavily armed, confrontational tactics used by the Ferguson police.
Ferguson protests
St. Louis County and Dellwood police detain two people on Aug. 13 in Ferguson, Mo. (Chris Lee / MCT)

Missouri's Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill issued a statement shortly before Obama spoke calling for "demilitarizing" the situation in Ferguson. The "response by the police has become the problem instead of the solution," McCaskill said in a statement.

And Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), in an op-ed article for Time Magazine, denounced the "militarization of our law enforcement." Police departments across the country have become too heavily armed as part of an "unprecedented expansion of government power," Paul said.

It's long overdue and quite frankly pretty much out of control.
I can't see any way to put the smoke back in the bottle now.

I don't think even Congress could pass enough laws to stop the very monster they helped create by giving surplus military equipment to every Podunk police force in the country.

These are the consequences of some jack ass Senator who thought it was a good idea, which is why it is imperative that we prepare to defend ourselves against this now.
Before some other jack ass Senator decides it's a good idea that we not be able to.

I'm looking at you, Feinstein.


Up To No Good

As usual.

I have a little project I am playing with a bit on the side and have been deciding which way I am going to go with it.

Nothing to get excited over yet but I'm thinking it won't be as free wheeling.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The New Democrat

I'm just wondering how this dirt bag figures I owe him anything other than a swift kick in the nuts and a one way ticket back across the border in the back of a hog truck?

Reading the bottom of the sign causes me to think maybe we may not have to worry about this one too long.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Some Things Bear Repeating, Drill This Into Your Skull.

If you can not understand that you are being assaulted as you read this then you aren't paying attention.

Even Chaplains know that self defense is a God Given right.
The words are over two hundred years old and are just as relevant today as they were then.

Go, Read Now.

H/T to Sam K.

Rubber Wheels Beat Rubber Heels

The wagon is for hauling tools and extension cords to the the little project and scraps from the little project.
The project is clear on the far side of the huge building.

I ain't no dummy.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

I Am Really Dizzy Right Now

I bet you will be after a few hours too.

Why Men Shouldn't Multitask (NSFW)

I roared with laughter when I saw this.
It was forwarded to me by a sweet little 80 year old lady too!

Tony Stewart Hit's And Kills Rival Driver Walking On Track.

I am going to wait for some facts and hopefully video before I really say too much about this. My condolences to the family of the late Mr. Ward.

I can't see Tony Stewart running anybody over on purpose right in front of God and a grandstand full of people no matter how mad he was.

I did manage to find a picture that bears a striking resemblance to a mug shot though.

From the LA Times;

A race car driver was killed Saturday night when he was hit while on foot by NASCAR driver Tony Stewart during a Canandaigua Motorsports Park in New York.
Amateur video of the incident shows racer Kevin Ward Jr. stepping toward Stewart's car at the Lucas Oil SuperSprint feature race after he was spun-out. In a matter of moments,Stewart's car hits Ward, sending him flying through the air. People in the audience can be heard screaming in terror at the incident.

Ward was pronounced dead at F.F. Thompson Hospital at 11:15 p.m., according to the Ontario County Sheriff's Office.
The incident happened around 10:30 p.m. at the exit for turn 2 during lap 14 of the 25-lap event, according to the sheriff's office.
Stewart, 42, has been "fully cooperative" with the investigation, sheriff's officials said.
It is unclear if any charges will be filed.
This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

A good man, Irish forwarded the video to me so you can make your own decision.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Breaking News!

We bombed the shit out of somebody, somewhere, again.

The Bill of Rights has been declared Null and Void and the last remaining copy of the Constitution is now at the bottom of the Whitehouse gardeners parakeet cage.

You taxes just went up, your health care insurance is going to drive you into the poorhouse and your boss is going to inform you Monday that you will be training your replacement who is an immigrant with an HB-1 visa and will work for a third of what you make and send all his earnings to Calcutta to bring the rest of his family here.

Our Southern border no longer exists and DHS has ordered all customs and immigration employees to immediately report for duty as parking meter attendants or manning information booths twenty feet inside the former border so as to give directions to our new neighbors on where to go to collect every thing from tooth brushes to luxury apartments on your fucking dime.

