Thursday, April 20, 2017

Out Of Stock, In Stock, Out Again, In Again SOLD!

Dang, these little Quick Change Tool Post sets for the mini lathes like I have must be selling like wildfire at that place I posted about the other day.
That was the reason I found the outfit in the first place, watching a video on Youtube about some guy's review of the thing.
He had a link to them so I clicked my happy ass right on over there, only to find out that they were completely sold out of them.

I have been wanting to get one ever since I got the lathe but even Harbor Freight wanted a hundred bucks for the kit.

A might bit pricey and something I would have to wait on.
This Banggood had 'em on sale for $37.95 up until Easter Sunday, but they were sold out.
They sent me an email saying they were back in stock but the sale was over and they went up to $47.95.
Still half of what Harbor Freight wanted and they have stellar reviews.

I made the mistake of dithering about it for a few hours before I talked myself into it but by then they sold out again!


I got home from work about 2 this morning and there was another email telling me they were back in stock again.
Two clicks and a page refresh and I was there man. I may be slow sometimes but I ain't stupid.

This time they had some coupon for 15% off even.


Forty bucks for all that plus free shipping, are you kidding me?
The best part is that they didn't used to sell the little adjustable tool holders separately but now they do, for about $6.50 apiece.

Oh hell yeah, I'll be getting about five or six more of those down the road a bit.
You couldn't buy the materials and make 'em yourself for that kind of money and more is better with those little things. You put your cutting bit in it, set it up so it is even with the centerline of your chuck and leave it there. Pull it off as an assembly, stick another one on with a different cutter and away ya go. It takes seconds instead of having to change a cutter, fuck around trying to shim it up and tighten it down every time you want to change one out.
Saves buttloads of time and aggravation.

The cutting bit holders and the inserts I ordered the other day are already on their way here so pretty soon I will be good to go in that respect.
It's no joke that you can spend two, even three or four times what you paid for the lathe it's self just getting accessories for the damn things.
I made damn sure The Wifely Unit understood that when she got it for me too.

I still want the Mini Mill for Christmas, they just go hand in hand.
I would have to buy more tooling for that too.
Darn it.


Tony Tsquared said...

Go big


STxAR said...

I give you a year, maybe 18 months before those small tools get replaced. It's an awful disease. Iron-itus....

But it keeps you off the streets and out of pubs.....

SiGraybeard said...

First law: prepare to spend twice as much on cutting tools and accessories as on the machine tool itself. Before you start tossing bits that get dull or that you break by moving too fast.

drjim said...

When my Dad was a manufacturer's rep for Bridgeport he used to say all the time he made more money selling the tooling and accessories than he did selling the mill in the first place.

Same with the Logan lathes he sold....

And the surface grinders....

And the EDM machines....

And the drill presses....

John said...

But I need a small rotary table. (imagine saying that in a tone of voice that is not measurably different than the tone used by a five year old begging for a toy)

The quick change tool post is very handy.

Anonymous said...

you are now a "tool junkie"

next be snorting the machine lube?


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