Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Right On Cue

Trump isn't wasting any time doing what he said he was going to do. It hasn't even been a week yet.

I see Lefty heads exploding all over the internet. It's highly entertaining I have to admit.

Presidential directives are just flying out of the Whitehouse and I see some people in shock over what is in them.

Wise up assholes, he has had plenty of time to watch his predecessors do it and so now he is throwing them out left and right too.

This is all fine and dandy.

I'm waiting to see what happens when he has to actually deal with Congress.

You know, those assclowns in charge of the purse strings.

Presidents can spit directives until their face turns blue but most of those involve money somewhere down the line.
That is where the rubber is going to meet the road.


  1. Yeppers, the Left beget these Executive Orders flying out of the Obama White House, now its the Trump's turn to fix or undo them. Most of the orders were well known in advance during the presidential race, far different from Obama.

  2. and the clowns march in protest!



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