Your official government personal responsibility adviser will be moving in with you next week to ensure that no politically incorrect thoughts you may have ever reach the front door and there will be an armed SWAT team going door to door collecting all weapons of any kind.

You will now butter your toast with a Spork and be watched very closely while doing so.

Your internet connection will be throttled back to 1983 levels and your television OFF button will be permanently removed so as to encourage you to watch and listen to it until your eyes start bleeding and your personal Bubble Wrap suit has been ordered for you.

We can't be having you injure yourself on your way to the indoctrination center now, can we?

Just in case you had any other thoughts or plans the regularly scheduled food delivery truck fleets have all be grounded for safety reasons and the nice fellows from the afore mentioned SWAT team who will be visiting you will also be handing you a voucher packet to be redeemed at the Subsistence Level Nutrition Centers being set up in every town with a cat in it.

You dog lovers will get yours after you get hungry enough to eat your dogs, thus giving us a two for while not having to handle the mangy varmints personally.

We also hope you enjoy the flavor and texture as meat has been declared illegal and the only thing you will be eating is what your former food used to eat.

Stay tuned, updates on the hour, every hour, because we can't make up our minds on who or what to condemn between six and seven thirty yet.

Watch The Papers

I gotta go on a little road trip with the familial units again. This time there are going to be two more than last time.
It's going to be a long fucking day tomorrow and I can already see what's coming.

Pray for me.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Quick Lesson

There will be a test so study hard kiddies!

Spelling Lesson
The last four letters in American..........I Can
The last four letters in Republican........I Can
The last four letters in Democrats.........Rats

End of lesson. Test to follow November 4, 2014

Remember, November is to be set aside as rodent removal month.

All Your Passwords Are Belong To Us.

Holy shit!
These assclowns stole more email address and passwords than you can shake a stick at.

I skipped a whole bunch of this article so you should go read it but I wanted you to see the kicker at the bottom, I saved it for last. It seems all might not be as it appears on the surface, Ivan may be sending our idiot politicians a subtle message.

LAS VEGAS -- Security researchers say a Russian crime ring has pulled off the largest known theft of confidential Internet information, including 1.2 billion username and password combinations and more than 500 million email addresses.

The cyber gang injected malicious code to steal databases from at least 420,000 websites, says Alex Holden, founder and chief information security officer for Hold Security in Milwaukee, Wisc.

"It is absolutely the largest breach we've ever encountered," Holden said late Tuesday.

Most unsettling, he said, was finding his own credentials among the compromised data.

Hold Security cyber sleuths have been monitoring the cyber gang for about seven months, but only recently realized the magnitude of the gang's operation, Holden said.

"We thought at first they were run-of-the-mill spammers," he said. "But they got very good at stealing these databases."

Holden won't identify the gang, but he says his investigators know their names and locations. "The perpetrators are in Russia so not much can be done. These people are outside the law," he said.

Describing the breach as "easily five times the size of the Target breach," Vardi said that most organizations are not set up to defend these types of attacks. "They are not monitoring anomalies in their networks to detect these breaches quickly," he said.

Security expert Phil Lieberman, CEO of Lieberman Software, thinks the theft may be more of a warning or a veiled threat from the Russians. "I think this is a political statement rather than a security threat," he said. "I think there is a message being sent and the message is: Watch out."

The Russian government could have prevented the breach, he says. "But then the question is: Why should they? Are we s uch good friends that they should stop this?"

Unfortunately for us, our politicians don't do, "subtle".

They don't do obvious either.
They do whatever their money masters tell them to do, no matter what.

If you think that is hyperbole, go do a Google search on the percentage of Americans who were against bailing out the Too Big To Fail assholes.
95% as I recall.

You know what happened.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Mr. Scott, Fetch My Dilythiem Crystals

Warp 9 bitches, here we come!

NASA to Revolutionize Spacelift, Claims ‘Impossible’ Space Engine Could Work

NASA has created a revolutionary new engine that could change the future of space exploration. The new engine operates what officials are describing as a Microwave Thruster System. The engine requires no propellant in order to generate thrust. The engine provides movement using nothing but electricity, according to reports.

Top scientists from NASA say that the initial tests on the engine show that it provided up to 50 micro-newtons of thrust. The test was carried out in a state of the art facilities with tools that are capable of measuring in extremely precise measurements of up to a single micro-newton.

