Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Almost Done

This absolute fucking nightmare with the old landlord finally came to a head today.
The motherfucker went so far over the line this time I had to make it stop.
He knew it too because I unloaded on his ass finally.

When this is all said and done then I will fill you in on what has been going on with this but since legal action hasn't been ruled out yet I am going to keep it to myself for the moment. I can tell you that you aren't going to believe how incredibly fucked up this mess has been.
This has completely disrupted our lives, cost me thousands of dollars, so much stress that I am amazed I haven't stroked out from it, fucked with my wife, my work and now my marriage.

The amount of bullshit I am talking about will amaze you. Every time I think we have things worked out to get finished with these people, something goes haywire. Every motherfucking day it is something new and winds up costing me more money.
I mean it, every single day.

What we have gone through with this is unforgivable and it's all because of one miserably unhappy woman who seems to have a single goal in life, to make everyone she comes in contact just as miserable as she is. She is quite good at it too. She is also smart enough not to fuck with me face to face because she knows what will happen if she does.

It isn't over yet and my wife is so pissed off at me she has vowed not to even talk to me for a very long time because of it but I made a deal with this asshole to make him go away and I am going to stick with it despite her being pissed. There comes a time when a guy has to make a stand and I  am there. This has been non stop for over two weeks and has been so all consuming that we still haven't unpacked one fucking box in this new house. Calling me and fucking with me while I was at work tonight was the last straw. I was busy and it devolved to the point that I was trying to deal with three different people on the phone at the same time while my boss was yelling at me to get back to work.

It either stops now or it is going to spiral out of control because now I'm  pissed off to the point of no return.


Unknown said...

Know what you're going through. What can I do?

Phil said...

It cost me out the ass but he signed off on it tonight finally.

That had better be the end of it.

Thanks for the offer though, I appreciate that.

Grog said...

Well, if the sign off isn't the end of it, the asshole will regret the day he broke his word.

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