Saturday, June 28, 2014

I Still Want One

Ever since I was a kid I have always thought Half Tracks were fucking cool.

When I was about sixteen I saw one that was was about a quarter of this size, it was older than dirt and pretty much scrap but it was all there.
Damn did I want that thing. It sat in a dirt parking lot for damn near a year and then one day it was gone.
It was smaller than a car and only had room up front for a driver but it was a bad assed looking little fucker.You had to lift the top and climb in and then close the top back up. It looked just like the one in the picture almost but frikkin' tiny.

If I could find one locally I would snatch that thing up so fast your head would spin.


Sixbears said...

I must be getting old. I used to think they were cool but now all I think is that it's a mechanic's nightmare.

Anonymous said...

Take the tracks off. 2 axles = a 6x6. Put your cell phone down cuz I'm changing lanes NOW.

Curt S said...

Along the same line, in a way, Years ago I saw a small Case dozer. That thing was neat!! It was abouit the same size as a snowmobile only a litte wider. It had a six way blade on it. Imagine the handiness of that in doing small area landscaping and such. Full tracks on wheels.

jon spencer said...

Some of the sellers here will deliver :>)

Phil said...


I should have known........

I still want the tiny one though.
I wonder if they called it a quarter track?

Anonymous said...

Ever think of a Kettenkraftrad?

Phil said...

That's about how big the track system was on the thing, now just add a miniature truck front end on it.

Phil said...

Even though there was a small steel bed on the back, the most you could put in it would have been a half dozen Jerry cans.
I'm thinking it was used for pulling something more than carrying.

That was a long damn time ago now but I can still see it in my mind, right down to the foggy glass windshield.

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