Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Way Harder Than It Looks

I have literally taken off thousands of lug nuts over the years.

I've tried this, trust me when I say this takes lots of practice.
This is in slow motion to boot.


Anonymous said...

Great subject!! What keeps the lug nuts from cross threading?? How is the socket designed to be able to seat onto the lug nut without it jumping off while rotating at a high rpm?? I know that the lug nuts are glues to the wheel but that cannot keep them cross threading.


Phil said...

Notice the threads do not go all the way out to the end of the stud. This is to hopefully center the lugnuts better to avoid cross threading them when putting them back on.
The socket has a slight taper at the opening to help get it started on the nut and you have to push against the nut with the air gun to keep it engaged long enough to get it spinning, then back off and let the nut finish coming off by its self.
Even if the nut does cross thread that gun has enough torque to tighten it up. Getting another one back on after that is the problem if it cross threads, it will strip the threads off the stud coming back off.

tweell said...

A racing team pro here. Races are often won and lost in the pits, depending on how fast your crew can change out tires.

Anonymous said...

IIRC, the racing air wrenches are operated at insane air pressures from pressurized tanks to get the torque and rpm to make the process as fast as possible.

Also, IIRC, lug nuts are glued to the replacement wheels to make putting the fresh ones on faster. I've wondered why someone hasn't invented a spring loaded socket "magazine" that dispenses the sockets for that, except "loading" the nut magazine during the removal operation would be slower than getting the nuts spinning fast and letting them self-remove.

Do the rules prevent using a device that would loosen and tighten all 5 at once?


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