Saturday, February 11, 2023

Quote Of The Decade

 Regarding this balloon/UFO nonsense…

Forget about the global injected genocide, food supply take down, global econoic engineered failure, bioweapons, AI, CBDCs, vaxx passports, and the WEF Great Reset and the UN Agenda 2030/Sustainable Development Goals, pedos and satanists as leaders and celebrities, etc… look over here instead


Not to mention the most massive wealth transfer in history, Hunter Biden, FJB and Burisma, The FBI targeting literally everyone not connected to FJB, the Media, DOJ, FBI, CIA, ATF, and every Three Letter Agency Et Al squashing every so called Constitutionally Protected Right we used to have, the Planned economic melt down plus the orchestrated Racial animosity, the fucking border invasion and probably a dozen other things I could list if I wasn’t already about to stroke out just amassing this list and you just might, get an inkling of why they are playing this balloon bullshit up so hard.

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