Wednesday, February 15, 2017

I Want To Know How They Got Tightened In The First Place

More than likely by one of these "specialists".

I always said that you can train a monkey to turn a wrench. The reason good mechanics are hard to find is because of their diagnostic skills.

On the other hand, the internet is full of shit like this,


Anonymous said...

Simple, use a crowsfoot wrench, Snap-On has them.


michigan doug said...

looks like the lugnut were

looks like the lugnuts were put on backwards,don't know how

they were tightened. get some visegrips an a cheater pipe

Phil said...

I have some of those, from Snap On. Looking closely at the radii involved here, I don't think they would fit either. Look at the radius where the wheel fits over the hub and the one just outside of the lug nuts. I don't see any paint scrapes and I don't see any teeth marks on the lug nut cones facing outwards either. I'm thinking this one was staged.
You never know though, I have run across some pretty clever idiots in my day.

Anonymous said...

I think Michigan doug nailed it, and while visegrips might work, I was going to suggest my pipe wrench.

-- Steve

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