Thursday, October 24, 2013

Taking Advantage Of The Internet's Secondary Useful Feature

Of course we all know the primary reason the internet was invented;

The other and perhaps perhaps even more important feature is the fact that it is without question the most comprehensive repository of knowledge ever created.

It allows almost instantaneous retrieval of even the most obscure information as simple as typing in a few keywords and waiting for the pixels on your monitor to rearrange themselves into a new and remarkable image recognizable as either the printed word, video, graphic or audio that transfers the required information.

That is what I truly love about the internet, the ease of information retrieval.

This is why I spend hour after hour, scouring the World Wide Web.
Yes, I was one of those weird kids who used to read the dictionary on occasion and loved the Brittanica encyclopedia series.

National Geographic was also one of my favorites when I was younger because of the absolutely stunning photography that accompanied their fantastic travels.
(yes, there was also that too)
I was actually fortunate enough to go to their international headquarters in Washington D.C. once, they were just around the corner from where my Father was working at the time.

Documentaries by adventurous giants like Jacques Cousteau were a perennial favorite too.

My point to this whole post is that instead of just "Surfing the Web" all the time, find and retain some useful information.
The whole of recorded history and history yet to be made is available at your fingertips.

Use the time you have to explore your interests and shut that fucking Boob Tube off.
It is a proven Mind Killer.


  1. That's a huge no shit Busted!

    Many years ago in West Africa an English expat friend was agitated I could tell.

    What's wrong I say?

    "Went home after teaching and Grace (his Ghanaian wife) told me Osafo Dadzie says I should change my life. I threw the bloody fucking tv out the window (2nd story). Let's go have a beer.

  2. I am still amazed at what an incredibly useful tool it is. Just used it to trouble shoot a problem with my van's cruise control. I also love to dive deep into history that was never covered in school -or taught wrong.

  3. You mean to tell me that all the info I gleaned from Mutual of Omah's Wild Kingdom, The Jacques Cousteau specials, The National Geographic shows, Nature, The World At War, The Civil War, The Lone Ranger, Commando Cody reruns (they were old even when I was a kid), Bozo The Clown (wow am I old), Romper Room (I am dating myself), The Shari Lewis Show (I am really dating myself) Captain Kangaroo, The Three Stooges, The Abbott & Costello Show, the Little Rascals and most importantly The Addams Family (the original TV show not any of the movies) was not really educational? Oh please tell me that is not so sir. Yes you may be able to glean more off of the Internet, but the boob tube offered a wealth of knowledge to those willing to watch not only the fun shows but the educational ones too. Even today that holds true.

    1. You would think I would have learned how to spell Omaha!

  4. WOW! Ol' Bustednuckles waxing philosophical. Who'd a thunk the curmudgeon's mind went so deep? Now just that fact alone was worth learning! Thank You Internet Gods!
    (Now that I've had some fun: good post ! And I agree wholeheartedly....)


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