Sunday, October 23, 2016

Washington State "Grossly Unprepared " For Major Earthquake, Gov't Officials To Start Asking Residents To Stock 2 Weeks Of Emergency Supplies

Doesn't that just give you a warm fuzzy?
This state spends Billions of dollars of taxpayer money every single year and now someone figures out that they don't have adequate emergency disaster plans.

Imagine my surprise.

Clean water is something I need to get more of but if a MAJOR earthquake hit around here it would flatten everything for miles and then it would be game on anyway, no matter what those overpaid idiots did.

Washington state 'grossly' unprepared for major quake: report

Washington state is grossly unprepared for a large earthquake and tsunami that may strike in the coming decades, putting it at risk for a humanitarian disaster, the Seattle Times reported on Sunday, citing a draft government report.

Anticipating a poor response to such a disaster, the state's emergency managers will begin asking residents to stock enough food and other supplies to survive on their own for two weeks, the newspaper said.

The Pacific Northwest region was once thought to be a low risk for a massive earthquake, compared with its coastal neighbor California.

Researchers, however, have come to believe that an 8.0 to 9.0 magnitude temblor has shaken Oregon and Washington every 230 years or so. The last struck about 315 years ago, according to the U.S. Geological Survey, so one is overdue.

To prepare for that possibility, Washington officials organized a four-day exercise called "Cascadia Rising" in June, and the results were laid out in a draft report, the Seattle Times reported.

Next June....

In the mean time peoples, jut keep watching the games being played and all will be well.


Nangleator said...

Seems like your point is: "Not enough government spending! Too much government spending!"

Not sure how that would be fixed.

Also, did anyone watch Trump's 100-day plan speech and think, "How is he going to cut taxes for everyone while vastly increasing government spending AND reduce the national debt?" All those military, defense, and immigration plans come with a hefty price tag, of course.

Phil said...

Pretty easy to fix Nanny.

Cut the budgets back from useless Leftist agenda programs and use it for something useful. I bet that I could get the money from the Seattle city budget alone without breaking a sweat.
As for Trump's Bloviating, have you not learned yet that anything that comes out of any politicians mouth is bullshit yet?
"You can keep your plan" ring a bell?
Go back to your handlers and get a new set of talking points honey, you are making this too easy.
I require a higher level of troll around here than you seem to be able to provide before I get excited.

Gary in Bama said...

Phil you use to many word on him, last time he only deserved 2.

Nangleator said...

The "keep your plan" thing might have been foreseeable. See, Obamacare set the lower bound of what could be called a "plan." If it didn't meet the requirements of covering your medical expenses adequately, then it was eliminated. People's sham insurance "plans" were erased by the millions... and they turned that into a complaint!

But I shouldn't even bother. Righties hate the EPA for giving us breathable air and drinkable water. Righties hate the FDA for keeping poisons and feces out of our food. And righties hate the DOT for keeping our vehicles from becoming death traps. Maybe that's where the money is going!

The useless leftist agenda: The constitutional requirement to provide for the general welfare.

Phil said...

That's the best you got?
I'm laughing at you kid.

B said...

Why should the Government stock food and water for all of those folks, anyway?

Or am I missing something here?

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