Thursday, April 11, 2013

Shut The Fuck Up And Sit The Fuck Down

I already have a fucking Blog and  I have been screaming into the void for seven fucking years already over there.

I have the idea that I am going to do something different here other than just ranting about what ever happens to be pissing me off at the moment.

Don't get me wrong, there will still be plenty of that but I am seriously considering letting my Libertarian Freak Flag fly unabashedly here.

I have been a Left leaning Democrat almost my entire life but the Democratic party has lost it's collective fucking mind in the last few years and has basically turned into the Socialist Party with serious shades of Marxism thrown in for good measure.
I want nothing to do with that horseshit.

I have always had a serious Libertarian streak but the people who have represented that political label have constantly turned out to be filled with riches of embarrassment and fluttering around the edges of  Loonyville.

A fringe party at best and filled with people to be looked askance at.

Several years ago now I saw the writing on the wall and started looking hard and with gimlet eyes at what was transpiring in this country and the word Fascism kept coming to mind.

If you haven't seen that with your own eyes yet then you need to turn your happy ass around and go find some fucking cat videos to watch.

You can expect to see links to other like minded sites, prepping articles and Second Amendment issues here.
I will probably migrate to Wordpress because Blogger is all fucked up but it was easier to get started here.

Since this is a brand new site born on a spur of the moment decision you can understand it will take some time to get things squared away so pardon the dust, it's still under construction.

Like my other site(s), I will have an open Blogroll policy.
You link to me and I return the favor, just let me know so I can make sure I get ya on board ASAP.

The country I grew up in is dead and at this point in time the fight is on to redefine what this country will evolve into in the near future.
It is up to us to stand up and participate in that process.
The time for sitting on your ass and ignoring current events is over.


  1. Got you on my blog list.

    Had no idea you were holding back. :)

  2. We think alike Busted...
    Only you are ever so much more eloquent.
    Looking forward to hearing myself lol

  3. Good for you Busted, but come one... "[B]asically turned into the Socialist Party with serious shades of Marxism thrown in for good measure"???


    ha ha ha hahahhahahaha!!! Rahm Emmanuel = Socialist? Hahahahahaha

    The Democrats at the Federal Level are Corporate stooges. The only Socialist in the Congress is Bernie Sanders.

  4. A little link juice coming atcha from ToBeRIGHT.

  5. Thanks Harry,I just added it to the list of Government Surveillance Targets. ;)


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