Sunday, June 29, 2014

Heh Heh Heh...... Two Down, Three To Go.

Two of those fucking kittens just went Bye Bye.

That leaves the other two curtain climbers and The Murderess.

That sonofabitch is still pissed off at me for the welding glove treatment but is not quite as skittish as she was.
I can actually get within five feet now before the hissing starts.

One more week.

Then I am opening the garage door and making lots of very loud noises to herald her abdication of my fucking garage.

I finally got the engine out of that damn Sprite in spite of her last week and me and the kid went out there today so I could show him how everything works and pull the pistons and connecting rods. We got them out but after that I had to stop because I need to fire up the air compressor but can't because it would freak the cat clear the fuck out.

Nothing looks horrible fucked up so I am kind of at a loss as to why the motherfucker has shit for compression on number 3 cylinder.

What I did notice as soon as I pulled the head off and looked in the cylinders was a distinct lack of cross hatching on the cylinder walls.

This is one instance where shiny ain't good.

Looks like I am going to have to hone them out and then re ring the pistons.

For illustrative purposes, here are a couple of pictures to explain what I am talking about, these are just some I snagged off the internet .

This, is bad.

This, is what it should look more like.

You want that cross hatching so the rings can wear the little ridges down into a sealing surface.

I will have to wait to be in a more financially liquid state before I can start ordering replacement parts, the list just keeps growing but I am used to that.

It's why the little cocksucker has been sitting for so many years.

There was a time that you could buy one of these little cars and drive it off for a hundred bucks.

Now that it is fifty years old, replacement parts are very much a niche market and expensive as Hell.

They are still available but you are going to pay dearly for them.

What the fuck, it's been twenty five years already, a few more months I can handle.

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  1. "A few more months I can handle." Bet ya said the exact same thing 25 years ago!
    BUT, at least your training your replacement on that car! Kudos!


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