Monday, June 27, 2016

Faulty Forced Windows 10 Upgrade Just Cost Microsoft Ten Grand

It's a start, maybe the sonsabitches will get a clue that not everyone wants to be backdoored without a kiss first.

Microsoft pays out $10,000 for automatic Windows 10 installation

A Californian woman has won $10,000 in compensation from Microsoft after Windows 10 automatically tried and failed to install on her Windows 7 computer.

The automatic install of Windows 10 failed, leaving her with a unstable and often unresponsive computer used to run her travel agency from an office in Sausalito, California.

Teri Goldstein reportedly said: “I had never heard of Windows 10. Nobody ever asked me if I wanted to update.”

After attempting to fix the problem with Microsoft’s support, Goldstein sued the company for a new computer and loss of earnings, winning $10,000. Microsoft dropped its appeal to avoid further legal expenses, leaving Microsoft footing the bill.

Goldstein’s case is just one of a long line of complaints against Microsoft, which has followed an increasingly aggressive roll out of Windows 10. The operating system, which is still being offered as a free upgrade from Windows 7 or later until 29 July, was first offered as an optional upgrade in which users had to express an interest.

Microsoft then made Windows 10 a “recommended update” for Windows 7 or later, which meant that it started automatically downloading through Windows Update in February this year.


Whether the lawsuit and $10,000 judgment will spawn further suits over failed or forced Windows 10 installs remains to be seen. Goldstein has shown it’s possible, which could open the floodgates.

I would think that this is not just an isolated case of someones computer getting fucked up by this update.
As a matter of fact I know it isn't, my Sister In Law had her Motherboard get fried by it.

I think I'll send her this article just for fun.


  1. go to

    to protect your computer from the greedy devils.

  2. Ah yes, the well known virus: Microsoft.

  3. My computer downgraded to windows 10 last month. It is a worthless piece of shit who ever designed it had to of been on the vista team also!!!!! As soon as I can I am diching it and going back to 8.

  4. Microsoft windows ten = how to rape your computer


  5. It wacked my granddaughter's laptop pretty good.

    Agree with Ms. Harvey...get the GWX Control Panel!

  6. Do what I did. I bought a refurb'd MacBook Pro. Best answer to the whole mess. And if you absolutely must run windoz, you can do that to on a Mac.

  7. I too fell "victim" to the "recommended update" nonsense that is Win10 spyware but was able to successfully roll back to Win7. had a link on his page to a free utility that turns off all the "upgrade to win 10" switches in Windows 7. I ran the utility twice, first to remove all the Win10 files (more than a gig) and secondly to set the software switches. PC's been running fine for at least a couple weeks. Interestingly enough, since my recent fiasco, Firefox has been running cleaner & faster. Who knew.
    - Brad

    1. Jeez, I'm a dipshit . . . . here's the page to get the utility.


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