Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Impotent Democratic Representatives Throw Hissy Fit And Stage Sit In On House Floor To Demand Gun Control

The Sargeant Of Arms should have them dragged out into the street by their ankles.

House Democrats stage protest to demand gun control bill

Several dozen U.S. House Democrats pushing for action on gun control protested on the floor of the House of Representatives on Wednesday, chanting "no bill, no break!" and demanding that the chamber put off an upcoming recess until legislation is debated.

The protest was the latest bold move by Democrats to persuade the Republican majority in Congress to consider gun control legislation in response to last week's mass shooting in Orlando, Florida, which was the deadliest in modern U.S. history.

The Democrats stood or sat at the front of the chamber, where such disruptive tactics are relatively rare. When the presiding House officer, Republican Representative Ted Poe, entered the chamber, he declared the House not in order. After banging the gavel several times in an attempt to clear the protesters, he announced the chamber would be in recess and left.

The Democrats remained on the House floor, calling for action before a vacation recess scheduled to start at the end of the week and run through July 5.

Shortly before that, Assistant Democratic Leader James Clyburn, likened the push for gun control action to the civil rights movement of the 1960s when sit-ins and other civil disobedience prodded Washington to act on new protections for African-Americans.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton tweeted her support for the sit-in, saying, "This is what real leadership looks like.

Gotta love the media cheerleading in this piece.

"Bold Move" my achin' ass. What would they write if these pukes actually started stamping their little feets and holding their breath?

And Clinton, give me a fucking break. This isn't leadership, it's a group tantrum, go fuck yourself bitch and quit encouraging them.

You just had 4, count 'em, 4, attempts at your idea of Gun Control get shot down in flames a couple days ago.

Face it you idiots, we are tired of your shit.

Your Feel Good legislation does abso-fucking-lutely nothing to prevent crime.
It has been proven over and over and over again to the point that you are quite questionably retarded to keep bringing it up.

I have no idea who you think you are impressing with this little stunt because it sure as shit in't going to be any full grown adults that I know.
They would send you into the corner for a time out or send you to bed to take a nap.


Anonymous said...

no matter your political leanings.....AT LEAST THEY ARE DOING SOMETHING!! I don't care if its right,wrong,or just stupid,these jerks don't need to be whacking off all day collecting a check!

Anonymous said...

I'd rather have them circle jerking each other than actively borking the country any further.

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