Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Useless News Media

Jesus Christ the MSM is fucked up.I have been sitting here scanning the headlines as I am wont to do to keep informed somewhat and all I am seeing is one GIANT clusterfuck

Several outlets are saying that a suspect in the Boston bombing has been arrested, several more are denying it.
CNN at one point said there was an arrest and then they fucking back tracked. The Associated Press is saying there is in fact, someone in custody, now they all say there isn't!

.If you pay any attention to the news you will notice that a lot of these fuckers just relay whatever the AP is reporting. Newspapers are especially notorious for it.

I have been seeing a lot of speculation and opinion creeping in disguised as news lately.Case in point, the murder of the DA and his wife down in Texas recently. All I saw for a week afterwards was speculation that it was related to the escaped convict from Colorado who shot the prison official and then went on a wild chase before getting shot himself. Then they swore up and down it was a white power  conspiracy for the next week. No facts, just speculation

.Today they arrested the wife of a Justice of the Peace in connection with it, claiming she is an accomplice and her fucking husband did the shooting

.Back to the bombing, there has been wild speculation going on about who is responsible for that too.
What ever happened to investigative reporting in this country?It's just a bunch of lazy motherfuckers calling it in and parroting one or two actual news sources with a bunch of talking heads flapping their gums to fill up air time for the most part. They can't even be bothered to use the same sources apparently

To prove my point about the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing in the media, in the space of time it took to write this post, the Huffington Post has gone from claiming there was an arrest, linked to six other news sources who either said there was or wasn't and now the blazing Breaking News headline says, "No Arrest"

I have a quote for you sonsabitches and it is cosmic justice that Dragnet just happens to be on right this very moment,

"Just the facts".

Sgt. Joe Friday.

Pull your heads out of your collective asses and start doing investigative reporting again instead of just reading shit off the fax machine you lazy fucking bastards.


  1. Maybe they have someone in custody, but he doesn't fit their narrative, so they're having to do some shifting, some re-writing. Can't present to the public until it tells the right story. Or I could just be paranoid.

    1. In this day and age I wouldn't call it paranoid, I would call it being prudent.

  2. The FBI is trying to avoid another Richard Jewell or Brandon Mayfield here, and hooray for them. About time they acted like professionals rather than convicting first, saying "oops we goofed!" later.

    But yeah, the press has been utterly bonkers here. I noticed the same things you noticed. About the only things they've gotten right are the things that have been officially announced rather repeated from "anonymous sources", such as the nature of the bombs that exploded, where the FBI helpfully even gave them the photographs of the twisted pieces. Fucking transcriptionists are useless... I can just go on the FBI web site directly and get the same info, so what the fuck use are the dumbfucks?

    - Badtux the News-free Penguin


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