Sunday, April 30, 2017

Lawmakers Decide Not To Play Chicken This Year, OK Funding For Government Through September

Nobody had the balls to flirt with a government shut down.
Who'dathunk it?

Fucking weasels.

Lawmakers seal deal on $1-trillion government funding bill

Congressional Republicans and Democrats forged a hard-won agreement Sunday night on a $1-trillion-plus spending bill that would fund the day-to-day operations of virtually every federal agency through September, denying President Trump funding for a border wall and rejecting his cuts to popular domestic programs.

Aides to lawmakers involved in the talks announced the agreement after weeks of negotiations. It's expected to be made public Sunday night.

The catchall spending bill would be the first major piece of bipartisan legislation to advance during Trump's short tenure in the White House. Though he lost his battle to fund the wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, Trump won a $15-billion down payment on his request to strengthen the military.

The measure funds the remainder of the 2017 budget year, rejecting cuts to popular domestic programs targeted by Trump, such as medical research and infrastructure grants. Trump obtained $1.5 billion for border security measures such as additional detention beds.

These fuckers haven't passed a true budget in over a decade now.
If they worked in the private sector they would be unemfuckingployed yesterday and rightfully so.

A Little Something For Bubba

The rest of you can enjoy it too of course.

I can't wait to see how long it takes for some tightass to sic The Googles on me for this one.


Some people on the Left are so head shakingly stupid it's a wonder they can figure out which shoe goes on which foot.

So some 4Chan members trolled the living shit out of the press here recently and it's all over the internet now.

They ginned up a rumor that this,

is now some gang sign for White Power.

The Left and the Press took it hook, line and sinker.

Hysterical little bitches pissed all over themselves about it.

They tried to run the Fake News bit into the ground and got hit square in the face with their own tactic.

It's just one excellent example of why anything that comes out of the MSM is automatically suspect anymore.
It's also a great example of how much the Left influences the MSM.
They are in bed together and going at it.

The best part about the whole thing is how this highlighted that relationship in a way that money couldn't buy, using their own resources against themselves.

Pure fucking genius I'd say.

Dammit, Now I'm Hungry

A Little Spring Time Garden Porn For Ya

Would You Call That A Skill?

Friday, April 28, 2017

The Short Turnaround

I just got home from working five straight twelve hour days and now have to turn around and be back at three this afternoon.
It doesn't leave me much time for blogging.
They originally wanted us to put in another twelve but I'm pretty sure someone caught the look of a distinct possibility of some workplace violence in several pairs of eyes this morning and decided that maybe five in a row would do for now.

I'm fucking beat and I get to do some fence repairs tomorrow when I finally drag my dead ass out of bed.
I haven't had a chance to see what the weather is supposed to do but I have five bucks that says it rains.

Some smartass once said that if it doesn't kill ya, it'll just make ya stronger.
If that's the case then I should be Superman by sometime Sunday afternoon.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Sooner You Understand This, The Safer You Will Be

I usually start out with coffee then hit the energy drinks to get shit done.

I don't get the shakes, I vibrate.

Vintage Cars Were Tough, They Were Made Out Of Real Steel, Right?

That's what I always thought.

Until I watched this.
Pay close attention to the conditions inside each car.

I would have thought the old Chevy would cream a newer car.

I would have been dead wrong.

Hard to believe what they have done with modern cars.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Camel's Nose Is Already In The Tent

You stupid motherfuckers wanted diversity, you got it.
Now they are trying to put a bandage on a shotgun blast to the guts.
The original article mentions that other states have been down this road already.
It should be a given that the countless laws on the books in this country are the only ones recognized here.
You want Sharia law, you go back to the shithole you came from Abdul.

Michigan: After Muslims arrested for FGM, lawmaker proposes bill banning sharia law

Unsurprisingly, the first Arab Muslim elected to the Michigan state House is opposed to banning sharia law in Michigan. In other words, he supports sharia law.

LANSING, MI — Michigan residents would be banned from using other countries’ laws in court under a bill proposed by Rep. Michele Hoitenga, R-Manton, according to an email obtained by MLive.

