Sunday, August 13, 2017

Seattle Police Pepper Spray Violent Left Wing ANTIFA Protestors

Quite the different outcome than Charlotte yesterday.
To say I was surprised to hear about this turn of events in that Commie infested liberal shithole up North of here would be a major understatement.

Love the squealing ANTIFA bitch who seems to be having trouble digesting a sudden double helping of pepper spray.
Nice pipes honey.

There is already blood in the streets over this freedom of speech fight because that is not what it is being portrayed as.
It is being painted in vivid images of being about race.

There is going to be a lot more blood in the streets coming soon I am afraid.

These ANTIFA goons seem to be pretty well armed for this close combat skirmish scenario, no matter what city they show up in.

Funny that.

Get fifteen or twenty feet away and it's called being down range then, you idiots.

In case you really haven't been paying close attention, I have been saying that a Civil War has been being fought behind the scenes for a long time, several years now.

It is now out in the open, the first official KIA has been registered and now all bets are off.

The Deep State, former President Obama, the Main Stream Media and The Left Wing party have been pushing this racial divide for years now.

The thing is, this is all a fucking distraction, something to keep the Plebeian's busy while they continue raping the planet of the last nickel under the cushions.

You don't seriously think those people give a flying double twist of a fuck about any of this do you?

Because they don't.

Prepare to defend yourselves.

You absolutely will not see my narrow little ass at any of these festivities, these things are a set up and they are just waiting for the patsies and the cannon fodder to show up.

They already have the script, they are just waiting for the actors.


drjim said...

Keep your powder dry!

Moe said...

And as the ol' wise-one always advises "stay away from crowds"


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