Sunday, June 29, 2014

Fundamentally Transforming The United States Of America

The dude wasn't kidding when he said this;

I can honestly say he has succeeded and with the open border to the South and the flood of illegal immigrants coming here without even a speed bump to slow them down, I believe that fundamental transformation is going to be looking eerily similar to this.

This was pointed out by an astute anonymous commenter over at Kerodin's place;
Look at old maps of Mexico - he is giving them their historic homeland back, and packing it with "defenders".

"Someone finally noticed".

There is part of your "Fundamental Change" folks.

It is happening right now, you just aren't being told.

They keep a pretty busy schedule of bright and shiny things to keep you distracted going 24/7 instead.


  1. It's been happening for a while, Phil, as you and I and a lot of others already know. The .gov thinks and plans with a mindset of decades for their goals, that's why the bright and shiny is so effective, most of the sheep can't think two days ahead any more because of how they've let themselves been conditioned to be blind.

    The invasion will get worse over the next few weeks, mark that. I read this week that it's possible that the UN will be asked to intervene because of "the humanitarian crisis on the border", and obozo will agree. If that happens, it's game on.

    1. Sure, bring on the U.N..
      Make sure the motherfuckers stay on the South side of the border though.
      The minute one of those motherfuckers steps foot on American soil I expect Obama to be frog marched out of the Whitehouse for failing to do his fucking job of securing the borders of this nation and then it truly will, "Be On".
      There will be blue colanders for sale in the local flea markets by the dozen.

  2. They are bringing on "The North American Union".


  3. Did you ever notice that before Bush left office all those meetings he had with Obama? Bush is a one world gov't backer. Obama's goal is to destroy our government and our way of life. For years now we have had to choose the least worse in all our elections. I cannot believe that this was by chance. It seems I remember something in our constitution where it says Congress shall from time to time pass laws. It does not say that everyday they should pass dozens or more. Finally....look at our schools...indoctrination centers as well as learning centers for socialisim. They sure as hell don't teach the three "R"s anymore. Oh wait......they don't teach, the computers do that. All the teachers do is monitor the kids.

  4. I guess I have a problem. I don't speak Spanish and not about to learn. However I do speak Smith & Wesson. Guess that will have to do for now.

  5. "Someone finally noticed". <----- you liked that did ya ?!!
    i had to say that
    i was told by a very old man who is dead and gone now that there was a very strong possibilty of that part of the country being givin to mexico follow the heavy black line and it's prob more accurate


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