Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Connectivity Issues (Updated)

I have been struggling to get back on the internet since  two in the morning. Something is fucked up somewhere and I got lucky enough to catch this brief window. It's either molasses in December slow or non existent. See ya's when it gets fixed.


This is the craziest shit I believe I have ever seen when it comes to Comcast/Xfinity.

I have limited internet access.
VERY, limited.
I can get to my Gmail account, Blogger, My Blog and any other Blogger based Blog on my Blogroll and if I use the built in YAHOO browser on this laptop I can get to their news and results but no search works.

No WordPress sites, No search results, NOTHING else.

Fuckin' BIZARRE!
It isn't just this laptop either.
I dug out my old one and I can't even get online at all.
That one was always extremely sensitive to the WIFI signal and would go out long before any other devices in the house, even before it said there was no service.


  1. Have you tried power cycling your wireless router?

  2. It's like a slow dial up connection. Progress?


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