Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Can You Say Lame Duck?

So the Republicans took control of the Senate and kept the House, Harry Reid finally gets booted from Senate majority leader and Obama is going to be making phone calls and ordering new pens by the bucket load.

Oh boy.

Visions of lobbyists rubbing their hands together in glee are dancing in my head.

I'm afraid this country is too far gone for any of it to make much difference anymore.

Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic didn't stop it from sinking and rearranging the seating in the Senate isn't going to stop what is coming either.


  1. The party in charge when this mess finally goes belly up will take the fall and disappear. No wonder problems keep getting kicked down the road. it's a huge game of chicken. If the disasters of the next two years get pinned on Republicans it'll be the end of the party. If they can pin everything on the President, they stand a chance.

    Maybe they should all go down and we can get a new crowd at the wheel.

  2. Must agree. Establishment Republicans, and Democrats? Same cat with different whiskers. Only interested in keeping the gravy train rolling. Did you hear ANYONE running for office say they were a servant of the people and their only job was to work for the people of their state? Uhmmmm, NO!! Whats in store? Lots of talk, smoke, and mirrors. Result: more regulations, on top of more laws, plus new ways to take our money.

  3. It would be more correct to say they should work for the good of the country. Sad to say, they haven't done that for years. I saw on Fox news on the net that now we are considering having Iran as an ally in this mid east problem......say what?! Getting back to doing something "for the people"....seems the Dems have been doing that for some welfare, immigration....those types of people. If....the Repubs really want to do something......get rid of or really crack down on the EPA, NSA, DHS, TSA and clip their wings. FEMA.....cut thier funding. Remember when that hurricane hit New Jersey and FEMA closed up shop due to the weather? Funny, I didn't see any of those residents quiting getting wet or homeless.........


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