Monday, June 29, 2015

Every Once In A While I Get A Hankerin' For An Ice Cold Beer

I know better than to have one though.
There ain't no such thing as sipping on a cold beer where I am concerned.
One would lead to ten and after three years of being sober I really don't need to start down that road again.
I'd be a lying sonofabitch if I said I didn't want one once in while though, especially as hot as it was around here the last few days. But no.

Then I see shit like this......

I can tell you they never had stuff like that in any of the bars around here.

Thank God.


Irish said...

That could be from "The Tilted Kilt "pubs,
They are kinda like hooters.

Phil said...

I love capitalism.

Irish said...

You're welcome.

There is one near me. I'll let you know if they are any good. I haven't gone yet.

It's early, I just rubbed the sleepy's from my eyes and found your girl

scroll through for some more ;)

Phil said...

Thanks again!

I swear, hands, knees, broken glass, mile, just a peek is all.

Lordy that girl is smokin' hot.

drjim said...

I've been sober over 20 years, and there's still times an ice-cold beer would be perfect....

Yep, it's the Tilted Kilt alright.

Been to the one out here many times.

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