Thursday, May 26, 2022

Did I even say I liked you?




Truth there...


And it is downpouring.....


Fuck You, Inslee

 The Commie bastard signed a bill into law last March outlawing gun magazines that hold more than 10 rounds.

It goes into effect June 8th.

If you have them in hand before that date they are Grandfathered in.

If you live in Washington State, then I very strongly suggest that you get with the program and stockpile as many magazines as you can afford and do it TODAY.

Most outfits will have them shipped to you before that June 8th deadline. After that, we are shit out of luck unless you want to go out of state and bring them back. Make sure all the lights on your vehicle work if you do, I'm just sayin'.

Because I was reminded of this I now have 16 more coming. Six 40 rounders and Ten 30 rounders.

I don't even know how many I have total anymore but it's going to have to be enough.

Don't forget The Freedom Seeds that go in them either.

There's 1,000 of those headed my way too.

Because Fuck You, That's Why, Inslee.

Fuckin' Commie Cunt.

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