Wednesday, March 8, 2017

This Day Without Women Crap

What, we menfolk finally gonna get some peace and fucking quiet?

Theses broads are being played and don't know it.

I fail to see a downside here if they all want to go raise hell somewhere where I aint all day.

BTW, I know how to make my own fucking sandwiches, besides, there are always options.....

I was a bachelor for a long fucking time, I can damn well take care of myself.

Fortunately for me, my wife is pretty damn old fashioned when it comes to the relationships between the sexes.
She cracks my ass up sometimes when she yells at women on the television to get back in the fucking kitchen where ya belong.

She takes care of the house, pays the bills on time and all the other shit that women traditionally did and I go to work every day, take care of the vehicle maintenance, shit that breaks around the house and the grilling.
She even takes care of the garbage.

That's a keeper there boys.


  1. Yup, all of these social justice strikes are for making themselves feel like they are being useful to their cause. They are - useful idiots do have their place.

    I think most women have figured that out, they are smarter than that. And your wife does sound like a keeper, just like mine is. Going on tomorrow - 21 years married, and the time has flown !

  2. Any women who take unapproved time off for this foolishness should be without a job whenever she comes back to work. And no unemployment benefits at all, at all.

  3. Warning to all women...never let your man leave the house horny or hungry. It's easy enough to find a slut with a sammich.

  4. Does your wife have a sister with the same propensity? You are a lucky man! Damn few of those wimmins around.

  5. actually, it is good to get a lot of them in the same place so you can notice who they are and take precautions.
    if you are in the ocean you want to know where the sharks are.

  6. Phil you lucked up and found an endangered species of female. Its called a house wife. A woman that runs and manages a families affairs for the betterment of all members. While not extinct they are extremely rare. Its only special care is random Hugs kisses and I love you . Congratulation's !

  7. I say we have a "day without a white man" day. Let's sit back and watch everything burn....

    1. I'm pretty sure that civilization would collapse.


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