Thursday, April 18, 2013

Just A Little Noticed Blurb In The Paper

Yeah, I was tickles to see the gun control bill go down in flames.
I have also been inundated with news about the Boston bombing and the Texas fertilizer plant explosion. I do have to say that fucker was pretty impressive!
But what I want to touch on here barely got a mention in the latest news cycle and got buried in the paper.

I am talking about the Bush administration commiting torture.

We all knew that is exactly what they were doing no matter how they tried to pretty it up and call it legal.
I called bullshit then and I still do to this day.

The fact that there was an actual study done, by our own government without using any classified information, confirming it, is just one more reason for me to claw the walls because that fucker Obama decided not to persue it or prosecute anyone for it.

That to me makes him a God Damn accomplice.
Bush, Cheney, Atwood, John Yoo and a host of other top government officials, studied, sanctioned and then tried to cover up U.S. Government sponsored torture, plain and simple.
Renditions, black prison sites and outsourcing to foreign countries.

They waterboarded Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, 183 fucking times alone.

Stress positions, heat and cold, sleep deprivation, anything went up to the point of "organ failure".

They actually overdid it and killed a couple of guys but kept that shit quiet.
They even video taped it and then "accidentally" destroyed the evidence when the investigations started.

I could go on and on about this but I won't.

We all know that shit was illegal, was against the Geneva Convention and are considered Crimes Against Humanity and in the context of the so called War On Terror, are also War Crimes.

These are crimes punishable by death.

The fact that Obama basically gave them all a get out of jail free card is immoral at least and criminal of its its own right.

This is a very dark stain on the reputation of this country and I for one will never forgive or forget.
I have said since the first day I heard about this that it should be turned over to the International Court and every fucking one of those involved from the top down should be sitting in a cell at The Hauge awaiting trial right now.

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