Friday, October 11, 2013

Someone Smiled Upon Me Today

I don't know how I managed to get so lucky but it works for me.

I was down at the local Bi Mart, ostensibly to get some pencils because I can never find one and to take a look at a small freezer they have on sale for a hundred bucks.
Been wanting a freezer.

The one they have on sale is only 2.1 cubic feet and when I got down there with my trusty tape measure, I took one look at it and said no thanks.

It's about the size of a garbage compactor and not even close to what I am after.

Right next to it however, is more to my liking.

It's twice as big and even not being on sale is only two hundred, plus it's a chest freezer.

I put that in my brain, filed under the next clear payday.

Of course with my Fathers funeral coming next week there are the usual unexpected expenses and I will just have to wait.
Not a problem.

While I was there I did my mandatory recon of the sporting goods department without any real hopes of finding much.
They do have the Hot Lips 25 round magazine for Ruger 10/22's on sale for $13 instead of $20 so I was going to pick one of those up when I got there.

As I was about to round the corner I spied some dude bent over a shelf with a little box in his hand.
A quick perusal shows me they finally had some 12 gauge shells in stock.
That was a pleasant surprise and I made a small remark to the guy about it.

He looked up and said yeah, except he can't find the six shot version, only the four shot Buck.
He then looked both ways and in a conspiratorial whisper said that there was a rumor that there might even be .22 LR shells in stock.

Trust me when I say the man had my undivided attention at that point.

I nodded without saying anything and smiled real big.

I went around the corner to the counter and there were five guys waiting for the guy behind the counter to fetch whatever it was they were after, I couldn't get close enough to see what they had, when a lady comes wheeling around the other corner with a handcart.

My eyes ain't so good but I could see .22LR on one of the boxes from six feet away.

All of a sudden you could hear a pin drop.

She cut open a box and suddenly there were hands in her face from every direction.

She started handing out two,yes two, 50 round little boxes.

She handed me a couple and I pointed and said I wanted a whole brick!

No go pal, two is the limit.

I said your kidding me.

Nope. So I kinda grumble and get the hell out of the way for the rest of the guys.

I went to another aisle and picked up a water storage jug, waiting for the crowd to thin out, so I could go back and get one of the 25 round magazines.

As I came back around the corner yet again the lady is standing there with two 50 round boxes in her hand and tilts her head my way so no one can see or hear her and says to me, hold on a minute and let me go in the back, I have something for you.

OK, she didn't say what but I ain't no dummy.

She comes back and motions me over out of eye sight and hands me a 555 round box of Winchester .22LR.

She was almost apologetic that that's all she could get me but I was like a little kid at Christmas who just got his first bike!

I have no idea why she took a shine to me like that because I ain't exactly James Bond good looking but I'll take what I can get.

$25 for the box.

I was all excited at the prospect that there might finally be an end in sight to the Great Ammo Shortage of 2013.

So after I get home to the little project I was messing with and needed the pencil for in the first place, the mail lady shows up with a package.
That turned out to be the Coleman Dual Fuel gas lantern I ordered off of Ebay last week.

Some of those damn things are advertised at $150 motherfucking dollars on there!
I about choked when I saw that.

The one I scored said it might be missing a piece or two but the pump worked and all, for $33 and $15 for shipping.

One third of what some of those cut throat sonsabitches were asking, including shipping.

I figured if there was something missing that there are parts galore on EBay too so I wasn't worried about it.

I opened the box and about shit myself.

The fucking thing is BRAND NEW!!

The parts that are missing?
The fucking mantles!
It's never been used!!

That was a score man, a huge one.

So I did good today.

I already had one of the water containers that has been sitting unused so I rinsed both of them out with a little bleach, rinsed 'em again and then filled 'em up with the date on 'em and stashed 'em in the garage.

My poor wife is convinced I have gone around the bend but I am done arguing with her about being prepared for an emergency.
I told her I am doing it and to just leave me alone about it.

Only shopping enough for one week at a time with no reserves doesn't cut it with me either.
I am going to do something about it.


  1. You stud I expect the penthouse forum deal in an email:)

  2. I've been hiding the fact from my wife ,that I had been buying up silver rounds and junk coins at the rate of two hundred bucks a week for the past couple months. Finally fessed up a couple days ago...she just looked at me and smiled. Said ...I knew that I married a wise man long ago !

    1. I finally just got to the point where a guy has to do what a guy has to do to provide for the welfare of his family even if they object to it.
      Enough is enough.

  3. Glad that you finally had some rays of sunshine in your life. I hope that they keep coming.............................

  4. Have you read any of the 299 Days series? The author actually lives and the story takes place, in the beginning, south of you, in Olympia. In the first book, he describes how he has had to hide his prepping efforts, 'cause she does not think that any of it is necessary. The interesting part is that in real life, with the author and his wife, it actually took place.


    1. I'll have to look into that one.

      BTW, I am a couple hours South of Olympia, just across the river from Portland. Just ask the nearest NSA office for directions.


  5. Ah, for some reason I thought you were around Seattle, not Vancouver.

    My bad.



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