In an email sent to state lawmakers seeking co-sponsors on Monday, Hoitenga said her bill doesn’t specifically mention Sharia Law, but wrote that it would include the religious law association with Islam.

Read the bill here.

“If you have not heard by now, a doctor in Detroit is being charged with operating an underground clinic that actively engaged in genital mutilation on young girls, essentially practicing a fundamentalist version of Sharia Law,” Hoitenga wrote in the email.

The doctor she references is Dr. Jumana Nagarwala, 44, who federal prosecutors accuse of having performed female genital mutilations at a Detroit-area clinic.

Hoitenga’s planned bill is already drawing opposition from Democrats, including Rep. Abdullah Hammoud, D-Dearborn. Hammoud said Sharia isn’t connected with female genital mutilation, as Hoitenga’s email claimed.

“As a Muslim, I can tell you that I’m not aware of a fundamentalist version or another version that encourages female genital mutilation. That’s just not a thing,” Hammoud said.

Lawmakers opposed to Hoitenga’s proposed legislation said it could be used to ban religious practices, referencing parts of Hoitenga’s email that called for a prohibition of “the practice of foreign laws.”

In a statement to MLive, Hoitenga clarified that the legislation referred to recognition in courts, and was not specific to Sharia law.

“This legislation does not target any specific group or religion, it simply clarifies that foreign laws that are inconsistent with American laws will not be recognized in our courts,” Hoitenga said in the statement.

“It’s important to affirm our state and federal constitutions and the freedoms they provide, as they are constantly under assault. A clear message must be sent that our state will not tolerate the application of any law that would result in inhumane actions against women and children, even if such are accepted in other countries.”

Send 'Em This Way

I won't disappoint them.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

My Old Man Would Have Loved This

If you think I'm an ornery little fucker, you should have met my Dad.
He would have laughed his ass off at this one.

Wild Pigs Kill 3 ISIS Jihadists In Iraq

Looks like pigs hate them Musloids as much as the Musloids hate pigs.

That's what ya get fer hatin' on the bacon.

I say drop ten thousand of the damned things over there then.
Give 'em a shot of rabies on the way out the door first just to make sure.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Well, Yesterday Was Fun

After I woke up, I grabbed some coffee and went out back to have a smoke to have a minute to clear the cobwebs.

As I'm standing there in the drizzle vacantly staring around I looked over and see there is a section of fence down.

Regular readers will be able to fill in the blanks of what came out of my mouth at that point.

So I wander over and take a look and sure as shit, one of the fence posts has sheared off underneath ground level and the wind had pulled that section out of the little sheet metal clips they use these days to hold all that shit together.

I went back in the house to inform the Wifely Unit and got a bunch of reasons why it wasn't our problem because we rent the place.

Yeah, right, whatever, the fence needs to be fixed dear.

As I was about to walk next door to introduce myself to the neighbors and discuss what the plan of attack was going to be, I heard some banging coming from the back yard.
The neighbor was already out there and was trying to put up some kind of tore up, funky plastic mesh to deter his dog from escaping.

I introduced myself and we started discussing what needed to be done.
He is a very nice guy, about my age and size large.

Probably six foot five and two thirty.
He also works twelve hours shifts, three on, four off, four on, three off.

So I tell him that I will go get some lumber and he says he will start digging out the old fence post.
I went ahead and bought the concrete and clips along with the lumber. I'm thinking he wants to replace a bunch of the Cedar fence boards, that will be on him.

He tells me he knows there is concrete around the bottom.

Come to find out, that was an understatement.

An hour later, after digging, prying and digging some more, it was still in the ground and not budging.

Fuck you I says to myself, you are coming out of the ground.

I will win.

I went in the garage and got that little folding engine hoist I bought last Summer from Harbor Freight and drug it out there.
We set it up so that it straddled the hole and wrapped a nylon strap around the sonofabitch in a choker.

I maxed the poor little thing out pulling on it and the post STILL wouldn't budge!
More digging, more prying and more pulling.
It took almost another hour before we got that fucker out of the ground. Then I saw why.

