Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Lesson Here Kids, Don't Piss People Off Who Own Heavy Equipment

Bad things can happen.

Tennessee man allegedly bulldozes neighbour’s house after heated dispute boils over

A heated dispute between two neighbours in a town north of Memphis, Tennessee got out of hand over the weekend, after one man allegedly used a backhoe to demolish his neighbour’s home.

Tipton County Sheriff’s Office say they arrested and charged 57-year-old Edgar McLellan with trespassing and felony vandalism, after matching the description of a person seen ramming a piece of heavy machinery into his neighbour John Higdon’s home.
A third neighbour called police and reported seeing the machine bulldoze Higdon’s home, collapsing walls, bursting pipes, and causing extensive water damage around 2:15 a.m. on Saturday.
Police say they found a backhoe with remnants from Higdon’s home located on McLellan’s property.
No one was injured in the incident, but Higdon believes the outcome could have been different had someone been in the home at the time.
“He [ran] the tractor through both bedrooms where the bed sits,” Higdon told WMC.
Sam Higdon, the homeowner’s brother, told FOX13 there was “nothing left” of the home and didn’t know what motivated McLellan to allegedly commit the act.
“He’s never had a beef with this man,” he said. “Why would you want to put a family out of their home? Unless you’re just cold hearted.”
Officials said the two neighbours had been having an on-going dispute, which led to Higdon being arrested just hours before the bulldozing.
According to police, officers responded to Higdon’s home Friday evening after reports he had discharged a gun several times into woods near his house. The 48-year-old claimed people dressed in camouflage were running in and out of the forest.
During the incident, police say Higdon told them he had witnessed people shining lights into his home earlier in the week, and believed them to be employees of McLellan.
Police searched the area but found no evidence. Higdon was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment.
“We live in the country,” Sam Higdon to FOX 13. “Everybody fires weapons out here.”
There are pictures of the feuding neighbors at the link if you are curious.


  1. cat and dog fights


  2. Nothing good ever happens with a backhoe at 2:15 am.


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