Monday, November 3, 2014

Taking a Short Break

I have been blogging since 2006.
That is a long time and I have felt rather lethargic and ambivalent about the whole deal lately so I have been taking a break.

We went to Seattle over the weekend and I can tell you this, they can have that fucking city.
Parking is non existent and they charge outrageous fees for the privilege.
Parking lots near anything having some event nearby get away with highway robbery, I kid you not.
Spots that normally go for $4 or five bucks shoot up to $30.
When all existing parking spaces within a half fucking mile are full, private and public, the city of Seattle gets in on the action and charges you $47 when you try and get creative.
Ask me how I know this, I dare you.

We went to the Seahawks/Raiders game.

Parking was anywhere from $20 to SIXTY FUCKING DOLLARS!!

I can't believe the city lets people get away with that kind of gouging but apparently they do

Oh yeah, I have a message to those people who design the road direction signs around that city too.

In over 35 years of driving in cities all across this once great country I have never seen such cryptic, obscure fucking road signs and I never want to have to try and deal with that shit in the dark, in the rain and in a strange city ever again.

Another little thing I noticed is how fucking rude and impatient those sonsabitches are.

You would think you were in New York City with all the constant horn honking and the fucking pedestrians OWN that city man.

Some asshole was beeping their horn every where you went for no apparent reason that I could discern.

Down town was a freak show so that was mildly entertaining whilst I waited outside the Seahawks merchandise store.
Finally got to cross the Space Needle off my bucket list. Saw the Jimi Hendricks museum shit at Seattle Center too.
$90 for four people at each place to get in.

Expensive town people, expensive town.
Unless you absolutely have to go there or are a seeker of pain I would suggest you avoid the place at all costs.


  1. Peace bro do what makes you happy mofo:)

  2. I don't know how the city/state set up this deal,but here in AZ with the cardinals,the city GAVE them the land/free taxes/etc,in exchange for the parking lot! Think about it....the football season has what,6-8 home games,but they can also do RV shows,supercross,whatever.Rent the stadium,give it away,but the city/state gets the parking fee!

  3. I was up there about 5-6 years ago. Even then, it was insanely expensive. I tend to look at real estate prices and I saw more houses over 1 million than any place before or since.

  4. "I can't believe the city lets people get away with that kind of gouging but apparently they do".

    it's called capitalism. Supply and demand.

    Gouging is what liberals and wussies call it when they pay MARKET PRICE.

    1. Ahhh, Mr. B.
      Thank you for sharing.
      Now that you brought it up, let me share my thoughts on Capitalism and supply and demand in this instance.

      One of the first things a good little capitalist should be aware of is when to avoid business deals and practices that are not in their best financial interest.

      As for supply and demand, a good little capitalist should also be prepared to do some price comparisons to make better informed decisions.

      Such would be what I did in this particular case.
      The "gentleman" asking sixty dollars for one parking spot for a certain time frame was in fact, one third higher than the gentleman two blocks away, who was also one third higher than the gentleman I wound up doing business with, three blocks away.

      The way to affect the supply and demand aspect is to use the less expensive vendor repeatedly, thus denying the first gentleman his extraordinary profits while getting the same value of goods or services at a lesser cost.

      Therefor in this case, I opted to pay only twenty dollars to park instead of sixty and can say I was a good little capitalist.

      In other words, what I like to call not being a complete fucking idiot.

  5. I would imagine that the ride home was a sad one.

    Another Raider loss. Sigh.

    And isn't your wife a seaturkey fan?




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