When they were building the fence, they brought in a Bobcat skid steer with an auger attachment on it.
The post hole was four fucking feet deep.

After we wrestled the damn thing into the wheel barrow, we agreed to come back this weekend to finish it up because we both had to work later.

Then I went in the house for a couple of hours before going to work, for another twelve hour shift.........

I am going in a bit later for another twelve hours and tomorrow too.
Until we get this big project done.
I'm hoping Wednesday will do it, if not maybe Thursday.
Then I get a short turnaround.
Get home at six thirty, seven in the morning and then have to turn around and be back at two thirty in the afternoon.

My back is killing me already from yesterday, I can't wait for the rest of the week to be over so I can go fence building on Saturday.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Starting The 12 Hour Shifts Again Until Further Notice



New Roger Waters Single Sounds Just Like Vintage Floyd !

I was resigned to the fact that I would never hear anything like this ever again. I can't begin to say how happy I am I was wrong.
It's an instant classic.
Headphones are a must to pick out the subtleties in the background.

He has a new album due out next month.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Do I Have A Treat For You Guys.

At some point while you are watching this, you are just going to say DAMN! to yourself under your breath.

For those of you who have been around a while, you just may remember Johnny Winter, older brother of arguably better known Edgar Winter.

John Dawson Winter III (February 23, 1944 – July 16, 2014), known as Johnny Winter, was an American musician, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer. Best known for his high-energy blues-rock albums and live performances in the late 1960s and 1970s, Winter also produced three Grammy Award-winning albums for blues singer and guitarist Muddy Waters. After his time with Waters, Winter recorded several Grammy-nominated blues albums. In 1988, he was inducted into the Blues Foundation Hall of Fame and in 2003, he was ranked 63rd in Rolling Stone magazine's list of the "100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time".[1]

For those of you who are too young and unfortunate enough to have never heard of ol' Johnny, here is one that you won't forget.

This is ass kickin' music.

You can thank me in the comments.

Crank this shit up.

For Earth Day, You're Hiding Stuff In There And We Want It.

Fuck you tree huggin' Greeny bastards.

Trump Administration Hammering "Sanctuary Cities" Left And Right

I saw this move coming months ago.
These fucking Mayors seem to think they are pretty big fish in a little pond.

What was that, you wanted some Federal money for your infrastructure?
How about no, does that work for you?
Do we have your attention now?

You can either quit harboring people who are in this country illegally and keep getting some of that sweet Federal money or you can try and keep them and fuck the fuck off.

Your choice there pal.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Out Of Stock, In Stock, Out Again, In Again SOLD!

Dang, these little Quick Change Tool Post sets for the mini lathes like I have must be selling like wildfire at that place I posted about the other day.
That was the reason I found the outfit in the first place, watching a video on Youtube about some guy's review of the thing.
He had a link to them so I clicked my happy ass right on over there, only to find out that they were completely sold out of them.

I have been wanting to get one ever since I got the lathe but even Harbor Freight wanted a hundred bucks for the kit.

A might bit pricey and something I would have to wait on.
This Banggood had 'em on sale for $37.95 up until Easter Sunday, but they were sold out.
They sent me an email saying they were back in stock but the sale was over and they went up to $47.95.
Still half of what Harbor Freight wanted and they have stellar reviews.

I made the mistake of dithering about it for a few hours before I talked myself into it but by then they sold out again!


I got home from work about 2 this morning and there was another email telling me they were back in stock again.
Two clicks and a page refresh and I was there man. I may be slow sometimes but I ain't stupid.

This time they had some coupon for 15% off even.


Forty bucks for all that plus free shipping, are you kidding me?
The best part is that they didn't used to sell the little adjustable tool holders separately but now they do, for about $6.50 apiece.

Oh hell yeah, I'll be getting about five or six more of those down the road a bit.
You couldn't buy the materials and make 'em yourself for that kind of money and more is better with those little things. You put your cutting bit in it, set it up so it is even with the centerline of your chuck and leave it there. Pull it off as an assembly, stick another one on with a different cutter and away ya go. It takes seconds instead of having to change a cutter, fuck around trying to shim it up and tighten it down every time you want to change one out.
Saves buttloads of time and aggravation.

