Sunday, June 19, 2022

Lick your lips...


You want to kiss with that mouth?

And happy.


Life is struggle, life is tension. If we never hurt, we never learn.


Happy Fathers Day Dudes

 Lay around, scratch your balls as you see fit and randomly yell though the house,


Gotta take advantage of the one fucking day ya get.

Because there is obviously a lack of Stand Up Dudes in this world..

And the ones there are are severely underappreciated.

The kind of guy a kid can look up to, admire and emulate.

Or the kind of guy who can take charge of a situation, handle it with confidence, authority and ease, all while giving a fast life long lesson off the top of his head and in passing while doing it.

"Never apologize, it's a sign of weakness."

If you weren't paying attention you would completely miss it.

Kids don't have these kinds of role models anymore.

Fill that missing void in their lives.

They will thank you for it later.

Now if you will excuse me, my nuts need rearranging.

Sunday, June 12, 2022

We May Have Just Had A Rare Opportunity Handed To Us

 You may have seen an article yesterday about a bunch of protesters being arrested over in Idaho at a Gay Pride rally for Conspiracy To Riot

I did but the importance of it escaped me until this morning while I was out having my coffee and smoke, skimming the headlines.

The people arrested were a group called The Patriot Front.

I recognized the name because of the irony of them being a front for nefarious purposes and their Method of Operation.

All dressed alike and showing up in a rented U Haul van, some with identical riot shields

The light came on when I reread that part.

The same bunch that showed up in D.C. a while back, out of the blue, all dressed alike and all mysteriously young and in good physical condition.

Not one typical fat, out of shape, middle aged American male in the bunch.

Very reminiscent of another group you may recall,
You would have to have almost zero Situational Awareness to see these two groups and not immediately think Glownigger.

In other words, Feds, gaslighting the shit out of everyone, posing as random citizens and trying to stir up a bunch of shit.

This opportunity I mentioned above would the ability to find out who these people really are now that they have been arrested.

It wouldn't surprise me to find out someone on The Chans has already doxxed their asses if the arrest records have been made public, as they should be.

If they haven't, then that would be one more confirmation of Fed Boi status for these guys.

It looks to me like someone forgot to inform these police officers over in Idaho about the

plan and they decided that they didn't feel like playing Fucky Fuck games with a bunch of obvious Shit Disturbers.

How fortunate for us.

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