Friday, October 11, 2013

And Todays Internet Winner Is........

Mr. Glenn B of Ballseye's Boomer fame for coining a new descriptor for the Free Shit Army Voter,

Rhymes with Zombie.
It's fucking BRILLIANT!

.....I was about to write that the main reason for that is Obama but it is not. Truth be told, it is not him nor any product of him, it is the culture that bred him and that morphed him into the end-all-be-all of the you-owe-me voter (Yom-V). Amazingly, almost as soon as I wrote that, and it took about 2 seconds of thought to come up with, I realized how much Yom-V sounds like Zombie (and that is the truth - so help me Ronald Reagan). While yom-v sound like zombie, they are not real zombies, they are just wanna-be zombies. Yet, they emulate zombies in that they offer nothing to society and nothing to the species survival as a whole. All they do is attempt to take everything they can from any source that is alive and thriving, to any degree better than are they, and then devour it

Congratulations sir, you have won the internet today.

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