The cutting bit holders and the inserts I ordered the other day are already on their way here so pretty soon I will be good to go in that respect.
It's no joke that you can spend two, even three or four times what you paid for the lathe it's self just getting accessories for the damn things.
I made damn sure The Wifely Unit understood that when she got it for me too.

I still want the Mini Mill for Christmas, they just go hand in hand.
I would have to buy more tooling for that too.
Darn it.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Bill O'Reilly is officially out at Fox News, replaced by Tucker Carlson

I never paid much attention to anything he had to say.

Fox News has officially cut ties with its biggest prime-time star, Bill O’Reilly, following sexual harassment claims lodged against him.

“After a thorough and careful review of the allegations, the Company and Bill O’Reilly have agreed that Bill O’Reilly will not be returning to the Fox News Channel,” 21st Century Fox said in a statement.

O’Reilly — the network’s signature talent who used his cable news fame to become a best-selling author, live tour attraction and TV producer — has been off the air since April 12. He was scheduled to return from a vacation Monday, but instead he will be replaced by Tucker Carlson, who hosts the 9 p.m. Eastern hour that follows O’Reilly’s show.

Carlson, who joined the network’s weekday lineup last year and moved to fill Megyn Kelly’s time period in January, will be a part of a major shakeup of the Fox News program lineup triggered by O’Reilly’s departure.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Dear Anti Gun Fanatics, Look To Venezuela For The Ultimate Reason To Shut The Fuck Up.

Maduro is arming his supporters to protect himself as that country circles the drain towards getting torn apart because of his corruption.

This is exactly why we have the 2nd Amendment you fools.

Venezuela's Maduro to provide guns to 400,000 loyalists amid peaking tension

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said he will expand the number of civilians involved in armed militias, providing guns to as many as 400,000 loyalists.
The announcement came as Maduro's opponents are gearing up for what they pledge will be the largest rally yet to press for elections and a host of other demands Wednesday.
The Bolivarian militias, currently at approximately 100,000, were created by the late Hugo Chavez to assist the armed forces in the defense of his revolution from external and domestic attacks.
Speaking to thousands of militia members dressed in beige uniforms gathered in front of the presidential palace, Maduro said that vision remains relevant as Venezuela continues to face "imperialist aggression."
"A gun for every militiaman!" he cried.

Imperialist aggression my ass.
His people are starving while he and his cronies are living large and this is the perfect example of a despot trying to keep the general population under control while he continues to run the place into the ground.

He must be getting worried.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Attention All DYI Hobbyists, There Be Tool Porn Here, Dirt Cheap Tool Porn

I ain't kidding either, OMFG, I spent hours looking and drooling before I broke out the plastic.

Even the name of the place sounds like a porn site, Bang Good,com.

If you are a hobby machinist, electronic geek, wanting things like stepper motors, guide rods, bearings, lathe tools, taps, dies, abrasives, cheap carbide inserts or God only knows what else, this is the place.

I'm serious, make sure you have plenty of spare time before you click on that link.
I ordered ten carbide inserts for five bucks.
Anywhere else, that's how much they want for one.

A 3/8's boring bar for my lathe was six bucks.
A six piece insert holder set was thirty and they had a quick change tool post complete with tool holders on sale for forty.
Half of what I can find anywhere else.
They were out of stock but even when they aren't on sale they are under fifty.
Still half price.
They have mini lathe chucks, measuring tools, electronics, clothes, tools, you name it.
They even had FREE shipping!!
Days I'm tellin' ya, days I could spend there.
I gave you the quick link, if you want to see what else they have just click on the home page.
Bring a lunch.

Monday Already?

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter

Just remember not to hide the Easter eggs too well.

Some people take that shit serious.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Wifely Unit Is Mad At Me Again, My Day Is Complete Now

Heh, you would think she knows me by now.

The yard maintenance has become an issue, the kid has more important things to do.
He has a job at a pizza joint as an assistant manager so they are yanking him around and making him put in a bunch of hours.
Gee, that sounds awful familiar, I had 41 hours in before I even pulled into the parking lot at work Friday.

