Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The New Democrat

I'm just wondering how this dirt bag figures I owe him anything other than a swift kick in the nuts and a one way ticket back across the border in the back of a hog truck?

Reading the bottom of the sign causes me to think maybe we may not have to worry about this one too long.


  1. Got a link to where you found that picture?

  2. As if his demands for free things and his statement about shooting cops were not bad enough, think for a moment what he means by: "...until we get free." It is the same mentality as the Occupy Wall Street crowd. It is the mistaken ultra leftist belief that freedom = getting everything for free or in other words that you have zero responsibility for maintaining yourself and free things will or should flow from others to you and that will set you free. True freedom, or independence, on the other hand, is something that you have to earn and that you have to keep working at to maintain throughout your life. Getting things for free makes you a slave of the ones who make those arrangements for you because without them, what would you do! Being responsible and working for what you have though is what gives you freedom so long as you do not succumb to the slave drivers who would rob you into slavery to give your bounty to others while at the same time assuring you will soon be fruitless and enslaved yourself. Mind you, it works well as long as there is something left of other peoples earnings but sooner or later that system must collapse and the only way to save yourself, and society, is by everyone who can going to work to earn the fruits of their labors. FUBO!

  3. Lock and Load.

    If we can't send 'em back from where they came from, we CAN send 'em to hell!


  4. This is photo shopped. May not want to believe that but it is.

    1. Like I said up above, I got it in an Email so I am in no way vouching for it's authenticity.

      Nice to see you stop by Bud!

  5. I lived in Arizona for 30 years, spent most of my career in downtown Phoenix and Tucson, and I don't recognize the plaza or the buildings. I don't know for certain, but I would agree that its been photoshopped.


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