Monday, August 18, 2014

Missouri Governor Calls In National Guard To Squash Violent Protests In Ferguson.

Oh now it is on.
Now that the coroner's findings show that the cop who shot Michael Brown did so at least once from a couple feet away through the top of the head while standing over the top of him.

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon early Monday ordered the National Guard deployed to the town of Ferguson, where another night of violence saw police pelted with bottles and Molotov cocktails and looters rampaging through local businesses.

The executive order directs the resources of the National Guard “to help restore peace and order and to protect the citizens of Ferguson.”

Police said there were signs of a pre-planned and coordinated attempt to disrupt the city and launch an advance on the police command post not far from the scene of the shooting.
“There were shootings, vandalism and other acts of violence that clearly appear not to have been spontaneous but premeditated criminal acts,” Missouri Highway Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson told reporters early Sunday.

“The catalyst was not civil disobedience, but pre-planned agitation,” he said.

The new street eruptions came as a private autopsy revealed that Brown had been shot at least six times, including twice in the head.

Anthony Gray, an attorney for the Brown family, said a diagram provided by New York forensics expert Dr. Michael Baden, commissioned by the family to do an independent examination, revealed details of the bullets that struck Brown’s body during his Aug. 9 encounter with a white police officer.

The fact that one of the shots struck the top of Brown’s head, Gray said, was significant.

“To have a shot that’s at a 90-degree angle from the top of his skull to the bottom of his chin, almost vertical, that sounds like an officer standing over him,” Gray said.

We shall see whether or not the National Guard will be pulling triggers shortly.

This has gone way beyond mere protest at this point and some people down there are gearing up for outright killing.

This is the new normal kiddies,

Pretty soon you will start seeing this,

It's coming.

The pendulum swings two ways.


  1. I will throw a little speculation out there. From some of the eye witness acounts it seems that Michael rushed the cop. I have to wonder if
    the officer shot and kept shooting as he kept charging from momentum. As he fell in front of the officer the round went through his head.
    I'm sure this whole thing happened in seconds and now look at where it has led. Bad bad times are coming my friend.

  2. The decedent is reported to have been 6'4". It would have been impossible for the oofice to have shot him in the head STRAIGHT DOWN alongthe axial plane. If the decedent was on the ground the officer would have had to nearly prostrate himself to cause such a wound. However if the decedent had his head down as he was charging the officer such a wound IS possible. All of the evidence supports the assertion that the decedent was attacking the officer. I have NO SYMPATHY for the violence prone abuse happy badgemonkeys I America. However n this particular case what evidence we do have supports the scenario that the decedent was a violence prone criminal killed in the act of assaulting another person....who just happens to wear a badge.

  3. “To have a shot that’s at a 90-degree angle from the top of his skull to the bottom of his chin, almost vertical, that sounds like an officer standing over him,” Gray said.

    Or a lucky shot as the miscreant was falling face down.

  4. Yes, it appears that the late Mr. Brown (six foot five, 290 pounds), having just committed a strongarm robbery with an accomplice, was trying to beat a cop half his size to death and managed to fracture the cop's skull. This course of action led to Mr. Brown getting his dome ventilated and his lead deficiency cured. Mr. Brown's accomplice in the felony has now recanted his initial story of "de po-leece shoot mah frind inna back while he runnin away, dass beez racisms" and admitted it was all lies, not that this will bring the people killed in the rioting back to life, or un-burn the burned and looted businesses of the community.

    I'm no badge-licker, but if the choice is between them and the savage jungle beasts who are burning down their own homes and fouling their own nests, there's no question which side of the barricades I'm going to be on. And I believe you do our cause a disservice by picking this particular battle. My sympathies were and are with Cliven Bundy, but Michael Brown got exactly what was coming to him. And I think I'm not the only one who has reached this conclusion. Cliven Bundy is a patriot and a hero. People like Michael Brown are why I own guns.

    1. I am in no way defending the guy!
      I am merely making an observation about the militarized police response and used the article as I found it.
      Like you, I feel that these ignorant, looting, assholes represent a lower life form and I sure as shit ain't defending them either!


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