So I mowed the lawn last weekend for the first time this year.
Thought I was gonna have a fucking heart attack before I was done.
Jesus Christ.

I had to stop several times and take a break to catch my wind, I ain't no Spring chicken anymore.
It was definitely Leg Day that day.

I told her after I came in and collapsed that if it was going to be left up to me to do that shit that there was a fucking riding lawnmower in our future.
Oh Hell no she says, the lawn isn't big enough, we don't have anyplace to put it and on and on and on.

While I was at it, I told her that the lawn needed edging on one side and that it was highlighted in our rental lease that we keep up on that shit.
I also made sure and mentioned that I wanted a new Weed Eater.
The POS I bought at Harbor Freight was exactly that, a Piece Of Shit.

You cant buy replacement spools for the fucking thing ANYWHERE. especially Harbor Fucking Freight.
That was the FIRST place I looked.

I tried buying some whiz bang "Universal" type gizmo for it and there weren't no love there either.
The fucking thing has a 3/16's shaft with LEFT HAND THREADS on it and nothing comes even close.

So earlier today I happened to notice that there was an extremely rare over abundance of money in my bank account.
After checking to make sure there wasn't a bunch of fucking bills to pay and it was absolutely gorgeous outside, I told her I was going up and getting a new Weed Eater.

I somehow neglected to mention that I wasn't fucking around this time either.

I get in the Sprite and fired that little bitch up and off to Home Depot we go.

I have to say they had quite the impressive selection of Weed Whackers at that place, Holy Fuck.

Electric, battery powered, gas engines, two stroke and something I had never seen before.

More specifically,this,

A four stroke weed eater that has detachable heads for different jobs.

It wasn't cheap.
The Edger attachment was another $90.

More Hmm.
I looked around some more.

Fuck the electric ones, I absolutely DETEST dragging extension cords around.

The battery powered ones had my attention for about two nanoseconds too after I looked a little closer.
Yet another battery charger to fuck with and I didn't even bother to look at what they wanted for an extra 40 volt Lithium battery.
You could buy a damn weed eater for that much I'm sure.

I wanted a gas powered motherfucker, I was pretty much set on that.
Two strokes on the other hand, also have their own issues and dollars to donuts the kid would get his grubby little mitts on it when I wasn't looking and put straight gas in the fucker.
Seized up two strokes don't even make good boat anchors and are worth about a nickel.

Fuck it I says as I snagged the Ryobi.
Double Fuck it I says as I snagged the fucking edger attachment too.

If I'm going to have to be the one to do this fucking shit then I am damn well going to get what the fuck I want to make it easier.
Damn near $300 by the time you add some extra string and a little gas can. Plus tax, of course.

Even my butthole puckered up at that.

Fuck it anyways.

I threw that shit in the Sprite, stopped and got some gas and came home to put it all together.First was to put the oil in the tiny little crankcase.
It wasn't too bad to put everything together and the damn thing started on the second pull!

I let it idle for about twenty seconds, put the edger thingy on it, went out front and fired that little bitch up.
Full throttle and the shit started flying!

Damn thing worked like a charm.
I got the edging done after I finally found the edge of the sidewalk and then put the weed eater on it and went to town.
After a bit I came in to eat and by way of small talk I mentioned how nice the thing worked.

That's when she asked me how much it cost

It may be a while before she cools off this time I think.

She has only ever said what she said to me one other time, another instance of getting something I wanted without giving a fuck what it cost a few years ago.

"Don't you ever do that again"

Those are, I'm so fucking mad right now I don't know what to say at the moment but you are in deep shit now you little sonofabitch kind of words.
You will pay for your insolence at a later date of my choosing and you will pay big kinda mad.

The lawn looks nice though, even if I have to say so myself.

Heh Heh Hehhhh.

That reminds me,

I wonder if there are any decent riding mowers on Craigslist around here..........

