Monday, August 14, 2017

Y'all Pay Attention Here Now, This Is Real Food

I get a kick out of this guy but I'm going to get real serious here for a minute.

This, is how you cook a pork chop.


She's been gone forty years now but let me tell you, this is one thing I paid attention to while she was still alive and I make my gravy the same way to this day.

This here is the real deal now.
Ya gotta use a cast iron pan for this or it just ain't right and ya gotta use bacon grease despite what he says in the video.
I still have some of Granny's cast iron skillets and they are older than I am.
If you learn to take care of 'em they will last several life times.
She always had a little tin can of bacon grease right on the back of the stove and used it every day.

Now y'all be quiet and let the man talk.

Now that there gravy is good on just about everything, I ain't kidding.
It's good on mashed potatoes, biscuits, fried taters, rice, meatloaf, and pork chops obviously but it really shines on some crispy hash browns on a Sunday mornin' breakfast with bacon and sausage next to a big ol' pile of scrambled eggs.

Yes, sir.

The only time I ever get to eat like this is when I cook it myself.
I married a damn Yankee girl from Minnesota and she don't know squat about Southern cooking.
Don't wanna learn neither.

'At's alright, I knows how.


taminator013 said...

I never use anything, but my beloved cast iron. Stuff just doesn't taste quite right made in anything else. Supposedly when people started using stainless steel skillets and Teflon lined pans women started getting iron deficiency anemia because they weren't getting the trace amounts of iron in food that's picked up from cast iron. I don't know how true this is, but I tend to believe it........

Sixbears said...

I've been getting local pork chops from the farmer's market. About an inch thick and damn good eating. My lovely wife eats very little pork so I usually cook them up for breakfast before she gets up. Love them with a side of eggs.

Eclectic Kelvin said...

My dad taught me,3 brothers and 4 sisters how to cook pork chop, fried chicken and gravy like this some 50 years ago. Sadly only one of my brothers and i still cook like this while the rest pretend they like the new style of cooking. I especially love chicken fried in my cast iron pan with the gravy on white rice. They best serve that in heaven or i might have to rethink going

Drake's Place said...

Phil, you know how one's eyes see something that's not there -- just for a moment? I swear when I saw this post, what really got me interested is what

It must be happy hour.

drjim said...

Yep, aint NOTHING that beats a cast-iron skillet.

Properly seasoned, of course....

jon spencer said...

But does she cook lutefisk for you?

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