Thursday, November 6, 2014

Dirty Deeds Aren't So Cheap After All

This is so ironic and bizarre I don't really know what to say!
It just makes me wonder why someone who has to be filthy rich by now can't manage to just get on a plane and go somewhere that those people who are pissing you off can't follow?

I guess it just goes to show money can't buy everything after all, like competent contract killers.

AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd charged with plotting murder of two people

Phil Rudd, the drummer for legendary Australian rock band AC/DC, has been charged in New Zealand with attempting to arrange the murders of two people.

The New Zealand Herald reported that the 60-year-old appeared in court Thursday morning in Tauranga, on the country's North Island. The paper reported that he was also charged with possession of methamphetamine, possession of cannabis, and making threats to kill. Rudd entered no plea in connection with the charges and was released on bail. His next court appearance is scheduled for Nov. 27.

Rudd was arrested Thursday morning after police raided his waterfront home. Tauranga Police Detective Sergeant Darryl Brazier told the SunLive news outlet that the search was ordered after a member of the public contacted authorities, but had no further details. Rudd was ordered to have no contact with the man he allegedly hired to carry out the murders. The name of the alleged hitman and the would-be victims were ordered suppressed by the case judge.

The BBC reports that under New Zealand law, Rudd could receive up to 10 years in prison if found guilty of the charge of attempting to procure a murder.

The group was formed in 1973 by Malcolm Young and his brother Angus and have sold more than 200 million albums around the world. Among those is their 1976 album "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap," the title track of which features a hitman offering his services to people in desperate situations.

You knew this was coming though, didn't ya?


Sixbears said...

Some jobs you just don't hire out . . .

Anonymous said...

"possession of methamphetamine" Hmmm.. That could have a little something to do with it

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