It's Just A Tease

Stumbled upon this group of rockin' young ladies and was smitten.
Good old fashioned kick ass Rock and Roll!
You will be surprised!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Buying A Couple Of Lottery Tickets Today

Holy. Fucking. Shit.
I had to go have a smoke after watching this.

The damn thing will pull the front tires two feet off the ground, bone fucking stock, straight off the assembly line.

Here's Some Inspiration For Ya

Work has just been kicking my ass lately.

Monday I worked from 3- 1:00 in the morning, got home at 1:30 and sat down.
20 minutes later I got called back in and din't get home until 4 fuckin' AM.
Last night I didn't get home until 1 AM too.
I just can't wait to see what the fuck else goes on this week and it's only Hump day.

Bitch Ain't Funny

That's why no one is laughing.

Back Away Slowly

Then turn and run.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

There Is A World Wide Glut Of Grains Right Now

With more on the way.
There is so much corn and wheat already in long term storage that some farmers are being forced to sell it at a loss.
The article doesn't specify if the corn is food grade for humans though.

It would appear that there should be some good deals for people looking for personal stocks for long term storage.

Grains piled on runways, parking lots, fields amid global glut

By P.J. Huffstutter and Karl Plume

CHICAGO (Reuters) - Iowa farmer Karl Fox is drowning in corn.

Reluctant to sell his harvest at today's rock-bottom prices, he has stuffed storage bins at his property full and left more corn piled on the ground, covered with a tarp.

He would rather risk potential crop damage from the elements than pay the exorbitant cost of storage elsewhere.

"That's how poor people do it," said Fox, who has been farming for 28 years. "You do what you have to do."

Farmers face similar problems across the globe. World stockpiles of corn and wheat are at record highs. From Iowa to China, years of bumper crops and low prices have overwhelmed storage capacity for basic foodstuffs.

Global stocks of corn, wheat, rice and soybeans combined will hit a record 671.1 million tonnes going into the next harvest - the third straight year of historically high surplus, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). That's enough to cover demand from China for about a year.

In the United States, farmers facing a fourth straight year of declining incomes and rising debts are hanging on to grain in the hope of higher prices later. They may be waiting a long time: Market fundamentals appear to be weakening as the world's top grain producers ponder what to do with so much food.

The persistent glut is a striking contrast from the panic a decade ago, when severe droughts in Russia and the United States sent prices soaring. The shrinking supply forced big importers such as China to enact policies to encourage more domestic production and increase the volume of storage to improve food security.

China abandoned that policy last year and is now selling off hundreds of millions of tonnes of old stocks.

Russia, too, is looking at exporting from state-held stockpiles, with storage stuffed after a record harvest in 2016.

A surge of Chinese and Russian exports would put even more downward pressure on prices in an oversupplied global market.

That means U.S. farmers will likely be producing more grain for less money. The USDA forecasts net farm income will fall 8.7 percent this year to $62.3 billion - the lowest level since 2009.

On the other side of the globe in Australia, demand for huge storage bags has exploded after farmers produced record crops of wheat and barley.

They are laying across fields in Argentina, too. There, wheat production spiked 41.6 percent this year over the 2015/16 season, according to the most recent USDA data.

The US already has storage problems and yet another bumper crop is forecast.
Whether or not consumers will see price drops because of this remains to be seen as they are trying desperately to keep from flooding the markets by storing all this instead.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Oregon Lawmakers Suggest Repealing the Ban on Gun Duels Between Public Officials

Now here's an idea I can get behind.
I say line 'em up and let 'em go at it.
Think of the money they couldn't spend, cleaning out the gene pool would just be a bonus.

Oregon Lawmakers Suggest Repealing the Ban on Gun Duels Between Public Officials

By Lukas Mikelionis | 6:54 am, April 10, 2017

Lawmakers in Oregon are considering holding a vote which could result in the removal of the constitutional ban on gun-blazing duels between public officials.

According to the Star Tribune, the constitutional ban in question refers to Article II, section 9 in the Oregon Constitution. It says that anyone who offers, accepts or knowingly participates in a “challenge to fight a duel … or who shall agree to go out of the State to fight a duel, shall be ineligible to any office of trust, or profit.”

