Tuesday, March 7, 2017

WikiLeaks Outs Massive CIA Hacking Capabilities, All Your Electronics Are Belong To Them

When I say all your electronics, I am not joking.
They can hack your car, television, phone, gaming console, toaster and refrigerator. Not to mention your computers Operating System.
It doesn't matter what brand, model, color or flavor either.

They can also kill your ass dead with some of this technology and no one would be the wiser.

Better yet, they lost control of all of this and these capabilities are now running wild out in the world.

This is basically a nuclear bomb blast of a WikiLeaks revelation

The entire scale of fuckery that has been going on is staggering and this is just the tip of the iceberg, thousands of stories are as yet uninvestigated and the rabbit hole is going to be wide and deep.

It is going to dominate the news and there will be calls for heads to roll because of it.

A whole bunch of Tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorists are going to look like Nostradamus here very shortly.

While this WikiLeaks bombshell seems to be centered on the CIA's activities, do not think for one second that the NSA hasn't been up to exactly the same kinds of things.

These two security organizations are both waging war against the very citizens they are supposed to be working for, in the name of security.

I know I certainly feel safer knowing these out of control paranoid freaks are tapping everybody and everything 24/7 automatically and saving all this information.


I couldn't possibly see the capability of abuse here.

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  1. I'm in cyber security, and I've warned people about this shit for years. Smart TVs, fridges, thermostats...all of them, have been used in DDoS attacks in the past and currently. ANYTHING connected to the internet is vulnerable. And the CIA isn't the only one that can do it.
    Hell, I could hack into most things if I wanted to risk loosing my certifications, and if my dumb ass can do it, for real hackers, it would be a breeze.
    Pair this with the fact that IBM will soon be releasing a quantum computer, passwords and encryption may be a thing of the past. These computers will work so fast that what use to take hours or days to crack will take seconds to minutes. What would take years to centuries to crack may be undone in days.
    But I'm just a conspiracy nut...right.
    We live in interesting times.


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