Saturday, April 8, 2017

Rubber Wheels Beat Rubber Heels Every Time

I have an old friend who used to say that.
Once again I had to go down and pay the yearly extortion to the state so I could get a little colored sticker to put on my rear license plate so as to give the Po Po one less reason to try and generate even more revenue out of my ass pocket. A nice racket they have going there.
81 fucking dollars this year for tags that only last one year.
Fucking bastards.

While I was out and about throwing my hard earned FRN's away, I stopped in at Lows and picked up a new wheelbarrow.
We are going to be needing that here real soon, as soon as the rain stops long enough to venture forth into the jungle we call a back yard.
It's a fucking disaster after all the wind and ice and shit. Broken tree branches everywhere, pile upon pile of leaves just waiting to be raked.

So I was was just going to pick up the cheapest wheelbarrow they had, one of these little units for $39.99 plus the 8.6% sales tax we have here.

They has these for $10 dollars more.

A no brainer in my book.

I never liked those little ones anyway.

Next I need to load up with a barrel of Ibuprophin because that raking and wheelbarrowing shit is gonna kill my fucked up old back.

More Yay.


  1. Put Tire Slime in the tire.

    Trust me, you'll be glad.

    1. Damn good idea, I wouldn't have thought of that until it was already flat on the bottom.

    2. I put a tube in mine over 10 years ago. No problems.

  2. Ayup, no flat tire design, steel yoke handles and a bigger bucket is worth the price increase. Plus the larger gives you the 'redneck lounger' option, lifting tire off the ground and resting handles on ground. Siddown and done !


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