Tuesday, April 23, 2013

You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet.

After watching our government shit down it's leg trying to corral two homegrown terrorist dudes, shortly after watching Southern California law enforcement shit down their leg trying to hunt down Dorner and the  clusterfucks that  ensued in both cases, one has to wonder what the fuck they would do if something serious happened that involved more than just one or two perpetrators and more than one or two locations.

Heaven forbid but I think they would come unnutted.

These so called professionals are scared out of their wits by one or two bad guys at a time, just what do you think they would do if a whole squad of bad guys went on a tear?

They actually locked down an entire fucking city trying to find one wounded 19 year old kid!

They completely trashed several constitutionally protected  premises by going door to door without warrants, declaring martial law without good reason and causing uncountable financial damage along with scaring the living shit out of a whole bunch of people, looking for one kid.

This country has lost it's fucking mind.

The police state is out of control and the genie is out of the bottle.

They shoot first and ask questions later. That is not going to continue unanswered indefinitely

Imagine the looks on their faces when they try to pull that shit on the wrong guy someday.
Some guy who is just waiting for them and maybe has a few friends nearby.

The guy who doesn't just roll over because it's the police.

I can totally see that happening in this country.

Then all hell is going to break loose.

Contrary to what they would have you believe, our government, with every paid thug in their employ, is not physically capable of shutting this whole country down.

There is way too much real estate to cover.

Combine that with the effects of the recent financial disaster that is causing entire cities to declare bankruptcy and then take a serious look around at just how many cities and towns that have had to cut services to the bone, including police forces, there really are.

Major cities and metropolitan area have an abundance of force multipliers available, certainly.

Start getting out to Bumfuck County, Anywhere, and that changes in a big fucking hurry.

The Police State has some very serious gaps in their coverage and they damn well know it,that is why they try so hard to do everything so publicly.

They have a brand to sell and an image to uphold.

Their problem right now is that they look like fucking idiots.
It's hard to take incompetent idiots seriously,even if they are quite deadly, incompetent idiots.

They are going to fuck around playing hardball and someone is going to hand a bunch of them their asses, you watch.

At that point what we have just seen is going to be called The Good Old Days.


Sixbears said...

They can only apply overwhelming force in a very limited area. The key is to not be in that area.

hiswiserangel said...

I wonder how that scene would have played out in other parts of the country, other cities. I'm almost afraid the sheeple in Dallas/Houston/Austin/San Antonio would acquiesce as readily as those in Boston.

bat said...

I was wondering similar things about if we had 5 or so "events" in one day....this country would go ape shit crazy scared.Enjoy the hell out of your new site!

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