The original article was signed back in 1845, when disputes were still frequently resolved with gun duels. Other parts of the country had outlawed them decades before.

“They decided that it would not be very civil if two members of the Legislature disagreed and then shot each other on the front steps of the provisional capitol,” said Republican Sen. Brian Boquist on Wednesday during the committee hearing about repealing the law.

According to the Senator, however, the article should be repealed because it’s outdated and unnecessary in modern times.

Because the repeal changes the constitution, Oregon voters would have the final say on whether they want to keep the law. Before then, the bill must also go through the Legislature’s approval process. If it passes both chambers, it will be referred to voters.

Sen. Boquist also testified that the Oregon Constitution could get away with more changes that no longer serve a purpose in modern times.

“I want you to know that most of your stationery is probably in violation of the law because we have a constitutional clause as to how we can use our stationery,” he said.

Democratic Sen. Ginny Burdick responded to the bill’s possible repeal of a ban on gun duels, saying it’s “the bill I’ve been waiting all session for.”

“Well, I’m deeply disappointed that the ambitions for this bill are bigger than dueling, because I was all set to go,” she added.

Dan Meek, a Portland attorney and Oregon Progressive Party spokesman, opposed the motion saying it would allow politicians to accept challenges to fight duels and there’s no need to repeal such “unenforced” laws as it will only cost money to organize a referendum in Oregon.

“This resolution would allow the candidacies of persons who give or accept challenges to fight duels,” Meek wrote to the committee. “Also, there is a cost to removing obviously unenforced and unenforceable provisions in the Oregon Constitution, including the cost of processing and printing this resolution on millions of ballots and processing the results.”

Harbor Freight Coupon Cheat Sheet Page

I know, I know.
Sometimes one can find a deal on something that isn't a complete piece of junk there though.
I stumbled on this site by watching some Youtube video.
It has every single current Harbor Freight coupon on it and it is searchable too.
Most of the time you don't even have to print them out, I just show it to them on my phone and as long as they can read and punch in the numbers you are good to go.
All the free stuff is there plus those ever handy 20% and 25% off coupons, with their expiration dates.
I spend way too much money at that place as it is so being able to just whip out a 25% coupon for something will make a difference.

Here is the link,

Harbor Freight Coupon Page.

You can curse my name later.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Some Errands To Run, Back Later

I wish.
The anemic, bone stock V-6 in mine with the whopping 229 cubic inches of displacement wouldn't spin a back tire on dry pavement to save my life.
It does keep me from getting a bunch of reckless driving tickets though so there is that.

I have turned into such the Grandpa old fart guy.


Saturday, April 8, 2017

How Do You Say "Oh Shit" In North Korean?

Somebody is in deep Kimchi now.

US aircraft carrier-led strike group headed toward Korean Peninsula

(CNN)A US aircraft carrier-led strike group is headed toward the Western Pacific Ocean near the Korean Peninsula, a US defense official confirmed to CNN.

The move of the Vinson strike group is in response to recent North Korean provocations, the official said.
Adm. Harry Harris, the commander of US Pacific Command, directed the USS Carl Vinson strike group to sail north to the Western Pacific after departing Singapore on Saturday, Pacific Command announced.

Keep laughing motherfucker.
There is a new sheriff in town.

Better Sit Down For This One

Never in a million years....

Rubber Wheels Beat Rubber Heels Every Time

I have an old friend who used to say that.
Once again I had to go down and pay the yearly extortion to the state so I could get a little colored sticker to put on my rear license plate so as to give the Po Po one less reason to try and generate even more revenue out of my ass pocket. A nice racket they have going there.
81 fucking dollars this year for tags that only last one year.
Fucking bastards.

While I was out and about throwing my hard earned FRN's away, I stopped in at Lows and picked up a new wheelbarrow.
We are going to be needing that here real soon, as soon as the rain stops long enough to venture forth into the jungle we call a back yard.
It's a fucking disaster after all the wind and ice and shit. Broken tree branches everywhere, pile upon pile of leaves just waiting to be raked.

