Monday, June 20, 2016

Oh Yeah, Daddy Scored Big Time Yesterday

It was a very, very good day for me.

The Wifely Unit went above and beyond and then I treated myself to a couple of items I have been wanting for a long time.

First she got up and make French Toast, sausage and bacon for breakfast. That was much appreciated because I woke up hungry.

While she was doing that I was browsing through my Email and saw a Fathers Day special from my little friends a Horror Freight.
They had a coupon for a little welding cart I have been wanting for over a year now but I wasn't paying fifty bucks for.

$29.99 I can do though.

There must have been thirty little bolts to put this thing together but I got it slammed together and put my little Wire Feed on it, the helmet, gloves, extra spool of wire and can of Anti Splatter all fit nicely too.I bought a used wire feed from some guy at work last year and it has a regulator on it so I can use gas to shield the arc instead of having to use flux core wire. That shit spatters all over the place.

I had it on a modified hand cart and every time I went to move it the damn thing would slide off and the cover come off. No way to hang the cables either. A real PITA. Now I can get rid of that cobbled together little thing and this will roll right out of the way. I still need to get a bottle of Argon but that's a hundred bucks and down the road a bit.

So after breakfast she hands me a fairly thick envelope.
It had the newest Disturbed CD in It that I have been listening the shit out of on Youtube for the last month.

Oh yeah, I'm liking that.

The card inside had a Daddy To Do list and some tickets.
This is where it got good.

Not only am I going to see one iconic Rock and Roll show by someone I have never seen before and always wanted to,

I am going to two.

Holy shit on a shingle, when I saw those Black Sabbath tickets the hair stood up on my arms.
I have never seen them because they never really came anywhere near here and now they are practically going to be in my back yard!!

I told her a couple of months ago that I wanted to see both of these shows before either one of them or I fall over and croak.

Apparently she does listen to me some times.

After all that excitement died down, her and the crew went to see her Dad and I had my boy come over for some quality time. Like everyone else these days we hardly ever get to see each other because life keeps us busy.
He was here Saturday at the party and I asked whay he was doing for Fathers day and he said nothing. His GF and little boy are in Chicago visiting relatives so I told him to come over and we would Barbeque some steaks or something.
He said that would be great.

The only problem with that is I had no Grill. I tossed the old one when we moved.

I jumped in The Rat and took off to Lowes and scored yet again.
The wife said she didn't want another propane grill and I was pretty much resigned to the fact that I was going to wind up with one of these,

I mean, they work and all that but I have never been a big fan.

Imagine my surprise when I get there and see they have one of these for the same price as the Weber kettle grille.

Yeah, that's more like it!
I snagged one of those in the box and a cover for it too.

It was fun getting that 75 pound box into the Sprite but there is no passenger seat and it fit perfectly. I just hoisted it over the door and plopped it onto the floor.
Back to the house, wrestle the fucker back out, grabbed a hand cart to roll it into the garage and more bolts and screws to put together.
They must have thrown some generic fucking hardware package in it because I wound up being short several bolts and had a bunch left over that did not go on this unit.

Being the Pack Rat that I am though, I dug into my little bins and came up with some Stainless Steel stuff and me and the boy finally got it put together.

The really nice thing about this grill is that not only does it have cast iron grills inside, you can buy a side burner set up that bolts right on and use it as a smoker!

The cover I bought was made specifically for this unit and will cover them both and so that little option is going to be a done deal here shortly.

It works great and the kid and I had steaks, baked potatoes, corn on the cob and some grilled Aneheim peppers for dinner last night while we watched the Cavaliers win the basketball championship.

I had a very, very good Fathers day and I hope all you Dad's out there did too.


SiGraybeard said...

I have one of those Char-Grillers with the side box and I think you'll love it. The only I'd say is a down side is that they can go through an amazing amount of wood. But they can smoke a killer brisket!

GamegetterII said...

Those smokers rock-just don't leave it outside all winter with ashes in it-the bottom will rust out. I killed mine in 3 or 4 years.
Saw Black Sabbath several times,best was with Van Halen in Va,at the Hampton Coliseum.
Saw Alice Cooper a few years ago here in Cleveland-great show.
Enjoy the shows.

Anonymous said...

Way cool, I'm glad to hear your Father's Day went well. It was too dang hot to bar-b-que this year so it was a restaurant this year. Hope that pit works out well for you and yours.

Awesome gifts, I'm surprised to see those guys still playing. Rock N Roll never dies.

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