Sunday, June 26, 2016

Charlie Rangle (D-NY) Found Guilty On 11 Of 13 Ethics Charges

It took 'em two years but they finally had to finish up with it.

Of course he is crying poor mouth and saying his due process rights were violated, after his legal team told him he was on his own and walked away because he wasn't cooperating.

Sorry Charlie, that shit don't fly with me either.
You can't tell me that a sitting Senator couldn't find adequate representation,that's unpossible.

They nailed him good too, he could very well lose his Senate seat over it, just like James Traficant did.

Charlie Rangel Found Guilty on 11 of 13 Ethics Charges

A House ethics committee subpanel today found Democratic Rep. Charlie Rangel guilty of 11 of the 13 charges of ethics violations against him.

The panel, composed of four Democrats and four Republicans, emerged after private deliberation to announce their findings.

"This has been a difficult assignment," committee chair Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.) said. "We have tried to act with fairness, led only by the facts and the law, and I believe we have accomplished that mission."

The subpanel will now submit its findings to the full ethics committee, which will schedule a public hearing to determine the appropriate sanctions to take against the longtime New York representative. Whatever action they decide on during the sanctions hearing will then go to the full House of Representatives. The committee could go so far as to recommend expelling Rangel, but that would be unlikely. Other possible sanctions include a House vote deploring Rangel's conduct, a fine or a denial of privileges.

The subpanel's decision comes after a two-year long investigation into charges against Rangel that relate to his personal finances and his fundraising efforts for a new center at New York City College. The trial marked a rare event: In the two decades since the House's ethics procedures were adopted, only former Rep. James Traficant (D-Ohio) faced a similar trial. He was expelled from Congress after being convicted of 10 felony counts.
The hearing to consider the charges against Rangel began yesterday, but Rangel walked out of the proceedings in protest because he has been unable to acquire legal representation. Rangel's legal team dropped the case this fall, reportedly after disagreements with Rangel over their defense strategy, and the lawmaker insists he neither has the money to find new counsel nor the time to set up a legal defense fund. By walking out of the hearing, Rangel chose to leave the evidence in the case against him unchallenged.

"I truly believe I am not being treated fairly," Rangel said yesterday.

Boo Hoo Dindoo Nuthin.
Don't let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya and I hope they prosecute the shit out of some of those counts.

In even MORE good news, buried at the bottom of that article is this little bit of information,

Along with Rangel's case, the ethics committee is slated to hold hearings in the coming weeks on charges against Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters of California, who is accused of improperly using her influence to help a local bank get federal bailout funds

Pass the popcorn, I would truly love to see that woman get her ass spanked too.


Moe said...

A propensity towards malfeasance, it's who they is.

No surprise there.


idahobob said...

We will just have to wait and see if anything comes of this.

Maxine Waters also...........thank you God!


BWBandy said...

But will anything meaningful happen?

drjim said...

Yeah, they BOTH get tossed out of Congress!

Oldfart said...

Wasn't Rangel the one who said recently that only politicians should have guns?

Phil said...


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