Tuesday, January 24, 2017

I Need A Vacation But I Can't Afford One.

Fuck it, I'm taking one anyway next week.
I am constantly exhausted and have had enough.


Skipperbeans said...


Cirze said...

Where are you going? Can we go too?

Love ya!

Brad_in_IL said...

Just don't take a "stay-cation" as you'll probably work harder on stuff 'round the house than you would at ye olde salt mine.

Spud said...

A vacation playing with your new toy lathe ?
Perhaps you can whip a few of those screw on gun cleaning canisters (hee hee)
I have a 12-28 tap needed for most 22 threaded barrels, just don't have the lathe.
Enjoy your vacation, maybe take a drive down to Yachats , love it over there !
Cold assed place this time of year tho lol

B said...

If you wanna come to NW Indiana and play in Chicago and southern Michigan and such, I got a couch.

If yer carry

B said...

Permit works in Indiana, I''ll even arm ya.

Grog said...

Have a relaxing week, whatever ya do.

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