Monday, April 17, 2017

Attention All DYI Hobbyists, There Be Tool Porn Here, Dirt Cheap Tool Porn

I ain't kidding either, OMFG, I spent hours looking and drooling before I broke out the plastic.

Even the name of the place sounds like a porn site, Bang Good,com.

If you are a hobby machinist, electronic geek, wanting things like stepper motors, guide rods, bearings, lathe tools, taps, dies, abrasives, cheap carbide inserts or God only knows what else, this is the place.

I'm serious, make sure you have plenty of spare time before you click on that link.
I ordered ten carbide inserts for five bucks.
Anywhere else, that's how much they want for one.

A 3/8's boring bar for my lathe was six bucks.
A six piece insert holder set was thirty and they had a quick change tool post complete with tool holders on sale for forty.
Half of what I can find anywhere else.
They were out of stock but even when they aren't on sale they are under fifty.
Still half price.
They have mini lathe chucks, measuring tools, electronics, clothes, tools, you name it.
They even had FREE shipping!!
Days I'm tellin' ya, days I could spend there.
I gave you the quick link, if you want to see what else they have just click on the home page.
Bring a lunch.


  1. Damn your eyes! Now I'll be maxing out my Visa Card..........

  2. I need a cigarette and a kleenex.

  3. You should lock up your Visa card before visiting Bang Good.

    I'm about ready to push the button on this:

    It looks like it will go where the motor on my Sherline mill goes, and allow laser engraving/burning wood and light things. Cut through something like 1/4" plywood. Make engraved wooden plaques and things. The really nice part about using a laser is that there's no force from the cutting on mill's Z axis, so it doesn't have to be as rigid as a cutting mill has to be. I can stack a few spacers on the headstock and increase my Y travel.

    Or get it ready made for you

    1. I had you in mind specifically when I posted this.
      I'm sorry.

  4. Thanks a fuck load. My "gimme gimme" list just got a mile longer.

  5. Some of their stuff is top notch.

    Others, not so much.

    To a large extent, one gets what one pays for.. Dirt cheap is often not that good. Having said that, some of their inserts are very good quality. THe drill bits are like Harbor freight bits.


  6. I read some of the reviews,,,,you will most likely get Banged Real Good with Charlie.

    Too bad, really got some neat toys for cheap.


  7. Was Bookmarking it even as wife was screaming please, noooooooooo!!!

  8. In the process of building a 5'x10' router to compliment my 11"x18" engraver. That site is going to kill my finances.


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