Thursday, August 14, 2014

Obama, Other Gov't Officials Criticize Militarized Police Tactics In Ferguson MO Clashes

Must be pretty bad when the Commander In Chief of the entire Police State calls you out.

I wonder who gave him regular coffee this morning?
It's about time he woke the fuck up.

Where was he when this was going on in Boston?

President Obama sought to calm the increasingly tense situation in Ferguson, Mo., saying that there is “no excuse” for "excessive force" by police or for looting or violence aimed at law enforcement.

Making a brief statement from Martha’s Vineyard, where he is on vacation, Obama said the police have a responsibility to be “open and transparent” about the events that led up to the shooting by a police officer of a black teenager in the city Saturday afternoon.

He added that he had asked the Justice Department and FBI to conduct an independent investigation of what happened.

Obama criticized police for their tactics and the arrests of two reporters Wednesday night. “Police should not be bullying or arresting journalists for doing their jobs,” he said.

His remarks came as his administration was under growing pressure to ramp up the federal response to the racial tensions in Ferguson.

Protests have grown into violent clashes with police since a St. Louis County police officer shot and killed 18-year-old Michael Brown on Saturday afternoon. The situation escalated significantly Wednesday as police fired rubber bullets and released tear gas into the crowds. Journalists from the Washington Post and Huffington Post were arrested.

As the clashes have grown more intense, political leaders in both parties have criticized the heavily armed, confrontational tactics used by the Ferguson police.
Ferguson protests
St. Louis County and Dellwood police detain two people on Aug. 13 in Ferguson, Mo. (Chris Lee / MCT)

Missouri's Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill issued a statement shortly before Obama spoke calling for "demilitarizing" the situation in Ferguson. The "response by the police has become the problem instead of the solution," McCaskill said in a statement.

And Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), in an op-ed article for Time Magazine, denounced the "militarization of our law enforcement." Police departments across the country have become too heavily armed as part of an "unprecedented expansion of government power," Paul said.

It's long overdue and quite frankly pretty much out of control.
I can't see any way to put the smoke back in the bottle now.

I don't think even Congress could pass enough laws to stop the very monster they helped create by giving surplus military equipment to every Podunk police force in the country.

These are the consequences of some jack ass Senator who thought it was a good idea, which is why it is imperative that we prepare to defend ourselves against this now.
Before some other jack ass Senator decides it's a good idea that we not be able to.

I'm looking at you, Feinstein.



Falcon said...

My problem with this shit is HOW in the fuck does the ordinary person defend them selves against this shit. You would have to be an expert marksman or have enough people on your side of the fence to just plain overpower them. Being a prior military mechanic I can understand how disable a military vehicle. But let's face it these morons have the upper hand.

Sixbears said...

If a police department has the looks and behavior of an invading force, they well be treated like one. Not good at all. What the heck happened to "protect and serve?"

Grog said...

That idea has been an illusion for some decades now, for the segment of the population that gave up their self reliance and allowed the politicos to tell them what to think, and it really took root when the "swat" team concept was implemented by the smurfs.

On a related note, Officer Darren Wilson is the murderer of the young man, he's been a smurf for six years.

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