Friday, January 28, 2022

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Sunday, January 23, 2022

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Sent in by reader Awtha he spied this at a store during a beer run I am guessing

Massive Anti Vaxx Mandate Protest In Front Of Lincoln Memorial Today

 Those fuckers who are participating in the Kangaroo Court prosecution of the January 6th protesters must be pissing down their legs right about now.

I'm telling you, the Gig Is Up for this bullshit.

People all over the world are staging massive protests like this lately.

It's really a simple matter of numbers, I think people are starting to figure this out.

There are Billions of us Peons and maybe a million Useful Idiots who have been prosecuting this farce on the rest of us.

When you get up to the top of the food chain for these cretins, we are talking enough people to fit in one room who are behind all of this.

Against Billions.

I like our odds.

The MSM has shot it's wad. They can no longer control the narrative.

The Draconian policies of Mandatory Vaxxes, Lock Downs and other techniques of control are losing their power over us.

They still have some tricks up their sleeve, food and goods shortages etc., but the looming Financial Collapse is going to work against them in the long run.

The Economic Collapse is going to force all of us to create Work Arounds for the Dying Dollar.

To do that, we are going to have to be able to get out and mingle around.

These Vaxx Passes, Mask Mandates, Lock Downs and all the other Horse Shit are going to go away by necessity.

Millions of people are ignoring a lot of this already.

The Normies are starting to Wake Up.

And they are PISSED OFF.

Adds a whole new element to dodge balls...


Remember when you had men behind the counter who knew cars?


Saturday, January 22, 2022

Big Country mentioned he needed one...


Saturday Campers


Saturday Campers

1976/77 Chevy Blazer Chalet
40′ Beaver Continental Class A
European Audi Trunk Camper
Camper especially made for Denise
Igor’s 34′ Beaver Class A. This one above and the one just below.

If you have a picture of your RV, send it in at Cederq at and I will post it and credit it.

Even Dolly likes camping…
No thank you, too vulnerable for bears and cougars…
That is roughing it.
DUBAI, UAE – NOV 27, 2016: Historic Volkswagen T1 with an old Eriba-Touring caravan at the Last Exit food trucks park in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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