So I was was just going to pick up the cheapest wheelbarrow they had, one of these little units for $39.99 plus the 8.6% sales tax we have here.

They has these for $10 dollars more.

A no brainer in my book.

I never liked those little ones anyway.

Next I need to load up with a barrel of Ibuprophin because that raking and wheelbarrowing shit is gonna kill my fucked up old back.

More Yay.

Indian Police Finally Nab Asshole Responsible For Phony IRS Scam Call Center

Busting rocks for the rest of his life is too good for this rotten sonofabitch.

I have been harassed by these motherfuckers continuously for months myself and have filed complaints with the FCC against them. They kept calling me in the mornings, waking my ass up to deal with their bullshit. I finally started fighting fire with fire and called the fuckers back at odd hours in the middle of the night, using my call history function.

It didn't take long for them to figure out that I wasn't the guy to be fucking with after that.
I told this one asshole that if I saw his phone number on my phone history one more time that I was going to place an ad on Craigslist looking for gay BDSM bad boys with his phone number at the bottom.

It's amazing how their notoriously bad english clears up so quickly when they get pissed off, especially when they are half awake at two in the morning.
Fucking cunts.

I hope they throw the book at this mastermind asshole and then start working their way down the chain, may the crotch lice of a thousand syphilitic whores infest his scrotum in the mean time.

Indian police arrest alleged kingpin of U.S. tax scam

Indian police said on Saturday they had arrested the alleged mastermind behind a call center scam that targeted thousands of Americans in the United States, netting more than $300 million.

Sagar Thakkar, also known as Shaggy, was arrested at the Mumbai international airport, Mukund Hatote, a police officer on the case, told Reuters on Saturday. He gave no further details.

The U.S. Justice Department last year charged scores of people in India and the United States with taking part in the scam where call center agents impersonated Internal Revenue Service, immigration and other federal officials and demanded payments for nonexistent debts.

The department said at least 15,000 people had been targeted by the Mumbai-run telefraud, losing more than $300 million.

(Reporting by Rajendra Jadhav; Writing by Devidutta Tripathy; Editing by Euan Rocha and Michael Perry)

Thursday, April 6, 2017

A Showdown Coming Over Gorsuch Vote

GOP Senators prepare to go nuclear for Gorsuch as Democrats escalate opposition

A Senate showdown is set for Thursday morning as Republicans prepare to go nuclear in their push to confirm President Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court as Democrats escalate their attacks on his selection.

Democrats have portrayed Judge Neil Gorsuch as an ally of the powerful and an enemy of the weak ahead of Thursday's key votes. Republicans are accusing Democrats of trying to block Gorsuch out of frustration over Trump's election victory.

"Democrats would filibuster Ruth Bader Ginsburg if President Donald Trump nominated her," said Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., naming one of the more liberal sitting justices. "There is simply no principled reason to oppose this exceptional, exceptional Supreme Court nominee."

The confrontation will play out as 44 Democrats and independents try to block Gorsuch by denying Republicans the 60 votes needed to proceed to final passage.

Republicans intend to respond by unilaterally changing Senate precedent to remove the 60-vote requirement for Gorsuch and all future Supreme Court nominees, reducing it to a simple majority. The maneuver is considered an extreme parliamentary move.

Fuckin' do it.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Maxine Waters Really, Really, Wants To Try And Impeach Trump

She flogs it every chance she gets.

There is something about her I just can't put my finger on.

In Other News I Could Give A Shit About,

Bob Dylan finally picked up his Nobel Prize.

I was never a fan.

Just another sign the end is near in my book.

Welcome To Geezerdom

I remember I had a matching pair at one time, silver/chrome pot metal with the fake pearl plastic grips and a belt with two holsters to go with them. They were heavy.
My best guess would be 1965 or 66.

Don't remember what ever happened to the set. I had several different cap guns over the years when I was a kid.

Fuckin' things would probably be worth a small fortune now.

The kid and his girlfriend just walked in and I showed this to them and asked if they had ever played with these when they were kids, they are both 19 years old.
They both didn't even know what it was and I had to explain it to them.

This country is fuckin' doomed man.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

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