Saturday, November 14, 2015

Jaw Dropping Hubris; Mizzou Protesters, Black Lives Matter, Complain Paris Attacks Stole Their Headlines


The headline says it all.

Mizzou protesters, Black Lives Matter complain Paris attacks stole their headlines

Activists that have taken over U.S. college campuses this week protesting racial injustice took to Twitter last night to complain that news coverage of the deadly terrorist attacks in Paris had stolen their spotlight.

Black Lives Matter and Mizzou protesters on Twitter said their struggles with racial oppression were being “erased” by the overwhelming news coverage of the murder of scores of people at the hands of Islamic State extremists.
“Racist white people kill me, you want everyone to have sympathy for YOUR tragedy, but you have none for ours,” one user tweeted, adding “#Mizzou.”
“Disgusted @ white conservative Americans using Paris as a ‘see black people, your woes here w/ us could be more extreme,’ but not surprised,” another user tweeted.
Many protesters, including Black Lives Matter national leaders, said the racial injustice at college campuses and the attacks in Paris were both acts of terrorism.

(Image: Screen grab from Twitter @deray)
(Image: Screen grab from Twitter @deray) more >
“Interesting how the news reports are covering the Paris terrorist attacks but said nothing abut the terrorist attack at #Mizzou,” one user tweeted reads.

“Paris attacks were terrorism. black students getting death threats on their college campuses (A SUPPOSED SAFE SPACE!!) is also TERRORISM,” another tweet reads.
“There is no rank order to injustice,” DeRay McKesson, a prominent civil rights activist tweeted. “We fight for #Mizzou, #PrayForParis, and seek justice for #SandraBland — at the same time.”
In a statement Saturday night, the University of Missouri said the tweets were being dispersed by “individuals from outside the Mizzou community in an attempt to create conflict.”
“Our hearts go out to the citizens of Paris and all those affected by the tragic events of last night,” the University said. “While our community has faced difficulties  over the past week, we express our sincere sympathy to those who have been affected by the events in Paris and remain committed to making Mizzou stronger and more inclusive.”

Let me tell you dangerously ignorant assholes a little something, you have ZERO credibility with me and several million other Americans in the first place but this is jump the shark territory.


Until I see you fuckers up there, protesting a black on black murder rate that would be considered genocide in other parts of the world, you can just shut the fuck up.

Your pathetic bleating about wanting forced segregation so that you can have your own little space to whine to each other about how mean Whitey is pales in comparison with what happened in Paris.

It is not even worthy of the time already spent listening to your fucking sniveling.

So get  your asses to Chicago right now, a city where gun control laws are some of the strictest in the nation.
When I see you there crying Black Lives Matter while ducking bullets fired by the same people you claim to care about so much, then maybe you will earn a sliver of credibility.

Until the day that I see that happen, you can stop even trying to claim to be legitimate because right now all you come across as is loud mouthed attention whores with  bad priorities and as racist as you constantly accuse other people of being.


Nails said...

That anyone in the media (talking to you NBC/CNN) can take the absurdities of BLM morons seriously illustrates how corrupt our "news" outlets have become.

tweell said...

I didn't come up with the word, but 'crybullies' fits sooo well.

idahobob said...

Fuckers need to call, 1-800-WHAA


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