Although it only produced a small amount of thrust at the Houston based space centre, the fact that the engine works could lead to a massive breakthrough which will, in the future, cut down the high expenses that space travel relies on due to no longer needing to provide so much fuel to power the engines of the rockets.

Many scientists had previously claimed that an engine working using this method would be ‘impossible’, so the development could lead to a huge shift in our understanding of physics, and could mark a whole new generation of scientific findings.

The idea was originally invented by UK based scientist Roger Shawyer and operates on concentrated microwaves bouncing within a small, enclosed container.

The scientists ideas were widely rejected by other scientists, who believed that due to breaking several physical laws, most notably the Conservation of Momentum law, but in 2012 Chinese scientists reproduced his work and also found out that it worked.

Some scientists warn against becoming optimistic about the engine due to the amount of questions still unanswered about the technology.

I'm Feeling A Bit....... Disturbed

Nothing unusual there I suppose.
I freakin' love Disturbed.


Read the lyrics as you go.


Darkness cover me

I'm not ready to die, girl
Because of what you don't tell me
I'm not ready to walk inside of where you're taking me
I'm not ready to die, girl
Because of what you don't tell me
I'm not willing to compromise the man i want to be

Think you're a little bit closer
To changing me
You're never winning me over
You're wasting time

Leave me be

I'm not ready to die, girl
Because of what you don't tell me
I'm never going to tow the line of your conformity
I'm not ready to die, girl
Because of what you don't tell me
I'm not ready to leave the realm of anonymity

Think you're a little bit closer
To changing me
You're never winning me over
You're wasting time

Get away from me

Think you're a little bit closer
To changing me
You're never winning me over
You're wasting time

Saturday, August 2, 2014

They Learn So Young These Days

Here's a truly heartwarming story about the bond formed between a little 4-year-old girl and some construction workers that will make you believe that we all can make a difference when we give a child the gift of our time.

A young family moved into a house, next to a vacant lot. One day, a construction crew turned up to start building a house on the empty lot.

The young family's 4-year-old daughter naturally took an interest in all the activity going on next door and spent much of each day observing the

Eventually the construction crew, all of them "gems-in-the-rough," more or less, adopted her as a kind of project mascot. They chatted with her, let her sit with them while they had coffee and lunch
breaks, and gave her 20 little jobs to do here and there to make her feel important.

At the end of the first week, they even presented her with a pay envelope containing ten dollars.

The little girl took this home to her mother who suggested that she take her ten dollars "pay" she'd received to the bank the next day to start a savings account.

When the girl and her mom got to the bank, the teller was equally impressed and asked the little girl how she had come by her very own pay check at such a young age.

The little girl proudly replied, "I worked last week with a real construction crew building the new house next door to us."

"Oh my goodness gracious," said the teller, "and will you be working on the house again this week, too?"

The little girl replied, "I will, if those assholes at Home Depot ever deliver the fuckin' drywall..."

Don't look at me like that, I'm not in construction.

Caturday, Gimmee!!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Now Let's Have Some Murder Charges

Of course they will find a way to get this fucker off but the homicide ruling makes for lot's of options for going after this asshole cop.

Death of man in NYPD chokehold controversy ruled a homicide



The death of a 43-year-old New York City man who was placed in a chokehold by police officers has been ruled a homicide, according to the New York City Medical Examiner's Office.

Eric Garner, whose death became a national controversy after video surfaced of an officer placing him in what appeared to be a chokehold on July 17, was killed by "compression of neck (choke hold), compression of chest and prone positioning during physical restraint by police," according to Julie Bolcer, director of public affairs for the medical examiner's office.

Bolcer said Garner's asthma, obesity and cardiovascular disease were contributing factors, but the medical examiner's office has ruled the death a homicide.

Police were trying to arrest Garner for selling untaxed cigarettes when he became embroiled in an argument with officers Daniel Pantaleo and Justin D'Amico. A video of the incident shows Pantaleo place him in a chokehold and drive him to the ground, while another officer pins his head to the sidewalk as Garner repeatedly says "I can't breathe!"

Pantaleo's gun and badge were taken away, while D'Amico has been placed on desk duty.

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