Saturday, June 25, 2016

You're Welcome Fella's


  1. Oh man! That is one helleva way to start out a Saturday morning!

    Got the ol' heart pumping!


  2. Well easy to see who won that context, Ms. Banan peel. And she didn't even use all the banana!

  3. Wasn't this contest held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia?

  4. gawd almost thought i was a robot.

  5. Geezlouise!! I saw this several years ago and have it somewhere in my "Archives!!" The contest was sponsored by "Dupont 'STREN' Fishing line!!!" The lady's bikini pieces were all held together by "STREN" line...... "Look Close!!!!"
    "GO FISH!!,"

    1. The first lady in the yellow "Banana" pieces was the "Winner!!" You can't see the line (Neither can the "Fish"!!) so suck it up cupcake and enjoy.....but with this knowledge you can see how the "Stren" is routed to "Keep it together!!"
      Let's Go Fishing!!


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